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L is for Liger 01-11-2011

Exercise Details
1. DB Bear Crawl 36.59 meters (120.1 feet) Men: 70 lbs. (31.78 kgs.), Women: 40 lbs. (18.16 kgs.), 1 rep
2. fed Legged DeadLift Men: 70 lbs. (31.78 kgs.), Women: 40 lbs. (18.16 kgs.), 20 reps
3. DB Carry 36.59 meters (120.1 feet) Men: 70 lbs. (31.78 kgs.), Women: 40 lbs. (18.16 kgs.), 1 rep
4. GHD Situps 10 reps
5. L-PullUps 36.59 meters (120.1 feet) 5 reps
5 round(s) for Time
Ratings Ratings



DB Bear Crawl 20 yds (35/20)
10 Stiffed Legged DeadLift (35/20)
DB Bear Crawl 20 yds (35/20)
10 Stiffed Legged DeadLift (35/20)
DB Carry 40 yds (35/20)
10 GHD
5 L-Pullups
(adv-45/35 & 15 GHD)



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Rank Username Result Gym Completed Date
1 JakeT 00:16:51 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/11/2011
2 BrettM 00:17:07 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/11/2011
3 woop 00:17:18 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/11/2011
4 MattL 00:18:00 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/11/2011
5 LeahM 00:18:03 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/11/2011
6 JustinBell 00:19:22 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/11/2011
7 TomW 00:21:58 mins. Crossfit Strong 01/11/2011


  • AdrienneG 01/11/2011 17:33:06

    Cracker, haha! A lot of my friends in college were geophysics majors and meteorology majors. Pretty happening crowd right there. There were girls other than me and plenty of alcohol at these parties, but I do recall the discussions were nerdy (and enjoyable) much of the time.

  • PaShunD 01/11/2011 16:39:46

    I swear there is something seriously wrong with you Gale lol

  • CoachYocom 01/11/2011 16:21:27

    now we are talking .. bears and undies....great name...now we have to do bear crawls tomorrow so we can use it....dang it.

  • PaShunD 01/11/2011 15:37:51

    Theres another good WOD name Cat Dead Ringer!

  • cat 01/11/2011 15:34:59

    Horseshoes and Handgrenades - the grenades ARE the items being tossed at the pin. Can you say "dead ringer?"

  • PaShunD 01/11/2011 14:53:14

    Amy you should do it next time, I double dog dare ya! lol

  • CodyR 01/11/2011 14:33:49

    Charlie- havent seen any of the new season. Hopefully Ill catch the reruns this weekend in between episodes of teen mom. Fingers crossed!!

  • AmyL 01/11/2011 13:44:32

    This is the last time I wear sweat pants when bear crawls are in the line up. I had a desire mid-WOD to take my pants off, and had a LOL moment as I thought of how ridiculous I would have looked doing bear crawls in my undies.

  • jgrantham 01/11/2011 13:43:04

    My roomies in college were a physics major, a physics EE major, and and a CS dood. I think I may have missed out somehow reading this thread... Although our world of warcraft/LAN parties were pretty off the chain, and probably cost me a -1.0 of my GPA.

  • KyleH 01/11/2011 13:19:49

    Tri delts? Are yall smoking crack? Everyone knows the Omega Moos throw the best parties!

    How bout a ROTN themed party?

  • TarahW 01/11/2011 12:54:48

    Yes the bear crawls put a damper on peeps moods.... :) not really!! I love them. they are my favorite!

  • AndyL 01/11/2011 11:49:19

    Ah, good ol Tri Delt parties, who can forget the legendary Kneehighs and Nativities mixer...

  • CharlieN 01/11/2011 11:40:55

    Here you go Cody...Heres a head start.......And I felt really old and dirty looking this up.


  • MikeW 01/11/2011 11:10:09

    Cody, obviously the next Tri-Delt party I will be attending is called "Peace Love & Tri Delt", it is the annual 70s themed blowout that occurs every spring...

    "Horseshoes and Hand Grenades"? What are we supposed to dress up as? What kind of music will they be playing? Did you think about any of these theme-party basics? How do you even make a T-Shirt for this event? All I ask is that you please do some basic research on the Texas A&M sorority social schedule before making these obsurd comments...

  • CharlieN 01/11/2011 11:08:08

    Cat....I am only happy when I see the awesome CFE crew before we start and after the entire painful ordeal is over.....I mean awesome endurance wod is over. ;)

    Cody....Have you been watching Jersey Shore???

  • CodyR 01/11/2011 10:48:43

    Horseshoes and Hand Grenades sounds like the theme for Wittes next mixer with the Tri Delts

  • JuliaJ 01/11/2011 10:22:51

    OOOHHHH nevermind...i see the 5 ROUNDS FOR TIME now. oops! :)

  • cat 01/11/2011 10:13:05

    Charlie....I dont think Ive ever seen you that happy at one of our Endurance runs, either! : )

  • CharlieN 01/11/2011 10:09:32

    Kim....I could never that happy when I do OHS. Great WOD today!!

  • PaulF 01/11/2011 10:08:18

    I was thinking about your comment yesterday Gale, about how you run out of ideas to name the WODS. Maybe Ill start a little list for you. Heres one you can file away to use when you get stuck....Horseshoes & Hand Grenades.

  • cat 01/11/2011 10:06:29

    Seriously - why is Kim so happy to be doing an OHS? She brings that same smile to the Endurance runs, too! Love it, Kim! Keep up the positive energy!

  • PaShunD 01/11/2011 09:44:24

    Back off me Gale lol! That only happened one time! lol I love that movie! I think ill just send you a list of title and you can just choose one when your stuck.

  • JuliaJ 01/11/2011 09:35:55

    how many rounds of this bad boy?

  • CoachYocom 01/11/2011 09:27:14

    p- I almost thought you said explanation on the wod...I was about to unleash! hahahah... remember liger from napolean dynamite? It was 4 am and that is all I had..

  • PaShunD 01/11/2011 09:16:21

    Im waiting for the explanation for todays WOD title.

  • MylienN 01/11/2011 09:15:55

    Kim smiling on OHS makes it look so fun

    Great job 6:30AMers!!

  • CoachYocom 01/11/2011 09:11:55

    boards are quiet today...everyone a little cold? Mad? what? they were only bear crawls geez!

  • CoachAsH 01/11/2011 08:02:27

    shout out to ALL 5:30AMs.....it was such a big class today - it keeps growing!!! Props to you guys for getting up early to begin with, let alone when it is 20 degrees outside!!! VERY IMPRESSIVE!!

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