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Run & Repeat 02-23-2011

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1. Run 800.00 meters (2624.8 feet)
5 round(s) for Time
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800m REPEATS - 5 rounds

**no more than 3min rest between each round**

**score is TOTAL time, not including rest



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Rank Username Result Gym Completed Date
1 JustinBell 00:13:11 mins. Crossfit Strong 02/23/2011
2 MalachiB 00:14:52 mins. Crossfit Strong 02/23/2011
3 JakeT 00:15:03 mins. Crossfit Strong 02/23/2011
4 BradP 00:15:42 mins. Crossfit Strong 02/23/2011
5 JamieK 00:16:05 mins. Crossfit Strong 02/23/2011
6 woop 00:16:11 mins. Crossfit Strong 02/23/2011
7 ShelbyB 00:16:33 mins. Crossfit Strong 02/23/2011
8 CharlieN 00:16:43 mins. Crossfit Strong 02/23/2011
9 KatherineM 00:17:11 mins. Crossfit Strong 02/23/2011
10 FrankBel 00:17:24 mins. Crossfit Strong 02/23/2011
11 AndyL 00:20:58 mins. Crossfit Strong 02/23/2011
12 TarahW 00:22:10 mins. Crossfit Strong 02/23/2011
13 MikeT 00:22:10 mins. Crossfit Strong 02/23/2011


  • MikeW 02/23/2011 20:33:33

    Allen, after now doing the WOD, I can truly have an appreciation for how good your time was.... Great Job.

  • JustinBell 02/23/2011 19:52:18

    Allen is the man. Smoking fast!

  • RyanC 02/23/2011 19:21:21

    @CoachAsH Thanks! So far so good...I will be faster next time

  • CoachYocom 02/23/2011 16:59:49

    TimW! Great work.

    hey guys, the vote is in your hands. These finalists have put it all out there and we are proud of them. Read their stories, see their pictures, and let us know which one you like.


  • CoachAsH 02/23/2011 16:39:39

    BIG shout outs to:

    JonC - way to push yourself - your intensity today was great!!
    RyanC - welcome. welcome. Your 1st week after S. Foundations has been no joke & you have not backed down!
    TimW - you give 110% every time..even with a smile on your face.. i love it!

    But more importantly, NO ONE has backed down from this WOD...and thats what its all about...even if you are coughing & complaining the rest of the day/night (**cough**gale**cough)

  • cat 02/23/2011 15:08:21

    @ Cracker - clean out your inbox...its full! Hope to see you soon!

  • AdrienneG 02/23/2011 14:41:26

    Thanks, Cat. I did my homework last night, too. Ill wait to post it.

  • cat 02/23/2011 14:10:38

    @ Adrienne (great question) & Endurance - we will have our own WOD to enter our times for this weeks homework assignment because our rest is 90 seconds between repeats (and for those of you who have been with Endurance in prior sessions and done this WOD before, you can compare your current times to prior times (so preferably you are running this on a track, 90 seconds rest, comparing apples to apples). But, if you are unable to make it to track to get this done and you perform it at the box, that is fine. You know how we feel - just get the work done and the results will follow!

  • KatherineM 02/23/2011 12:51:52

    @630AMers - all the encouragement this morning made me overwhelmingly joyful! Everyone pushed eachother and the results were amazing! Great job, Tim, you really pushed through!

    This was a great wod, I checked off that annoying 800m skill. cant wait to repeat :)

  • AdrienneG 02/23/2011 12:51:09

    Cat, should us Endurance people enter our 800m x 5 homework time here, or will there be a separate CF Endurance entry for it?

  • JakeT 02/23/2011 12:13:01

    @Mike - Appreciate it, but always deflating when Allen leaves the 5:30 class and all 5 of his runs were between 2:28 and 2:38. Ridiculous. The 3min rest time is definitely not enough

    @Justin - you were the 6:30 class hope to unseat Allen on this one.

    @Tim - way to fight through it this morning man, you rocked it.

    Loved everyone high-fiving or shouting encouragement back and forth as we all passed each other this morning.

    By the way, Im with Witte...I hate 800s....its a long overdue venom I have dating back to high school.

  • JohnM 02/23/2011 11:25:27

    Under the heading of "be careful of what you wish for" ...

