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2015 Competitor Program - Overview
Posted On 06/08/2014 19:57:57
2015 Competitor Program
Strong has developed this program to assess, test, and provide and practical approach to any athletes desire to increase their work capacity across broad time and modal domains in a competitive enviroment. Your goal to be more competitive at your box, perform at local competitions, rank higher in the opens, or qualify for regional and the games are covered.

As competitive athletes, it is your responsibility to control your nutrition, rest, and mobility. We provide the programming and Our programming is CrossFit! IT is constantly varied, functional movement done at high intensity with the goal to increase our fitness and be good at everything.

We identify weanesses through our athlete levels, local competitions, and doing CrossFit.  Depending on your identified weakness, you will fall into 1 of three categories.

Beef  -- These athletes are relatively dominant in low rep scheme weight lifting movements and tend to suffer as the reps increase and weights decrease. Gymnastic work can be challenging.

Ribs -- Give me reps and keep the weight. Usually athletes are able to get high reps at their 75% of their 1rm.  Gymnastic work is usually their more dominate movements.  Advanced Gymnatics need more technique but are not deal breakers.

The Suck - Monostructural activies that help increase your cardio respratory responses to WODs. We all need work here but will prioritize based on the above weaknesses.

Broken - This is used for volume, skill, or capacity work.

Our competitor program will have 3 Meso cycles from now until the start of The Open.  We will identify the recommended order of work for each day based on the goals of the meso and micro cycles. Weakness work will be the primary goal during this first cycle. A typical daily posting will look like this:

Monday 3/2/2014
WOD: Princess Power

WOD (Dessert)
DeadLift (225/155)
Box Jumps

Beef: 5-5-5 Front Squat
AMRAP - 80% of heaviest load.

Ribs: 5-5-5-5 Front Squat
3-3-3 FrontSquat with 3 sec hold in the hole

The Suck: Tabata Row rest 2mins Tabata Row

Broken: EMOTOM 20 Mins
1st min: 3 Strict Muscle ups
2nd Min: 10 GHD Situp

CrossFit Athlete Priority: W and optional TS
Competitor Program Priority: B&R/D/B/TS 
(This means that your priority will be the Beef and Ribs, then Wod, and based on your available your weakness and time do Broken and/or The Suck.

Friday Night ROMP ---- 2014 Opens Vs Coachs Burpee Extravaganza
Posted On 02/03/2014 13:45:28
We are excited to get started with the 2014 Opens (Feb 27th - March 31st)! It is a great time for us to build our community, hang out, and workout!  It is almost time. Our coachs have involuntarily volunteered to each do a burpee for every member that signs up for the opens up to 65, and then do 2 burpees for everyone after that!  That could get ugly really quick!

Here is what to expect for the 2014 Opens:

Friday Night ROMP ---- We will be doing the Opens Every Friday Night @ 6pm, we will brief and organize our heats starting at 6pm. You can expect music, some food, drinks, and good friends.  Come watch, cheer, and bring your friends and family.  ***Regular 5:30pm class is the Opens WOD.

Saturday Open Gym ---- Our Open Gym is from 9-11. We will allow you to make up the Opens WOD at this time, but we highly suggest that you make Friday night your time to complete the WOD.  ****We will have regular 9:30am and 10:00am classes on Saturday with regular programming.

Sunday Boo-Boo Redo ---- So say that you didnt do so hot on Friday Night, we will have redo option on Sunday. We will post on FB the time, it is usually around 3pm, but stay tuned for times. 

I just cant do those times --- For those that just cant make any of the times above, we will also be holding an opens wod opportunity at 6am Friday Morning.

Dates our box will be closed on Saturday and Sunday -- Feb. 15th & 16th; March 8th & 9th;  March 22 & 23rd.

The Opens are designed so that anyone in the world can do them!!!!!!  Register and join the revolution!

Make sure you list CrossFit Strong as your affiliate and CrossFit Strong as your team.

