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Rahoi 02-20-2012

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1. Box Jumps 12 reps
2. Thrusters Men: 95 lbs. (43.13 kgs.), Women: 65 lbs. (29.51 kgs.), 6 reps
3. Bar Facing Burpees 6 reps
for Reps
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Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes of:
24 inch Box Jump, 12 reps
95 pound Thruster, 6 reps
6 Bar-facing burpees

U.S. FBI Supervisory Special Agent Gregory J. Rahoi, 38, of Brookfield, Wisconsin, assigned to the Hostage Rescue Team, based in Quantico, Virginia, was killed on December 6, 2006, during a live-fire tactical training exercise at Fort A.P. Hill, near Bowling Green, Virginia. He is survived by his parents, Natalie and Richard, sister Teri, and fiancee Paula Paulk.



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Rank Username Result Gym Completed Date
1 CoachYocom 228.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 02/12/2012
2 MalachiB 223.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 02/20/2012
3 ShelbyB 216.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 02/20/2012
4 KyleH 205.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 02/20/2012
5 JustinBell 201.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 02/20/2012
6 JakeT 199.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 02/20/2012
7 CameronR 189.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 02/20/2012
8 JonK 169.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 02/20/2012
9 BradP 168.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 02/20/2012
10 cat 168.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 02/20/2012
11 LeahM 167.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 02/20/2012
12 CabriniS 166.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 02/20/2012
13 AndrewF 135.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 02/20/2012
14 DavidBurford 162.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 02/20/2012
15 JakeA 159.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 02/20/2012


  • LeviN 02/20/2012 17:42:04

    Thanks guys, glad to be back :)

  • cat 02/20/2012 16:28:37

    And ditto the welcome back to Levi! Great to see you back! And we loved seeing Manchild this morning, too!

  • cat 02/20/2012 16:27:13

    It must be in the water.....no, not a baby annoucement, but another "first kipping pull up" for Paul at 5:30 this morning! Im super proud of you! Thanks to Tarah and David for staying on his case - nothing like a little good-natured peer pressure to get you off those bands!

  • LeahM 02/20/2012 12:32:44

    EVERYONE should sign up for the opens! It was so much fun last year! Loved seeing everyone give it their all, and push themselves further than they thought they could! Just give it a try! What do you have to lose?

  • CoachAsH 02/20/2012 12:25:50

    Dont forget to sign up for Socia Friday/Opens Kick Off Party FRIDAY....so we know how much food to get for the BBQ!

  • JakeT 02/20/2012 11:52:18

    And to follow up Becca - even if you dont have any desire or plans to compete at a competition, its pretty awesome to get after it with everyone during the Opens. Energy gets high, lot of encouragement, and a heckuva lot of fun. Its also incredibly good to do the workouts together with everyone and then try them again in 6 months. Youll be amazed how far youve come if you follow our coaches programming.

    Heres the video highlights from last year - and look a TON of people were having fun with it! http://youtu.be/-qCiX4FtrL4

  • JakeT 02/20/2012 11:50:03

    @Jason - But if you really want motivation to keep going at the end of WODs, wait until you get the Cody/Swan staredown....

  • JasonD 02/20/2012 10:37:20

    I was a little leery of the box jumps, as my calves were still pretty tight and achy from the stair work in Endurance on Saturday, but apparently, they loosened me up nicely. I feel much better after todays WoD than I did beforehand.

    Im not sure who from the Skerd group was yelling at me at the end to push it harder, but thanks for doing so. It did make me get in another half dozen reps that I may not have obtained otherwise.

  • BeccaR 02/20/2012 09:46:21

    Dont forget Sectionals starts this week!! We will be doing the WOD on Thursday during classes and Friday at 5:30pm, so if you are planning your off days this week try to be there Thursday.

    Go read the blog that Gale posted last week- If you are interested in seeing where you place in the world( Even if you are new!), go register- it is only $20 and every week you will enter your score and be able to compare it to people in our region and all over the world! Kinda cool:)


  • DeveneyW 02/20/2012 09:13:01

    I agree Paul, good to have you back Levi and to see our surprise guest this am, Mantini!!! Have a great Monday peeps!!

  • PaulF 02/20/2012 08:48:40

    Levi- good to see you back at the box!

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