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Posted On 12/05/2011 14:47:55
I thought we should talk about intensity, I know that alot of people talk about how crossfit is intense but i think i need to define what we are talking about. Intenisty equals power and power is the result we are looking for in the CrossFit model, what I mean by that is that Thee CrossFit program is designed to increase your power output across all aspects of fitness. So when you look at the WOD you need to be sure that you can complete the workout while keeping up the intesity, this is where the scaleability of the workouts come in. Lets take the benchmark workout Fran, 21-15-9 95/65 pnd thrusters and pullups, a really high level crossfitter can do this in 3 to 5 min. If you are a beginner you may not me able to safely do pull ups or cant do that many or the weight is to much, so we scale it. What i mean is you need to find the weight and rep range where you can complete the work in or around 3 to 10 min and be able to keep the intesity up, then you can track your progress by looking at your Fran time and the load you moved to see that you should be increasing power. Please ask for help in scaling if you need it or talk to one of the coaches, you will gain so much more by keeping the work out short and intense then having to rest alot to complete the work in a much longer time frame, remember that when you do CrossFit you need to leave your ego at the door and do what is best for you.

Mixing things up
Posted On 11/17/2011 09:25:39
Ok in an effort to mix things up I am going to start mixing in CrossFit Football style workouts, these workouts are geared for strength and explosive power. If your goal is to gain mass and get stronger these style work outs are for you. I also want to caution you to make sure that you are properly recovering and not stressing the body to much if you are trying to lean out, our jobs already lead us to poor sleep patterns and stress and these things lead to higher cortisol levels that lead to insulin resistance and the storage of belly fat. If you are trying to loose those love handles and lean out you probably need to slow down lower the intesity and do long slow cardio like walks and hikes mixed with occasional sprint work outs and lifting heavy weights. Give your body time to recover and remove all grains, legumes and dairy from the diet for 30 days. There is a lot of information out there that speaks to adrenal fatigue, adrenal fatigue is when we put stimulants in our bodies such as coffee, 5 hour energy shots, monsters, rock stars and other energy drinks. Over time this causes our natural adrenal function to shut down which can cause long term issues including insulin resistance. I was an energy drink junkie, I would start my day with a 5 shot americano, and follow that during the day with other energy boosters as the crash set in. I had to cut back to two cups of coffee a day in an effort to try to restart my bodies adrenal function. The hormal balance in our bodies are key to geting the gains we work so hard for and to lean out and get stronger. i suggest that you research leptin resistance, insulin resistance and adrenal fatigue as well as trying a paleo or primal diet for thirty days, experts say that it can take anywhere from 21 to 30 days to start the reset process for your hormones. here are several books that have great information on these subjects, Robb Wolfs the paleolithis solution, Mark Sissons the primal blueprint, Wiliam davis the Wheat belly and Mike Mahers Live Life Aggressively. Go forth and get healthy.

Food for thought
Posted On 11/11/2011 12:46:49
Ok as we get closer to the new year I thought I would give you some easy reading ideas. It dosent matter if you are just trying to lose weight, get in shape or are trying to up your performance you need to research what might work for you. Here are a couple of books and blogs that make for good reading. If you are interested in the Primal or Paleo diets then read Mark Sissons book the Primal Blueprint and his 21 day primal transformation, he also has a daily blog at Marks daily apple. The next book I reccomend on the Paleo lifestyle is written by Robb Wolf and it is titled The Paleo Solution, his book is excelent but has alot of scientific data, he also has a e book on a step by step guide for his 30 day transformation and a daily blog. These books are a great way to find out about these subjects and they make sense and work. Please start posting comments so that i can determine if I am just writting to my self and share the website with your fellow officers. I am in the process of linking the website to a twitter and facebook page.

New Years
Posted On 11/10/2011 11:45:22
I know that alot of people are going to make a New Year resolution to lose weight and get in shape. We are here to help you out, at Southeast we are going to start a 12 week CrossFit Ramp Up class. I am just waiting to put togeather a good time and day that works best for most people. During this ramp up class we are going to go over the basic CrossFit movements, master these then we will move towrards adding weight and intesity. Each class will start with a warm up, we will go over one movement until you master it, then and only them will we use it in a workout. These are not the same workouts that you see on the main CrossFit web site we will slowly ramp up the intesity and load as the classes go on so to start the workouts will be much less focused on intesity but more on proper form. You must first walk before you can run, you will need to evaluated before we throw you into the harder more intense workouts so that we can minimize injury and ensure that you love the program as much as we do. So please do not be afraid of CrossFit it can help you to change your life if you put in the work. looking forward to this ramp up class at Southeast, it will be alot of fun.

Hero WOD this sat at Crossfit Heat
Posted On 08/31/2011 10:09:37
Please Join Crossfit heat for a big Hero WOD on sat for the SEALs 8a or 9a.
Saturday, Sept 3rd will be the 31 Heroes WOD at the box.  CrossFit gyms across the nation and world will gather together to honor our heroes killed in action August 6, 2011 in Afghanistan, and participate by completing the same workout in a partner event.  We anticipate quite a few people showing for this workout.  Drop-in fees are $10, or you can simply pay the membership fee of $50 and have it done and out of the way.  Times for that will be at 8am and 9am.  We will not have enough equipment or space to do any other workouts than this.  The WOD will be posted the night before.  Realize that everything is scaleable in CrossFit, but if it is a workout that intimidates you, that would be the day to not come.

Posted On 08/31/2011 09:09:27
Ok everyone we are now able to buy progenex products at a discounted rate. Progenex has several products and we can get a 30% discount if we do an order of 1000.00 or more so please go to the web site, let me know by sept 16th what you would like to order, this stuff works and will help you to achieve your goals.

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Coach Campbell
Posted On 01/19/2011 07:36:41
The Paleo thing is going well I have gone a full week with no grains,  legumes, i forgot on two occasions while eating away from home to ask to have the cheese removed from a salad but other than that i have been dairy free. I do feel much better. I will keep you posted on the resuts of the challenge. On the Crossfit 1881 friont we meet yesterday and are going to try to push this program out to the substations, so if your interested ask around and see if anyone else at the stations want to start a class. I will be sending out more information through the department very soon. Remember that any movement is better than nothing get up and move.

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Coach Campbell
Posted On 01/10/2011 10:48:18
Ok so after many months of thinking about it, I have started 45 days of strict Paleo. That means no grains, dairy, beans, legumes, processed foods and sugar. I am saying good bye to all of those things I love to eat, and it shows, I am starting at 247.5 pounds on the scale. I will try to update this blog as I progress through the 45 days It should be great. I am keeping a food log on my smart phone, i will share the results of the 45 days at the end as i will not be stepping on the scale for the duration of the time. i will also be doing the perscribed workouts that are posrted on our web site. I will continue to use the 3days on one day off perscription.

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Coach Campbell
Posted On 01/07/2011 13:09:14

Another great book that just recently came out is The 4 Hour Body by Timothy Ferris, you can see a review of the book on youtube at, and trailer at Should be a good read

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