As I have mentioned in class, the judges course is an excellent resource to help you see what is considered good movement for the opens.


2013 Dead Turkey Day
Posted On 10/30/2013 09:47:45

2013 Dead Turkey Day

Our family is growing and so is the table!

Each year, we try to outdo the last and this year is no exception. We will be doing our annual Dead Turkey Day (Potluck) on Friday, November 15th, 2013. WOD starts @ 5:30pm and all are welcome!  We need and want to fill up two rows of tables this year!  Check the whiteboard at the box for places to volunteer for food or setup. 

Bring your friends and your family just make sure you RSVP at our website with any guests in the comments. This will ensure we cook enough turkeys this year!

The Event We have all been Waiting for.....

January 4th, 2014 -- Details to be Released

It is going to be Epic and you dont want to miss it

It is all Worth it!
Posted On 07/02/2013 11:11:07
I really enjoy hearing about people getting a PR on their Snatch or Jerk or 1st Muscle Up.  I know how they feel as those little accomplishments keep you coming back for more!  BUT there is something more than thoses PRs and it was one of the pillars that Strong is built.  It is the fact that you are living a healthy lifelstyle and all health indicators point to it. In CrossFit we talk about a sickness / wellness / fitness graph. The idea that at any point in your life we can measure anything about you (Blood pressure, Max DeadLift, cholesterol, lean body mass) and you will be plotted somewhere on this graph with fitness being the ideal place.  We are all working to get these indicators to fitness. (

When I hear about one of our athletes going from a sickness level to a fitness level, it gives me the energy and motivation to continue what we are doing.  

Take a look at this email, the coaches received this week:



Last Tuesday I got my blood work done. Today I visited my cardiologist to follow up with my heart and stuff...

My cholesterol is 160 mg/dL!!!. It had never been less than 200. Nine months ago it was 240.  

I started to do crossfit with my husband (as you know) and we both have been listening to you and your coaching team with recommendations of what to do. INCLUDING NUTRITION. AND, IT IS WORKING!!!!!

My blood pressure is 120/60. Are you kidding me?????

This is extremely motivating and exciting. I could not stop jumping of happiness.

My cardiologist, Dr. Bruce Bowers (a crossfit person as well, and I didnt know) took my cholesterol medicine away and lower my blood pressure medicine to 10mg. Well recheck on progress or maintenance in 6 months.

I am more than ever loyal to this change in life style.

Looking forward continuing at crossfit and better nutrition. All worth it.


Do you have a similar story?  Post it here and possibly give someone else the encouragement or hope that their goals are reachable. If you are still having trouble reaching a goal talk to me!

Last Chance 13.5
Posted On 04/07/2013 11:37:25
Hey guys. We will have the box open at 6:00pm sunday.  If you want to redo or do 13.5. This is the last chance. 

Aches and Pains? CrossFit Strong and Synergy Sports Rehab
Posted On 03/22/2013 08:21:53
Got those CrossFit Aches and Pains? Range of Motion Issues or just need a massage? We are excited to announce, beginning April 1, 2013, Synergy Sports Rehab will begin offering Active Release Technique, Massage, Graston Technique, Kinesio Taping, and Chiropractic at CrossFit Strong by Dr. Richard Hare.
  • Dr. Hares office hours will be 3:00PM-5:00 PM Tuesday and Friday. (You can still schedule at his primary office outside these hours)
  • Massage office hours will be Monday and Wednesday 9AM-5PM.
  • Treatment will be by appointment only.
  • Rehab services, when required will be performed at Dr. Hares primary office (inside Telos Fitness Center).
  • To schedule, please call 972-386-2560.

