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Vertical Wall 09-28-2011

Exercise Details
1. Run 400.00 meters (1312.4 feet) 2 reps
2. GHD Situps 10 reps
3. Power Snatch Men: 95 lbs. (43.13 kgs.), Women: 55 lbs. (24.97 kgs.), 7 reps
4. Wall Walks 4 reps
5 round(s) for Time
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400m Run Buy-In
10 GHDs / 25 Anchored SitUps
7 Pwr Snatch (95/55)
4 Wall Walks
400m Run Buy Out



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Rank Username Result Gym Completed Date
1 KyleH 00:14:24 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/28/2011
2 MalachiB 00:15:41 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/28/2011
3 CoachYocom 00:16:36 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/18/2011
4 ShelbyB 00:17:05 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/28/2011
5 JustinBell 00:17:45 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/28/2011
6 CameronR 00:18:17 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/28/2011
7 JakeS 00:19:21 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/28/2011
8 CharlieN 00:20:16 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/28/2011
9 CodyR 00:20:21 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/28/2011
10 JakeT 00:20:44 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/28/2011
11 EricZ 00:20:54 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/28/2011
12 MattL 00:21:50 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/28/2011
13 BrettM 00:22:07 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/28/2011
14 CoachAsH 00:23:07 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/18/2011
15 KatherineM 00:24:08 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/28/2011


  • KamoraC 09/28/2011 19:34:29

    Oh my! It is not a good idea to run 5 miles 2 hours before a WOD. I almost passed out on this one. It took me forever to finish this wall thingy. Good job 5:30 pmers.

  • CoachYocom 09/28/2011 17:05:20

    Oh yea...Here is a big wink! Practice your Double Unders...

  • CoachYocom 09/28/2011 15:55:48

    A member mentioned they have a position to be filled at his company. It is a front desk/admin position (phones, data entry, customer services, etc...) for 40 hours per week starting at $15+ an hour. Long Wed/Thurs, but short day or Fridays. They usually promote from within but mentioned to us first...If you are interested...email me ASAP! i will get you exact details...

  • CoachYocom 09/28/2011 13:37:02

    @cody...she was man handling those snatches today...made my 155 look light! ok...115

  • MattO 09/28/2011 12:43:20

    I read this last night and read "walkouts" not wall walks, mysteriously, around the same time I read it correctly this morning I realized how sore I am and that I had plans...at 530am, 630am, and 5-8tonight. Oh well, Ill trust everyone else can have enough "fun" for me.

  • marlam 09/28/2011 12:31:36

    Heads up to everyone who is recording the Games tonight - the time has changed to 10-12pm because of the baseball playoffs. Fios didnt automatically change our DVR, we had to reset it.

  • AndyL 09/28/2011 11:58:48

    Important Tip (unrelated to the wod): Never tell a girl she coughs like a man, she`ll get really angry.

  • KatherineM 09/28/2011 11:28:08

    Zing!! Becca 1, Cody 0

  • CodyR 09/28/2011 10:39:44

    @Celina - there is nothing wrong with being dead last.... just look at my 10k time... or better yet look at beccas.

    Great job this morning!

  • BeccaR 09/28/2011 10:35:37

    @Cody- whatever helps you sleep at night....

  • EricZ 09/28/2011 10:26:26

    Thoroughly enjoyed this one today!!! Wall Walk heads up... if you dont want to get a "no count" push yourself to finish the movement. keep going until your CHEST touches! Its a whole different game, and you will be better for it!


  • CodyR 09/28/2011 10:22:43

    Uh oh, Gale... Shelby is creepin up on you.

    If I had to guess, Id say that extra 250 meters I ran took about 4 minutes... my time should really be more like 16:21...

  • CelinaB 09/28/2011 10:19:07

    Thanks Katherine- I dont know if "spiderman" is accurate...maybe more like a squashed spider. I dont know if I could have finished that WOD without cheers from Shelby, Cody, and Katherine. Thanks guys! This was my first full Rxed WOD! Dead last but Rxed

  • JakeT 09/28/2011 09:50:10

    Great job this morning everyone! It hurt, but felt good to get back in the box after being gone for a few days. Love the community and push this morning.

    @Justin - helluva job. I was starting my last round of snatches when you finished. The man was moving this AM!

  • TarahW 09/28/2011 09:30:03

    @Lindsay-Do you want me to put you on my txt list to get you up in the mornings?

  • AndyL 09/28/2011 08:49:32

    What Ramsey really means is Andy Luten: King of Being Terrified of Getting No-Repped by Gale Again.

  • marlam 09/28/2011 08:39:53

    I heard this was going to be a "fun" WOD, I think I missed the "fun" part?!?!?

  • RamseyS 09/28/2011 08:37:08

    Andy Luten: King of the wall walk. Andy was getting so close to the wall during those things I thought he took the wall out to dinner first.

  • KatherineM 09/28/2011 07:51:39

    Ppl complain about not getting enough core work, but if you look at all the wods, everything revolves around core strength. Mondays wod and todays wods are perfect examples; it was so hard getting up that wall w/out keeping my core tight... crazy how the hardest movements become easier with that little adjustment.

    @Celina: You worked through those wall-walks like Spiderman! Awesome job!

    @Shelby & Steph: Ladies, I need some wall-walk lessons from you; good job, couldnt keep up!

  • LindsayM 09/28/2011 07:25:32

    I tried Swan but, just couldnt get up... :( Sorry!!!

  • CodyR 09/28/2011 07:17:43

    @Lindsay... glad you could join us this morning.

  • LindsayM 09/27/2011 20:17:50

    I am going to attempt to make 5:30am just cuz this looks like so much fun!

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