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OH Squat Kings 07-07-2011

Exercise Details
1. Run 1230.00 meters (4035.6 feet)
2. GHD Situps 28 reps
3. OverHead Squat Men: 95 lbs. (43.13 kgs.), Women: 65 lbs. (29.51 kgs.), 5 reps
4. Knees to Elbows 9 reps
5 round(s) for Time
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Happy Birthday, PaulF(41!) and JakeT(28!)

Buy In:
3x410m run
28 GHD Sit-Ups

5 rounds-
5 OHS( 95/65)
9 Knees to Elbow



Top 15 Rankings View all

Rank Username Result Gym Completed Date
1 KyleH 00:12:43 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/07/2011
2 CoachYocom 00:12:44 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/06/2011
3 ShelbyB 00:15:10 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/07/2011
4 CodyR 00:15:55 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/07/2011
5 woop 00:16:38 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/07/2011
6 MikeB 00:16:55 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/07/2011
7 MattL 00:17:30 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/07/2011
8 BrettM 00:17:41 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/07/2011
9 JakeT 00:17:44 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/07/2011
10 KimM 00:17:49 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/07/2011
11 JamieK 00:18:00 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/07/2011
12 EricZ 00:20:01 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/07/2011
13 CoryH 00:20:07 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/07/2011
14 KatherineM 00:20:21 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/07/2011
15 TarahW 00:21:08 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/07/2011


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  • MelinaC 07/08/2011 03:28:45

    Happy Belated Birthday Paul and Jake!! I miss everyone at the gym!! I hope to see you guys soon! 8)

  • DanikaB 07/07/2011 21:46:02

    Paul, happy birthday to the first person who greeted me at the 5:30am class, you are awesome! I probably have the least predictable schedule, but i know when I do make it to class, that your smiling face and kick a$$ work ethic is always predictable! :)

  • JackieO 07/07/2011 20:40:16

    Happy Birthday Guys!

    @Paul-I wouldnt have missed your bday WOD. I enjoy working out with you bright and early in the morning. You are always so happy so early:) You make me laugh even when im still tired and a little grumpy.

  • AndyL 07/07/2011 18:28:22

    Anyone else feeling a big group hug after reading all the comments today?

  • RyanC 07/07/2011 17:50:04

    @Jake...Not hating, just thought you would dig it...BTW my knowledge of super-hero lore is pretty extensive...I may draft a blog regarding the numerous inaccuracies of the latest X-Men movie...(not really, but it was pretty bad)

  • JakeT 07/07/2011 17:41:02

    @RyanC - you laugh, but I actually RSS that kids blog. The guy travels all over the world, pretty entertaining stuff. And dont hate. Charlie and I will talk superheroes and video games all day long. Feel free to join in anytime.

  • RyanC 07/07/2011 17:32:03

    I googled "Jake" today...this is what I got...http://nerdfitness.com/blog/2010/04/24/make-optimus-prime-proud-learn-how-to-transform-your-li fe/

    haha...it is a cool site and I thought Jake would appreciate it...after all, he nerds out on comics and movies...

  • AdrienneG 07/07/2011 16:56:06

    Ha, love all the smack-talking! Happy Birthday(s), fellas. I am sorry that my injured body is not up for this special torment today.

  • LeticiaS 07/07/2011 15:44:41

    Happy Birthday guys. Jake I love all the pictures you take, especially the ones of lovely little Cambelle with lovely me.
    Paul I love you because of Cat, and because of your awsome cooking, and because you motivate us with words of encouragement at 5:30am. You have nice/kind words even for Diablo. You both are great guys, blessings.

  • TomW 07/07/2011 15:40:22

    Happy Birthday to you both! CFS is so much better with you guys aboard! Sorry I wont get to do your WOD today! OK, maybe not.

  • KatherineM 07/07/2011 15:30:38

    Happy Birthday guys! Great to have you both at the box; your positive encouragement, integrity and perseverance inspire everyone to CED :) Paul, you are one of the most self-less ppl Ive ever met, truly a class act.

    @Cody - 15:55. Quit slacking on those burpees/making BUIs "bets under the influence"

    @CoachGale - I see Shelby/GI JANE creepin up on you on this board...

