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Slippery Slope 01-28-2013

Exercise Details
1. Run 400.00 meters (1312.4 feet)
2. Power Clean Men: 185 lbs. (83.99 kgs.), Women: 115 lbs. (52.21 kgs.), 20 reps
3. Pull-Ups 50 reps
4. Push Ups 100 reps
5. Air Squats 150 reps
2 round(s) for Time
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2 rounds of:
400m Run
5 rounds of:
2 Power Cleans (185/115)
5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Airsquats



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Rank Username Result Gym Completed Date
1 KyleH 00:17:10 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/28/2013
2 JakeT 00:17:43 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/28/2013
3 JeremyC 00:17:44 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/28/2013
4 Drollen 00:18:12 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/28/2013
5 ShelbyB 00:20:53 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/28/2013
6 JakeA 00:21:01 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/28/2013
7 JasonVanacour 00:22:15 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/28/2013
8 JessicaG 00:22:22 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/28/2013
9 NealS 00:23:06 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/28/2013
10 AndyL 00:23:46 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/28/2013
11 AndyW 00:23:55 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/28/2013
12 mholen 00:30:00 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/28/2013


  • CoachYocom 01/28/2013 20:48:25

    @malachi -- you are right...he looks like pappa smurf...

  • KimM 01/28/2013 16:53:57

    Were having one last Endurance Open House this Wednesday at 6AM and were meeting WT White track. I already see several RSVPs on the schedule so if youd like to check out what the Endurance program is all about before the official season kicks off on this Saturday 2/2, please join us on Wednesday morning.

  • CoachAsH 01/28/2013 15:43:49

    a shout out to Chris Mims (530am) who JUST graduated foundations last week & rocked this WOD, RX!!! great job!!!

    and to the nooners that i WODd with....great job!!! Everyone was encouraging each other as we carefully slid across the floor from our station to the pull up bars!! =)

  • AndyL 01/28/2013 15:13:20

    Mal, are you wearing shorts at all? Looks like you`re Just Wearing Tights Guy

  • MalachiB 01/28/2013 15:09:16

    At least Im not wearing blue shorts with a blue shirt! How embarrassing!

  • ShelbyB 01/28/2013 14:52:12

    As for the pictures, why the heck do they put buddy carries in competitions anyway?? There is no way to look good while doing them.

    @malachi-dont worry, Im not questioning your manhood. You still look cute even while being carried upside down by a big, all-blue wearing, smiling guy.

  • ShelbyB 01/28/2013 14:43:24

    Great job this morning guys!!
    @kevin-just want to give you a shout out for doing 5 reps of power cleans at 185# up until the last round. Sorry your super observant coach didnt catch that sooner. however, you made them look really easy and still finished within the time cap so I think you need to say "thank you" for the extra work:)

  • CoachYocom 01/28/2013 14:00:50

    Did you guys know it is social friday this week?

    Well. It is. Bring your posse to the fri 5:30pm class.

  • EricZ 01/28/2013 13:47:45

    Kurt - help me ive fallin and i cant get up!
    Cody- I got you bud... alright, BPM are low... at about 50% of maximum BPM base on 220 minus your age while doing intense exercise... may need a defibrillator!!!!
    Kurt - WAIT, do you even know what your talking about or how to use a defibrilla-na-tor-what ever you said?
    Cody - No, but i did stay at a Holiday-In Express last night!

  • EricZ 01/28/2013 13:37:18

    tom- i bet levi could make it happen

  • TomW 01/28/2013 11:54:13

    Not to be disgusting, but it looks like Malachi is giving birth to Kyle....I know totally unconventional.

    No way that would happen upside down, right?

  • CoachYocom 01/28/2013 10:31:56

    Kurt: "Cody, I just cant do it anymore...Carry ME, Honey!"

    Kyle: "Malachi, Do you think I need to see a Doctor about that?"

  • KyleH 01/28/2013 09:52:59

    In my defense, how we ended up in that position is mostly Malachis fault. Also, I am smiling because, if you look closely, you can see malachi trying to move his head away from the immediate vicinity of my butt. He was with me the night before when I had a super spicy chili for dinner. He knew what all that bouncing from the double under right before was stirring up in my belly...

  • EricZ 01/28/2013 09:51:09

    Kyle - "Jokes on Mal, I just ripped one!"

  • CabriniS 01/28/2013 09:24:27

    That pic is what I call a "man law VIOLATION"

  • AndyL 01/28/2013 09:03:42

    I agree with Gale, and will add that if a man does ever carry another man like that, he shouldn`t be smiling as much as Kyle is.

  • KeeganW 01/28/2013 08:52:43

    Kyle--- An OBGYNs worst nightmare.

  • CoachAsH 01/28/2013 08:49:14

    @Mark - you are not the first person to say that today!! HA! Great job morning crew!!!

    Cody: "Kurt, you WILL hold my hand!"

  • MarkG 01/28/2013 08:42:57

    I thought this looked kinda easy until I realized its two rounds of five rounds... I should have known better.

  • CoachYocom 01/28/2013 08:40:30

    No man should ever carry another man like that. Period. There is no caption that will justify the picture on the right.

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