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Mi Culo 09-14-2012

Exercise Details
1. Run 400.00 meters (1312.4 feet)
2. Dead Lift Men: 155 lbs. (70.37 kgs.), Women: 115 lbs. (52.21 kgs.), 10 reps
3. Power Clean Men: 155 lbs. (70.37 kgs.), Women: 115 lbs. (52.21 kgs.), 5 reps
1 round(s) for Reps
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20min AMRAP
400m Run = 10 reps
10 Deadlift (155/115)
5 Power Cleans (155/115)



Top 15 Rankings View all

Rank Username Result Gym Completed Date
1 KyleH 175.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/06/2012
2 ShelbyB 175.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/06/2012
3 TerryM 175.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/06/2012
4 MattL 173.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/06/2012
5 JakeT 172.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/06/2012
6 JeremyC 166.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/06/2012
7 JakeS 160.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 06/26/2012
8 CharlieN 150.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/06/2012
9 KimM 150.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/06/2012
10 BrettM 150.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 09/14/2012
11 CodyR 150.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/06/2012
12 JakeA 150.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/06/2012
13 AndrewF 150.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 09/14/2012
14 PaulS 150.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/06/2012
15 Drollen 150.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 09/14/2012


  • AmyL 09/14/2012 18:57:23

    Not that it matters, but due to the fact that I want to show at least a tid bit of improvement since I last did this WOD, I added the 200 meter run I was able to get in at the beginning of my 6th round...1/2 of 10 is 5. Yay I can do math! Just thought Id explain the odd score of 130.

  • KeithChappell 09/14/2012 16:53:58

    Goodluck to all the competitors this weekend! Ill be enjoying my last weekend of alcohol for awhile with some wine at Grapefest but will be sure to make a toast on your behalf.

  • CharlieN 09/14/2012 16:09:32

    To those who are competing this weekend.....Have a great time and you guys are going to do well.

  • BeccaR 09/14/2012 15:35:39

    Good Luck to everyone this weekend!!!! I am so excited for yall....there is nothing quite like competing:)

  • AndyL 09/14/2012 15:26:41

    Ha! Sorry. It`s at GSX Crossfit on W. Hickory, and if I`m not mistaken where our box qualified for the Games in 2010.

  • AndyL 09/14/2012 15:23:32

    Over there [points]

  • JeremyD 09/14/2012 15:16:29

    Andy...where in FtW?

  • ShelbyB 09/14/2012 14:11:13

    @Mike and Kyle-how the heck have you rigged this site to have your scores remain at the top even though they are old???

  • ShelbyB 09/14/2012 14:08:31

    To all the competitors this weekend- I wish you all the very best. I am no veteran, but my advice would be to remember that you are there to give it your absolute all but have fun at the same time. Expect to PR, the atmosphere and excitement are truly amazing and add so much to your intensity. And at the end of the day, dont second guess your performance just set your next goal and start working towards it.
    I cant wait to cheer you on!!!

  • DavidP 09/14/2012 14:00:06

    Good luck to everyone this weekend!

  • AndyL 09/14/2012 13:38:50

    And...it`s free to attend.

  • AndyL 09/14/2012 13:21:18

    Jeremy, Saturday-Sunday, 9am-5pm Sat and 9am-2pm Sun. 3 wods Saturday, 2 wods Sunday. They`re releasing the wods in a few hours.

  • JeremyD 09/14/2012 12:52:14

    Can someone share the event details for the competition this weekend? Id like to try to come out and support the fam. Thanks!

  • JasonD 09/14/2012 12:22:42

    @Kurt, that was great. :D

  • JasonD 09/14/2012 12:22:00

    Im looking forward to it, but I dont mind saying Ive got some butterflies at the same time. It was great getting support from a lot of people this morning, and Andys been giving us all his veteran competition tips.

    I expect to be bringing in 2 suitcases of clothing and gear, three coolers of food, and my jumprope, at this point. I dont know what Ill pack for Sunday.

  • AndyL 09/14/2012 11:15:06

    Kurt, you just won the comments for today.

  • AndyL 09/14/2012 11:14:43

    Andy Luten
    Chris Limbaugh
    Paul Bailey
    Jason DiMaio
    Erin Benavides

    All are in the scaled division. Should be a good competition, lots of unfamiliar names compared to what were used to seeing at competitions like this, so who knows.

  • KurtH 09/14/2012 11:14:39

    @gale - I compete everyday

    But I wont be in ft. worth this weekend, best of luck to everyone that is

  • CoachYocom 09/14/2012 11:10:40

    @andy I was prepared for it and had extras just in case when I saw your RSVP. Thanks for the concern.

    @competitors - what is our final list of competitors, shout out on the boards if you are competing this weekend.

  • JakeT 09/14/2012 11:07:13

    Great work this morning everyone!

    Big shoutout and good luck to all the competitors heading over to Ft. Worth this weekend for the AsRx Tour! If anyone is free, def take some time to go cheer them on at GSX. Lot of first-time competitors, so itll be a fun time!

  • CoachAsH 09/14/2012 10:36:23

    Childcare is cancelled today. Sorry!!!

  • AndyL 09/14/2012 10:24:43

    Gale, sorry I broke your measuring tape this morning when it wasn`t quite long enough to get around my biceps.

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