    Patrick and I came early so I could do the Endurance workout at 6AM and I was going to wait on him for the 6:30 WOD. On the way in he was commenting about how he enjoyed Endurance when he was in it but he didnt feel like much of a runner and didnt like long running WODs. We drove up seeing some athletes coming back from an 800 so we knew there was going to be at least one in the WOD ... you should have heard my laugh when I saw his face after he realized the WOD was all 800s.

    To his credit according the Ashley he did well and even started early on his own accord. On the way home he was commenting about how even his timing was for each run so maybe he is more of a runner than he lets on ...

    Anyway an amusing proud parent moment I wanted to share w/ everyone.

    Oh, and Ramsey ... this one should be easier since Cat/Marla was only allowing 90sec rest between runs, not up to 3 minutes!

  • cat 02/23/2011 11:23:28

    Manchild - awesome game face in this pic!

    Rams - kudos for doing your Endurance homework on Tuesday....extra 2 minutes off your time for your efforts! You can go row the 5 x 800 today.....did mine this morning and it was even worse than actually running 5 x 800.

    I agree with Charlie - I would like to see an Allen vs. Justin rundown! Great matchup! And, for a fun wildcard, Id throw Gale in there, too. While being very vocal about his hate for running, he has some short-distance game!

    Julie & Jackie - good to see you this morning!

    I think the regular Crossfitters are the ones who got punked today....you should have seen the faces of everyone in the gym when Ash posted the WOD. Priceless! Nothing makes me happier than seeing everyone run! Programming this week has been 4 stars for me...and its only Wednesday!

  • MikeW 02/23/2011 11:12:05

    2:35 / 800m Allen... Thats awesome.

    I guess we took a different approach yesterday. I ONLY did 1200 #s to save my legs for today...

  • allenwhite 02/23/2011 11:06:58

    @Charlie, pretty sure anyone that does a weekly 8 mile, 10% incline run as a "test" can take me.

    @Mike, I would have done 1200 lbs yesterday, but i wanted to save my legs a little for today.

    Good job 5:30 and welcome back Julie/Jackie.

  • JulieM 02/23/2011 11:04:21

    This was a very tough wod for me to come back to, but its good to be back!!

  • GaryA 02/23/2011 10:58:18

    I love the 800 metter run!! To bad I was too sore from Mondays birthday WOD to make it today.

  • MikeW 02/23/2011 10:35:34

    Jake, All 5 800s at 3 minute pace.... Wow, good stuff.

  • MikeW 02/23/2011 10:27:29

    Ya, I dont see Allen or Justin on the board yet. A little piece of me was hoping they overslept this morning....

  • ChrisJ 02/23/2011 10:12:07

    And just this AM I was thinking a running WOD today would be both good and bad.

    After the DLs yesterday Ill be hobbling through this one.

  • CharlieN 02/23/2011 10:00:35

    I wanted to see Justin Bell do this WOD and see if he could take on the king of running.....Allen White. Allen totally light this WOD up!!!

  • AmyL 02/23/2011 09:56:09

    Oh awesome! I hope I can make it for this WOD at 5:30.

  • BeccaR 02/23/2011 09:51:37

    YES!!! my favorite pic EVER!!!

    This was a hard one.....my legs felt like lead! but good....I need someone else to make me run! Thanks for running an extra 800 with me, Marla!! :)

  • JackieO 02/23/2011 09:48:00

    So HAPPY to be back! :)

  • RamseyS 02/23/2011 09:19:15

    Way to punk the endurance folks who were assigned this wod for homework this week! Ahem, some of us did this last night!

  • TarahW 02/23/2011 09:16:33

    I totally agree with Andy..... Tough WOD but much needed...

    Great WOD for Jackie and Julie to come back too!!!

  • AndyL 02/23/2011 08:58:23

    Witte you can do Fran between the 800s.

    Today was tough, but needed.

  • MikeW 02/23/2011 08:51:34

    800 meter runs.... Dammit!!!!

    Can I please do a weighted fran followed by a cindy and karen.... Anything but 800s!!!!

  • CoachAsH 02/23/2011 08:40:54

    If you have borrowed any of our Quad Rollers that are usually kept in the box, please return - many have gone missing & we want to make sure we can keep equipment like that out there for everyone to use.....

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