A little Background

Dr. Hare is the owner of Synergy Sports Rehab. His primary practice is located inside (Telos Fitness Center). He is a 1999 graduate of Parker College of Chiropractic and has been practicing in the Dallas area for 13 years. He has completed extensive post-graduate training in the field of Sports Injury and Rehabilitation and is a full-body certified ART Elite (Active Release Technique) provider. An Elite provider is the highest level of certification an ART practitioner can obtain. Dr. Hare also holds advanced certifications as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist under the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is also an experienced practitioner of the Kinesio Taping Method, and a Level I practitioner of Graston Technique. In addition, Dr. Hare is certified to perform Manipulation under Anesthesia (MUA).

Additionally, he has served as the team chiropractor for the Dallas Harlequins Super League Rugby Team, Samsung Wireless Motocross team, PlayTri Triathlon Club and is member of the ART Sports Medicine Team for the Ironman Triathlon. Dr. Hares expertise also extends to players of the NFL, MLB, PGA, WWE Wrestlers, Olympic Track & Field athletes, elite rugby players, Ironman triathletes, marathon runners, cyclists, collegiate baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and football players, professional MMA fighters, and CrossFit athletes. He has also had the opportunity to work with musical groups such as the Eagles, Jimmy Buffet, and Lady GaGa. His knowledge of sports injuries comes from years of competition in pole vaulting, rugby, football, bodybuilding, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and CrossFit training. Dr. Hare is a network provider for all major health insurance plans.



Opens 13.2 Schedule of Events
Posted On 03/15/2013 14:45:32
Alright Guys....Round 2...Opens WOD 13.2

Box will be open at 9am.

9:15AM to 9:40AM - Athlete Check-in
9:40AM to 10:00AM - Standards
10:00 AM - Heat 1
10:20 AM - Heat 2
10:40 AM - Heat 3
11:00 AM - Heat 4
----Coffee and Muffins will be delivered in the morning----

Regular Class and Free Intro
9:30AM - Free Intro Check-In
10:00AM - Free Intro Workout
10:20 AM - Regular Class WOD

Opens 2013 Schedule
Posted On 03/04/2013 19:33:46
Almost there Guy!!! If you havent registered you have until Sunday to do it. We would appreciate for logistics that you register before the Saturday Class so that we know how to create the heats.  

That is the next point, we will announce times for our Saturday Agenda Every Thursday evening. We decided to do it this way because the WOD will dictate the timing of events.  If you cant make it Saturday, we will be running the Opens WOD as a seperate class on Thursday at 6am and 6pm.  You cannot use Thursday Opens class unless you are registered for Opens, Sorry. We will be running regular classes that day as well.

Remember the Opens are designed and programmed so that everyone can participate!  You dont and shouldnt have to be a fire breather to register! So register. WE will be catering breakfast or lunch for those registerd each Saturday.  We will also buy extra for your family, we would just ask them to pay for the food.

Wods will be announced Wed. 7pm.  We will post our schedule thursday evening for the saturday event.  If you plan to attend the WOD on Saturday please RSVP early so we can work on heats.

Go sign up under CrossFit STrong tonight!!!! Lets have some fun!

2013 Opens
Posted On 02/20/2013 10:05:08
It is almost game time! We added a widget to the front page just to get everyone excited!!! Are you excited?

The way the game is played:

1. Open WODs announced Wed. Evening.
2. CrossFit Strong does the open WOD on Thursday ALL DAY!
3. We will Also do the WOD on Saturday to ensure you get a chance to make it up.
4. We want you to bring your friends/family/dog to cheer everyone during the Saturday Competition.

You are doing the WODs so you might as well register. Follow the link on the home page. It is all about your results and gains that matters so use this as a great benchmarking opportunity. 

I would love to hear from those that did this last year as a benchmarking tool and never really competed in a competition.

This would be a good time to switch your programing to ensure your Wed. is your rest day so that you can hit it hard for Thursday and then do Friday and  Saturday WODs.

I would like to kick off the 1st Saturday with a cookout at the box! RSVP for us please! I will get out the cooker and we can turn into a fam-uh-lee day of just hanging out and competiting!  I will supply the beverages and Meat. you guys bring some sides...Thoughts?

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