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Mainsite WOD 7.02 07-05-2011

Exercise Details
1. Front Squat Men: 135 lbs. (61.29 kgs.), Women: 95 lbs. (43.13 kgs.), 12 reps
2. Burpee Pull Ups 12 reps
3 round(s) for Time
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3 rounds for time:
12 Front Squats (135/95)
12 Burpee Pull ups



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Rank Username Result Gym Completed Date
1 KyleH 00:05:50 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/05/2011
2 MalachiB 00:06:30 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/05/2011
3 EricZ 00:06:54 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/05/2011
4 JakeT 00:07:02 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/05/2011
5 CodyR 00:07:10 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/05/2011
6 ShelbyB 00:07:41 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/05/2011
7 MattL 00:07:54 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/05/2011
8 CharlieN 00:07:54 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/05/2011
9 NealS 00:07:58 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/06/2011
10 JamieK 00:08:45 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/05/2011
11 KurtH 00:09:11 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/05/2011
12 BrettM 00:09:46 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/05/2011
13 MikeB 00:11:26 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/05/2011
14 LeahM 00:12:49 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/05/2011
15 CoryH 00:17:10 mins. Crossfit Strong 07/05/2011


  • GaryA 07/05/2011 21:41:12

    I am still hungover from the 3rd of July...

  • JakeT 07/05/2011 18:50:11

    Thanks everyone. Incredibly blessed to have the CFS family part of my life!

  • MikeB 07/05/2011 17:19:25

    Happy Birthday Jake! I look forward to "Competing" during your Birthday WOD! I am sure it will be challenging!

  • JoshuaL 07/05/2011 15:41:15

    Happy Birthday Jake!

  • RyanC 07/05/2011 15:30:52

    @Levi...I also really like having some extra time after the wod to do skill work...we did hspu too...

  • LeviN 07/05/2011 15:09:19

    Happy birthday, Jake!

    Enjoyed the WoD today, and I liked having the opportunity for skills work after. Thanks (again) to Kyle for helping Amy, Cabrini and myself with HSPUs.

  • MattO 07/05/2011 14:47:15

    Happy Birthday Jake. Thanks for all you do for the Box, but Im hoping your bday WOD falls on a rest day!

  • RyanC 07/05/2011 13:35:04

    Happy Birthday Jake!!

  • TomW 07/05/2011 13:16:24

    LOL @ Marla the party animal! Sorry to hear about Austin Avenue.

    Happy Birthday Jake! Thanks for bringing such tremendous inspiration to the box "Every Day!"

  • CodyR 07/05/2011 12:33:25

    Happy birthday Jake!

  • cat 07/05/2011 11:11:52

    @ Kyle - I can tell you that Paul did not see or hear any sparklers this weekend. Marla kept us out too late on Saturday night and that was all she wrote for the Fishers for the rest of the weekend!

  • cat 07/05/2011 11:10:26

    Welcome back everyone! Good to see a busy morning at the gym!

    July 4 weekend = too much fun = hard workout today = possibly even harder running workout coming soon (we all know how Gale surprises us after a holiday weekend!)

    Segue: Crossfit Strong Endurance - Running Skills Workshop - Saturday July 9 @ 8:30 a.m. - check out the blog I just posted for additional details. Email run@crossfitstrong.com if you have any questions.

  • CoachAsH 07/05/2011 11:06:58

    Sarah - based on current classes & the survey - it did not warrant opening the class =/ We are constantly looking at opening new classes but there needs to be a descent amount of people to attend.

    email myself or gale if yall want another class & we will look at it!

  • SarahH 07/05/2011 10:57:51

    when do 8am WODs start? i thought it was supposed to be today?

  • SarahH 07/05/2011 10:57:51

    when do 8am WODs start? i thought it was supposed to be today?

  • LeahM 07/05/2011 10:37:42

    Happy birthday Jake!!

    Great job to everyone this morning! This one was harder than it looked! The weekend caught up with me for sure!!!

  • MylienN 07/05/2011 10:31:49

    Thanks everyone for the push!

    Kitty - Awesome job and pushing with 95lbs this morning!! It was a tough one but you finished!

    Happy Birthday Jake!! Looking forward to the fun birthday WODs this week!

  • EricZ 07/05/2011 10:22:26

    @6:30am - Great energy today! It definitely felt like everyone was eager to kick all the weekend toxins out! Proud of everyone!

    @JakeT - Happy Birthday Man! Thanks for all you do at CFS! Also, thank you for pushing the tar out of me today, if it wasnt for the footsteps I kept hearing from you throughout this wod i would have definitely taken longer...

  • PaulF 07/05/2011 10:13:41

    Kyle- Americas birthday usually involves a 4 day weekend complete with fireworks. The older I get, the celebrations take a lot longer to recover from...and maybe Ill see a sparkler or two.

  • KatherineM 07/05/2011 10:08:12

    95lbs is character building, thanks for all the encouragement this AM. Thanks to Gale for not letting me half-ass or quit. Mental strength is my donkey, so call me out if I pout or give up.

    Props to Mylien and Leah, you ladies worked hard to the finish!

  • JohnM 07/05/2011 10:03:06

    Great way to start the week! Fantastic to see everyone giving it their all in the 6:30AM class. I agree with JakeT, Milien and Kat showed real heart pushing strong all the way to the finish .. great work ladies !

  • LindsayM 07/05/2011 10:02:48

    @ Jake...............HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!!!

  • KyleH 07/05/2011 09:58:01

    Why no activity on the boards today? You guys still recovering from a rough weekend? Does anyone else feel like the older they get, the more likely they are to celebrate Americas Birthday with a lot more gusto than their own birthday each year?

  • JakeT 07/05/2011 09:55:09

    Helluva job by everyone this morning!

    @Mylien - way to keep fighting thru with a bloody, torn up hand.
    @Kitty - killer job pushing thru to the end!
    @EZ - well done bro. Thought Id catch you on the burpee/PUs but you cranked it up a notch on the last round. Nice bro!

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