  • PaulF 07/07/2011 15:06:22

    Kyle- Ill start your culinary training where I start all of my cooks at. You need to bust some suds, and then well see about moving you up. The fast track option is available, we can work out a trade in DUs and those froggy things you like so much.

    Tarah- all I have to say is ditto! I cant count the number of F-bombs you have heard me utter. I think I dropped 2 or 3 on you this morning on KTE. You never quit, so neither will I.

  • cat 07/07/2011 15:01:57

    Sorry to be late to the lovefest.....so here goes.....

    @ Jake - you are a class-act - and I dont think of Jake without thinking of a guy with a big heart and a big smile all the time (and a big box of t-shirts in the truck of his car)! Im so glad youre a part of this box and I hope you enjoyed your birthday! LYLAS!

    @ Paul - I hope you enjoyed your first birthday WOD...youve been anxiously awaiting this WOD since you started Cross Fitting in August...and of course you knew there had to be running and OHS involved. You diligently overcame your first donkey - the OHS - and now its no biggie. Maybe next year Gale will add a buy-out of some DUs...the next big donkey on your list. As in everything you do, Im sure you will keep chipping away at the DU obstacle and you will conquer that bugger, too. Without getting too mushy, Ill just say "I heart you!" and Im extremely proud of what youve accomplished at the gym....leaving it all on the mat at 4755 McEwen every M, Tu, Th and Fri! Your efforts have truly paid off!

    @ Tarah - funny comment! You have Paul there to keep you going when youre ready to throw your hands (or middle finger) up in the air when the going gets rough at the gym...and then he has to keep me going the other 23 hours per day when Im ready to do the same thing! Poor guy!

    @ Kevin & Eric O - happy belated birthday wishes to two great guys!

  • PaShunD 07/07/2011 14:54:18

    Happy Birthday Guys! Please dont take this the wrong way but I hate your birthday WOD!

  • PaulF 07/07/2011 14:53:00

    Thanks to everyone for the nice comments. It has been almost a year since I started CFS. And I can tell you that what I once thought was an impossible goal is now a reality. I came to CFS at 246 lbs and a 44" waist. Today we are at 200 and 38" waist. So now Im the "Disappearing/Shrinking Man??" Well, that is a nice compliment. The pounds that I shed are sitting somewhere on that black mat in the corner.

    Its everything really....our coaching staff, the amount of equipment we have at the box, Whole 30, and each other. Take any of this away, and it would be hard for me and probably most of us to achieve our goals. So Thank You CFS!

    @ 5:30am- thanks for always cheering the old man on. I may not finish first, but I will get it done. Always great support from the early birds. Oh, and thanks to Jackie and Tarah who even with s few hours sleep; still popped out of bed to be there at 5:30. What dedication!

    @ Jake- Happy Birthday to you too! I am always impressed and proud of the videos you put out that showcase what CFS is. Hope you get to do something fun ( besides the OHS) on your birthday.

    @ Andy- youve shrunk quite a bit yourself. I saw you kicking up some dust on your warm up run this morning. Nice work with endurance.

    @ Kyle/Becca/Gale/Ash/Marla- attitude reflects leadership and as leaders, all of you have made a difference in my health & fitness and what you have created in the culture of the Box.

    @ Cat- Im glad you never accepted any of my excuses on why I didnt think I could x-fit. Glad you are on my side!

  • TarahW 07/07/2011 14:43:03

    Happy Birthday Guys!!!
    @Paul thanks for being my WOD buddy and always making me push through when I really want to throw in the towel and say F it!! :)
    @Jake-I told you you would rock this WOD---- Jake=1 Overhead squat=nothing

  • CoachYocom 07/07/2011 14:34:32

    first and most important kyle...you are not going to pull a 12:43....you turned at 12:45. I looked at 12:44. and if you are going to count bent arm knees to elbows round 1, 3, 5, I will concede on this one...Really good try though...really good try. Next time you do GHDs try for the knee bend near 90, not 170 degrees (its called adjusting the ghd)...but you did have to run with a little more weight than me.

