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ImPRESSive 03-27-2012

Exercise Details
1. Run 800.00 meters (2624.8 feet)
2. KettleBell Swing Men: 55 lbs. (24.97 kgs.), Women: 35 lbs. (15.89 kgs.), 25 reps
3. Push Ups 20 reps
4. Push Press Men: 135 lbs. (61.29 kgs.), Women: 95 lbs. (43.13 kgs.), 15 reps
3 round(s) for Time
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BUY IN: 800m Run
3 rounds of:
25 KB Swings (1.5/1.0)
20 Push Ups - Game Style
15 Push Press (135/95)



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Rank Username Result Gym Completed Date
1 JeremyC 00:14:31 mins. Crossfit Strong 03/27/2012
2 JustinBell 00:16:53 mins. Crossfit Strong 03/27/2012
3 KyleH 00:17:40 mins. Crossfit Strong 03/27/2012
4 JakeA 00:18:51 mins. Crossfit Strong 03/27/2012
5 EricZ 00:19:17 mins. Crossfit Strong 03/27/2012
6 AndyL 00:19:50 mins. Crossfit Strong 03/27/2012
7 JakeT 00:19:55 mins. Crossfit Strong 03/27/2012
8 DrewB 00:20:58 mins. Crossfit Strong 03/27/2012
9 MalachiB 00:21:35 mins. Crossfit Strong 03/27/2012
10 CoachYocom 00:21:48 mins. Crossfit Strong 03/27/2012
11 BradP 00:24:24 mins. Crossfit Strong 03/27/2012
12 ShelbyB 00:34:25 mins. Crossfit Strong 03/27/2012


  • JackieH 03/28/2012 08:36:36

    Good advice Eric and Cat. I totally agree. Prior to coming to CFS I would try to RX WODs even if it meant taking 45mins and only doing 2-3 reps at a time. Personally I see more gain when I decrease the weight and keep up intensity.

  • cat 03/27/2012 20:41:21

    To second what Shooter says.....set your ego aside. Injured or rebuilding from an injury (ahem...I AM THE CHOIR btw....), then pick a weight just slightly outside your comfort zone but work that BIO-tch like hell. It does me no good to hit a weight that I have to stop and rest after every 1 or 2 reps (or a weight that might put me on the sidelines for 3-4 days OR months). JOYCZ - Just Outside Your Comfort Zone- and then challenge yourself to see how far you can go UNBROKEN! Play around with this and let me know what you think!

    Also, be careful about counting your reps against someone who might have a special assignment to do more reps or weight than is posted for the standard RX. Follow the workout that is prescribed for everyone unless instructed otherwise...and scale your weights accordingly. Always ask questions of your coaches before you start the workout if you are ever in doubt! Were here to help!

    Super fun WOD today!

  • CoachAsH 03/27/2012 20:16:07

    WOW...it was INTENSE in the evening tonight! GREAT job to everyone - i saw people really pushing themselves!!!

  • MalachiB 03/27/2012 14:14:26

    Have to give a quick shout out to Shelby. As always, she fought like crazy on this thing. Wish I was half as mentally tough as her!

  • KatherineM 03/27/2012 12:20:26

    Eric, I think you misunderstood... I swung 20KB for 2 rounds until Cat told me it was 25KB for the 3rd.

    Erics right; Ive had some tremendous gains since starting xfit in 2010, but strength & form have been slow builds. I pressed 75# today and didnt do the wod RX yesterday either. So what? Its still a workout.

  • CoachYocom 03/27/2012 11:45:59

    Thank you shooter!!!

  • TanyaS 03/27/2012 11:45:23

    oh, and mel..the bored look is priceless!

  • TanyaS 03/27/2012 11:45:06

    looks fun except for the kb swings. guess i will tape up my paws and swing away later today!

  • EricZ 03/27/2012 10:53:54

    Awesome job this am folks!! Lots of hard work done by all! Leah, you kicked butt sister! Something to be said about swinging half your body weight around...

    Coaching 2 cents: It is not okay to do this wod RXd if you arent doing the movements correctly... meaning, put your ego aside and pick up something you can ACTUALLY do a push press with. If we wanted a push jerk, it would read that way. YOU GET BETTER BY MASTERING MOVEMENTS, and by better i mean stronger for all you guys out there that refuse to go down in weight. I want everyone to get better and stronger, but just picking up something heavy and throwing it around with no regard of form doesnt help... ever... (sorry, and now im off my soap box)

    @kittie, how did you not realize there were 25 KB swings?... did you see everyone swinging kb?

  • KatherineM 03/27/2012 09:55:12

    Melanie, what are you thinking about to stay so calm?

    Didnt realize there were 25KB swings till the last round. oops. Kristi thought there were 20PP, thats definitely a mistake I did not make.

  • MelanieB 03/27/2012 09:25:48

    Hey, thats my "trying not to drop the bar" face!

  • LeahM 03/27/2012 09:17:05

    @ Bryce - Thank you, but I didt feel like I rocked it this moring. That was a tough one for me!

  • BryceL 03/27/2012 09:10:19

    A huge shout out to everyone who did this as RX. That weight got heavy fast.

    Another shout out to Leah for really rockin it this AM. To quote Michelle, "Leah is my hero."

  • AndyL 03/27/2012 08:53:28

    Geez Mel, put some weight on the bar, you look bored.

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