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Run For Cat 07-19-2011

Exercise Details
1. GHD Situps 10 reps
2. Run 300.00 meters (984.3 feet)
3. Front Squat Men: 135 lbs. (61.29 kgs.), Women: 75 lbs. (34.05 kgs.), 1 rep
for Reps
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AMRAP - 13min

10 GHD Sit Ups
300m Run
Max Rep Front Squats (135/75)

**score = total front squat reps



Top 15 Rankings View all

Rank Username Result Gym Completed Date
1 ShelbyB 94.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 07/19/2011
2 MalachiB 94.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 07/19/2011
3 JakeS 90.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 07/19/2011
4 KimM 85.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 07/19/2011
5 EricZ 74.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 07/19/2011
6 LeahM 65.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 07/19/2011
7 CodyR 65.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 07/19/2011
8 MattL 61.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 07/19/2011
9 AndyL 54.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 07/19/2011
10 KatherineM 52.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 07/19/2011
11 JakeT 50.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 07/19/2011
12 BrettM 48.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 07/19/2011
13 CharlieN 45.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 07/19/2011
14 LarryS 35.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 07/19/2011


  • LeahM 07/19/2011 17:50:13

    Great job Shelby!!!

  • ShelbyB 07/19/2011 16:28:57

    your a wise man tom...I guess I cant complain, hes a pretty darn good guy to be second to:) Happy Anniversary Malachi:) hey, maybe this can be my present to you so you wont have to even attempt this workout!

  • TomW 07/19/2011 16:21:10

    Shelby I hate to inform you that you will never beat Malachi. Its not that you arent as fit as him or even moreso; he just has the option of seeing your time first. Its called a pencil whipping.

  • KatherineM 07/19/2011 15:43:16

    Shelby.... no words.

  • PaShunD 07/19/2011 15:23:00

    Its okay Shelby we know you kicked butt today. Paul give Cat a little extra of whats in her line for the homies who are not there, and so its clear that mean me. :)

  • KyleH 07/19/2011 15:10:13

    Will be walking funny for a week.....

  • ShelbyB 07/19/2011 14:27:57

    ok so i accidentally put my reps in and didnt realize malachi was logged in instead of me! it says i erased it under his wod history but is still showing up. just for the record- he wasnt even at the noon wod. the one time i might, possibly beat him I go and mess it all up by giving him my score! go figure...

  • PaulF 07/19/2011 13:40:08

    Cat is home. She is plugged up and strapped in with ice flow machines, medicine drips, and some calf massage contraption. She is in her new "special place"...a motorized recliner, where she will spend many hours.
    HUGE shout out to David H for helping me load up and get the chair on your day off. Couldnt have tackled that one without you.

  • KatherineM 07/19/2011 12:46:17

    Lol LT, I love you!

  • LeticiaS 07/19/2011 12:13:49

    Cat, I thank God for you! Wish you get well soon. We all miss you already. And, now I know the real reason why Paul was out this morning.....and it was not because of the substitute.

    Sharla dear, El Diablo was not a pleasant surprise and I was not excited about #$^%*double unders & froggers...are you kidding me?

  • EricZ 07/19/2011 11:42:49

    Crazy impressed with Allens score! What %tage of your BW is #135? Outstanding!

  • KatherineM 07/19/2011 11:24:41

    Thinking of Mama Cat today; recover well and swiftly! Thanks for the coaching this AM, Kyle; my legs and core might be weak, but my heart is strong... well, still felt winded but oh well.

    Becca, nice to have you back in full force! Please tell me you used 135lbs ;)

    Public apology for yelling at Cody this AM - no talking during rope-climbs. Look Gale, no feet! Woo.

  • PaulF 07/19/2011 10:40:09

    Thanks to all CFS for keeping Cat in your thoughts today. With her now in recovery. She says if your werent happy with your run today, come join Endurance! More later when I pack her up and get her home.

  • BeccaR 07/19/2011 10:30:44

    @Cody... Im back:) just want to give you a little challenge!! My legs hurt pretty bad now!

  • CabriniS 07/19/2011 10:30:06

    For those of you getting ready for Whole30. Checkout the meat deal I just purchased $20 for $40 worth.


    Wishing Cat a speedy recovery!

  • AndyL 07/19/2011 10:01:42

    Allen took all the good reps out of the bar that I used...

  • allenwhite 07/19/2011 09:58:10

    by the way, lets ignore my sumo stance in the picture and focus on some pretty high elbows. i am impressed.

  • CodyR 07/19/2011 09:57:49

    Really Becca... Really?

  • allenwhite 07/19/2011 09:56:38

    Good luck Cat!

  • SharlaG 07/19/2011 09:52:28

    Yep...Howd ya know Marla?? Of course....whatever day Kyle coaches, its froggers that day:-)

  • jgrantham 07/19/2011 09:49:04

    Best of luck cat!

  • marlam 07/19/2011 09:48:21

    Since, Kyle coached this morning....is if frogger Tuesday?!?!

  • SharlaG 07/19/2011 09:44:19

    Great idea! Cat did say, if she never did another front squat, it would be too soon for her. So we can all do them for her today!!! Thanks for keeping us updated!! Great to have Kyle surprise coach the 5:30 amers this morning!! I know LT was excited!:-) Eric, glad to see you there too!! Great job all!!

  • JakeT 07/19/2011 09:32:15

    @Sarah - Coach Cat Fisher; not Kitty. Shes having shoulder surgery this AM.

    Nice work by everyone this morning! Dang the legs are smoked!

  • EricS 07/19/2011 09:26:28

    Well be thinking about you Cat during your recovery!

  • SarahA 07/19/2011 09:25:42

    What minute... what happened to Cat? She was fine at the 6:00 am workout?

  • CoachYocom 07/19/2011 09:17:05

    Cat is coming out of surgery, we will update everyone as soon as we know. Enjoy those legs tomorrow and think of us every time you get out of your chair or your co-workers ask what is wrong. Just say, dont be the speck. [] .

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