  • MalachiB 07/07/2011 14:30:47

    Happy Birthday, guys. The box wouldnt be the same without either of you.

    I was planning on not working out today because of work stuff, but I may just have to squeeze in a quick wod this evening -- it looks like a good one. Ill see what I can do . . .

  • KyleH 07/07/2011 14:23:40

    Jake - happy birthday dude. 28 is a great year if I remember right. Well, the part I remember was pretty good, which means the part I cant remember must have been even better.... Thanks for all you do for Strong, and Im rooting for you and CED to succeed, which I have no doubt you will!

    Paul, happy birthday! I know this may be kind of opposite to how things are supposed to work, but instead of me getting yo ua gift, how bout I give you the opportunity to teach me how to "chef it up"? Any time I hear youre contributing to a CFS event, Im sure to drop everything and go gratify my gustatory sensation... And not to sound like a broken record with what everyone else has said - your weight loss has been amazing, as well as your progress just within crossfit. I saw you doing OHS today and the first thing I thought was "Hold on, that looks like Paul, but it cant be, he cant OHS like that!" Youve been putting in serious work, and it shows! keep it up.

    Oh, and Gale, my apologies. Though if its any consolation, I think Malachi will get us both on this one... The Boyuls are a couple to be reckoned with.

  • CodyR 07/07/2011 14:10:52

    Andy - the clock is still running on the burpees.

  • PeterS 07/07/2011 13:43:22

    Happy Birthday fellas! Looks like I missed out on a fun WOD.

    6:30 A.M. class forever!

  • AndyL 07/07/2011 13:37:33

    Cody I think the clock was at about 51:xx when you finished not finishing the burpees you owe Gale.

  • GeoffM 07/07/2011 13:34:19

    Happy birthday, dudes.

  • CodyR 07/07/2011 13:12:22

    I remember my time ended in :55 but cant remember if the the first digits we 13, 14, or 15... help? anyone? Im leaning towards 15...

    Happy birthday Paul and Jake!

  • EricZ 07/07/2011 13:04:51

    @Marla - LMAO!

    @Linz - you should try the 6am... itll change your LifeAsRx... haha!

    @Kevin - Good work!............. BABE!

    man... Twitter has taken over our board... @ @ @ @... #hahafunnystufftostarttrends

  • JakeT 07/07/2011 12:35:32

    Big thank you to everyone in the CFS fam-uh-lee for the kind words. Its been a rough past couple of months and dont know how Id been able to keep pushing through things without all of you. So seriously, from the bottom of my heart, Im thankful and blessed for each one of you.

    @Marla - Thank you for mediating the PDA. @Linds - control yourself on the boards, hahahaha. And well be back to 630am on Friday, just a special change for today since Cody & EZ are in the early class. Charlie still hates me for asking him to workout a little earlier today.

    @Paul - happy birthday man! Its amazing to see the progress youve made since we met, such an outstanding story. I feel a Compete video in your near future!

    @Gale - thank you sir. Still was a battle and cant really move my arms this morning haha, but glad to keep working on that donkey so I look less and less like a @$$ doing OHSs. 115 snatch is pretty big, hopefully in 363 days itll be a much easier lift than it is now. And good gracious, 12:44???

    @Kyle/Malachi - the bar has been set pretty high. Think yall can top the 12:44 mark?? Think Kyle may want to break out his Flash undies...

  • marlam 07/07/2011 12:02:57

    @ Linz - I am all in favor of "box" relationships but we must keep the sweet talk off the boards :-)

  • RoosterW 07/07/2011 11:57:06

    Happy Birthday Fellas!

  • RyanC 07/07/2011 11:53:25

    @Lindz...Youre right about the break up...we need to talk...Things just werent working out...Its not yall, its us...We just need some space right now...haha

    I think it was just a good showing b/c Cody made a "special appearance"

  • LindsayM 07/07/2011 11:44:28

    Happy Birthday to two fabulous guys.....you both ROCK!!! Shout out to Kevin this morning....way to smoke this one babe! All of our morning crew is now broken up by the 6am class...sooooooo sad. Come back to 6:30!!!!!! We miss you already!!!!

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