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MainSite 082411 08-31-2011

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1. Dead Lift Men: 185 lbs. (83.99 kgs.), Women: 135 lbs. (61.29 kgs.), 15 reps
2. Toes To Bar 15 reps
5 round(s) for Time
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15 DeadLift (185/135)
15 Toes 2 Bar



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Rank Username Result Gym Completed Date
1 KyleH 00:07:43 mins. Crossfit Strong 08/31/2011
2 MalachiB 00:07:58 mins. Crossfit Strong 08/31/2011
3 CodyR 00:09:14 mins. Crossfit Strong 08/31/2011
4 CoachYocom 00:09:48 mins. Crossfit Strong 08/30/2011
5 NealS 00:11:34 mins. Crossfit Strong 08/31/2011
6 AndyW 00:13:07 mins. Crossfit Strong 08/31/2011
7 ShelbyB 00:13:07 mins. Crossfit Strong 08/31/2011
8 EricZ 00:14:28 mins. Crossfit Strong 08/31/2011
9 CharlieN 00:15:00 mins. Crossfit Strong 08/31/2011


  • MattO 08/31/2011 17:25:48

    If anyone needs a partner for the HERO wod, one that cant do the thrusters, let me know. Im free to climb the rope and do box jumps! Anyone else think that WOD looks insane?

  • JoshuaL 08/31/2011 16:07:28

    Resting =)

  • CodyR 08/31/2011 16:00:51

    Where is everyone today?

  • allenwhite 08/31/2011 12:58:58

    Its not Crossfit, but this article says that Felix Jones starting working with a gymnastics coach this offseason (unfortunately not Erics sister):

    Cowboys fans will flip over Felix Jones latest discovery

    Matt Mosley started his career at the Dallas Morning News, where he covered the Dallas Cowboys. He was the first full-time NFL blogger at ESPN.com. Mosley can be heard weekdays as part of Galloway and Co. on ESPN Radio 103.3 FM. Follow Mosley on Twitter: @MattMosley

    Recommend comment(0) email print Facebook rss August 31, 2011

    With a new workout plan (and a new beard), Felix Jones is poised to take over the starting running back job for the Cowboys. (Andy King)
    Gurodes gone, but dont expect quick returns
    Gurode sits vs. Vikings; future uncertain
    Angels appearing in Rangers rearview mirror
    Source: Austin out for remainder of preseason
    Ryan makes no excuses for Cowboys defense

    Michael Vick ready for pressure
    Vick the ultimate redemption story
    Source: Gore agrees on 3-year deal
    Benson begins Texas jail term
    Report: Shockey saves choking teammate
    Longest-tenured NFL player cut
    Rams QB Bradford brings fan to tears IRVING, Texas -- For everyone wondering why Dallas Cowboys running back Felix Jones has been the teams preseason MVP, we may have stumbled across the answer. The painfully shy player told FoxSportsSouthwest.com on Tuesday that a Brazilian gymnastics instructor may hold the key to a potential breakthrough season in 2011.

    What, you didnt see that one coming? There had to be some explanation for how explosive the fourth-year back has looked in three preseason games. Acting on the advice of his close friend Marion Barber, Jones met with Igor Carvalho, the owner of United Elite Gymnastics and Cheer in Rockwall, Texas, this past March. Carvalho already had 600 kids in his program, but he welcomed the opportunity to work with some NFL players.

    Carvalho had watched Barber last season on TV and commented to his wife how he wasnt lifting his knees high enough while looking for yardage. Hed already been designing a program for football players in his mind, but he had no idea that Barber would walk into his gym this past March.

    Barber and some of his teammates had been working with a speed coach at the R.I.S.E. complex in Rockwall named Russell Flannigan, who thought the players might benefit from Carvalho. The 44-year-old gymnastics instructor, now in his 30th year as a coach, put Barber through a stretching routine that included Pilates, Yoga and massage therapy. Barber convinced Jones to give it a try, and soon, they were joined by Cowboys running back Tashard Choice and wide receiver Jesse Holley.

    Jones saw immediate results from the workouts and he started going to Carvalho on a daily basis. On days that he worked his upper body, Jones would work on the high bar and the rings. Carvalho also had the players learn to balance their feet on inflatable balls while catching footballs.

    "I tried to give them more mobility," said Carvalho. "You cant totally prevent injuries, but we can try to put them in positions that simulate being at the bottom of a pile of tacklers. If those tendons can be a little more flexible, they can have a better chance of withstanding some of the punishment."

    Jones didnt consider taking gymnastics classes while growing up in Tulsa, but he now drives over an hour from his home in Flower Mound to Rockwall just to go through stretching exercises in the days leading up to games. Carvalho borrows from several sports, including MMA, in working with his football players. Maybe that explains why Jones has spent the past five months growing a beard that now rivals one of MMAs most recognizable stars, Kimbo Slice. Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said Tuesday that Jones is an extremely confident player right now, but declined comment on his facial hair.

    "Its not my position to evaluate a beard," Garrett deadpanned.

    With the release of Barber, the Cowboys made it clear that Jones will be the feature back for the foreseeable future. Much has been made about how hes been more of a complementary back dating back to his time at Arkansas, where Darren McFadden was the headliner. Now, backs such as rookie DeMarco Murray and Tashard Choice will complement Jones. Running backs coach Skip Peete says the normally reserved Jones has been more vocal since the start of training camp. After one practice in San Antonio, Jones asked Peete if he could speak to the running backs alone. The next day, the group had its best session of training camp.

    "I asked what got into them," said Peete. "And they all said Felix told them they werent finishing plays and they needed to pick up their intensity."

    By watching film of former NFL running backs such as Charlie Garner, Terry Kirby and Lamont Jordan, Jones has become a more complete running back. He wiped out Chargers first-round defensive tackle Corey Liuget as he tried to rush quarterback Tony Romo in the second preseason game.

    More importantly, Jones is once again making players miss when he has the ball in his hands. And hes racking up yards after contact. Perhaps all those hours spent jumping on a trampoline and balancing on an inflatable ball has given him an edge.

    A running back named Herschel Walker once turned to ballet in the offseason. Jones may be starting his own trend.

    Now, lets see if he can stick the landing.

  • CoachYocom 08/31/2011 07:47:36

    I am ordering tickets for our hypnotist outing...love for more to come...if you want tickets, sign up here.


  • CoachYocom 08/31/2011 07:44:54

    Saturday Hero WOD, You dont have sign up on there site. You dont have to donate if you dont want. The gym will still have regular class.

    The Hero WOD will be:

    Bring a towel so you can substitute pullups for rope climbs. We wont supply them. You can pick your partner. We will have a scaled version of the WOD.

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