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Squat Buster 09-06-2011

Exercise Details
1. Run 1200.00 meters (3937.2 feet)
2. OverHead Squat Men: 95 lbs. (43.13 kgs.), Women: 65 lbs. (29.51 kgs.), 45 reps
3. Pull-Ups 45 reps
1 round(s) for Time
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OHS (95/65)
Pulll Ups

*400m Run after PUs..start with run

--SKERD: Snatch (115/75)



Top 15 Rankings View all

Rank Username Result Gym Completed Date
1 PaulS 00:13:15 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/07/2011
2 JamieK 00:13:15 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/06/2011
3 KurtH 00:14:09 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/06/2011
4 MalachiB 00:14:14 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/06/2011
5 MikeB 00:14:23 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/06/2011
6 CoachYocom 00:15:15 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/02/2011
7 AndyL 00:16:09 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/06/2011
8 KyleH 00:16:53 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/06/2011
9 joeyt22 00:17:20 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/06/2011
10 ShelbyB 00:17:43 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/06/2011
11 EricZ 00:17:44 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/06/2011
12 LeahM 00:18:57 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/06/2011
13 CoachAsH 00:20:46 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/02/2011
14 KatherineM 00:20:54 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/06/2011
15 KimM 00:21:23 mins. Crossfit Strong 09/06/2011


  • MattO 09/06/2011 19:52:11

    Mal killed it tonight. Great job considering you were tired during your warmup! Gale, please put this WOD in a 1x a lifetime bucket.

  • PaShunD 09/06/2011 16:39:43

    LOL thank you Joshua XXX!

  • JoshuaL 09/06/2011 15:58:57

    @PaShun- You are AWESOME!

  • EricZ 09/06/2011 15:51:52

    @PaulS - You need to get checked off on your skills... you need to be working with the big boys... your times have been awesome lately!

    p.s. same with all of you guys/gals that want to shoot for the stars!

  • PaShunD 09/06/2011 15:47:00

    ROTFLMAO @ Shelby
    Trust you guys were lucky to have only gotten that first part of my thought. I think if i would have finished my statment some heads would have exploded lol!
    Fine if we can do that for my b-day WOD then Gale can look at my snatch lol!

  • ShelbyB 09/06/2011 15:09:18

    @PaShun- I very hesitantly pressed enter to watch that video, I had no idea what to expect coming from you:) You realize he "snatched" that, right? you told Gale he would never see your snatch today during warmup so if you want that to be your bday wod, that will have to change!

  • PaShunD 09/06/2011 14:56:42

    Check this out!
    I think we should do this for my birthday WOD! lol

  • KatherineM 09/06/2011 14:53:32

    Blue Bells Banana Split or Key Lime Pie... the latter turned into an urban legend after the summer of 2008; cannot find it since.

    Interesting how we are the only mammal not fully weaned off dairy; I wonder what the psychosis of that addiction is... the longing for our childhood, the bond with our mothers, we seem to use dairy as a form of comfort more than nutrition. Maybe this "need" could be fulfilled elsewhere? Or is it just a craving because it tastes good? Thoughts?

  • EricZ 09/06/2011 14:47:57

    ahhhh... okay, so i didnt count that half... make that 2.5 cakeballs! Ling Ling you are a cake ball master!!!

  • BeccaR 09/06/2011 13:59:39

    I LOVE mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream.... Always good choices!! And cake balls!!! What a good weekend, Eric!! But to be fair to you.... Im pretty sure you only had one and a half cake balls:)

  • CodyR 09/06/2011 13:08:04

    Ive never been a fan of mint chocolate chip. Ill agree with you on the cookies and cream.

  • EricZ 09/06/2011 12:04:03

    only the best blue bell makes... half cup mint chocolate chip and cookies and cream.. add two cake balls monday for the cherry

  • CoachYocom 09/06/2011 10:56:22

    Can you say insulin pump @ez?

    @cody -- not bad for moving the bar in a "W" path from the ground to overhead...and you sandbagged it!!! you did 3 in a row at the end like it was the start of the WOD.

    did you guys put your score in for the hero?

  • CodyR 09/06/2011 10:54:30

    What flavor?

  • EricZ 09/06/2011 10:50:59

    Thanks.... if only I was a better runner.... 1200m = Smoked = Sanity Weekend (i.e. i had ice cream 4 days in a row...)

  • MattO 09/06/2011 10:27:48

    Anyone else more than a little sore after 31Heros on Saturday? It was awesome seeing everyone out there competing but those sandbag runs made me all sorts of sore.

  • BeccaR 09/06/2011 10:13:14

    I personally enjoyed watching the "Jake and Codys how not to snatch" clinic this morning!! I might have actually seen Ashley wince at one or two of them.... :)

  • CodyR 09/06/2011 09:52:33

    Nice job EZ! It looks like the "Jake and Codys: How not to do a squat snatch" clinic this morning paid off.

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