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The 2 Hr Chicken 01-10-2011

Exercise Details
1. Front Squat Men: 95 lbs. (43.13 kgs.), Women: 65 lbs. (29.51 kgs.), for 00:18:00 min
2. Push Ups for 00:18:00 min
3. Run 146.34 meters (480.1 feet) 2 reps for 00:18:00 min
1 round(s) for Reps
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For: 18Mins
Front Squat (95/65)
Shuttle Run
PushUps (2:1)
Shuttle Run
Adv: (135/95)



Top 15 Rankings View all

Rank Username Result Gym Completed Date
1 CodyR 135.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/10/2011
2 MalachiB 134.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/10/2011
3 JakeT 130.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/10/2011
4 BrettM 130.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/10/2011
5 JustinBell 128.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/10/2011
6 CharlieN 116.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/10/2011
7 KatherineM 115.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/10/2011
8 MikeB 110.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/10/2011
9 CameronR 100.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/10/2011
10 cat 99.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/10/2011
11 MichelleM 94.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/10/2011
12 GenaroJ 91.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/10/2011
13 AndyL 82.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/10/2011
14 MikeT 81.00 reps. Crossfit Strong 01/10/2011


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  • KyleH 01/10/2011 19:58:24

    Also, I saw the 2:1 conversion for pushups, but what was the conversion for "mikes saturday night pushups"? 4:1, 5:1? And did mike and malachi use it? Otherwise their scores may be a little misleading. From what gale has taught, the "Ground Pound" isnt a full pushup...

  • KyleH 01/10/2011 19:51:18

    Soak up your sunshine while you can mike...

  • CodyR 01/10/2011 19:15:35

    I think it is only fair that we give Shelby a chance to redeem herself... with that being said, Shelby will be preparing a delightful chicken dinner for all of us tomorrow morning at 6:30am. Dont worry about breakfast... Shelby will take care of everything.

  • LeviN 01/10/2011 18:46:48

  • KatherineM 01/10/2011 17:41:32

    Witte, yeah? Why didnt you do 170? No matter where you rank, theres always room for improvement.

  • AndyL 01/10/2011 17:08:38

    I thought Mike was so young he was still doing the CF Kids wods?

    Last Place

  • MattO 01/10/2011 17:04:01

    Pros of being lamely injured: avoiding the "Marla beat down WOD" and any WODs named after spices, Cons: not paying attention to the message boards. @Mike: You said "weekend" but what did you drink/eat the other nights? Sounds like old age creeping up on you....

  • StephanieS 01/10/2011 16:44:17

    Not sure how you guys thought this WOD was fun! Maybe my joints are just old and need a little more warming up.

  • PaShunD 01/10/2011 16:10:46

    Hey Mike brag much?

  • MikeW 01/10/2011 15:53:42

    Good point Katherine. Im going to shut up now and work on getting a better ranking on todays WOD.... oh wait....

  • PaShunD 01/10/2011 15:53:07

    Shelby, I would like to recommand the Nuwave Oven for you, I think it will save you from Gales teasing.

  • KatherineM 01/10/2011 15:18:54

    Wow this escalated quickly... maybs if you guys put in as much effort WODing as you do hazing Shelbs, you wouldnt be losing your ranks. Since were all being honest here...

  • EverettF 01/10/2011 15:01:35

    sounds like a pretty good lawyer. Just for the other side.

  • SharlaG 01/10/2011 15:00:39

    Poor Shelby!! You get props for attempting to make anything "Whole 30" taste good!!! :-) Now you know thats nothings rarely a secret around CFS! At least Ashley has your back!

  • CoachAsH 01/10/2011 14:06:13

    that is SO WRONG Malachi. so wrong!!!!

  • MalachiB 01/10/2011 13:56:27

    In Shelbys defense, it did take a long time to cook and it wasnt very good -- never said I was a good lawyer.

  • MikeW 01/10/2011 13:42:15

    Malachi, Are you really going to let your poor wife take all this? Arnt you a lawyer? Can we at least get an attempt at a defense...

  • CoachAsH 01/10/2011 13:18:13

    i apologize for my husband being an idiot. But, like i tell his son.....dont laugh...thats encouragement, and we dont want to encourage this type of behavior.

  • TomW 01/10/2011 12:44:03

    GY on fire on this very cold day and Manchild piling on! Just awesome!

  • PaShunD 01/10/2011 12:37:56

    OMG Shelby! ROTFRMAO!! The visual on that dinner was even better than the turkey scene in Chrimas Vacation!

  • CoachYocom 01/10/2011 12:14:45

    It has great potential...but you know how I sometimes stretch the truth a bit..ok a lot!...so lets not beat a dead horse...we already had the chicken and it was close...

  • manthony 01/10/2011 11:59:54

    Tom, I think you mean popcorn chicken.....

  • TomW 01/10/2011 11:47:37

    Where is my popcorn.....this thread has potential.....

  • JohnM 01/10/2011 11:29:08

    Shelby, you give me a call and I will give you the low down on the ol GF grill. The Meek house uses ours so often we all but keep it out on the countertop!

  • CoachYocom 01/10/2011 11:24:00

    couple of things guys...

    1. what was a private inside funny...just turned really public....for everyone reading it is in good fun on both sides...and we only got bumped from the VIP list for 1.5 years. So that is doable...hard but doable.

    2. Hey guys we may have to cancel the rest of classes today due to food poisoning...ok not really...but I have a bad feeling about this one is coming back to haunt me!

    Someone please understand that naming these gems is no walk in the park...

  • CodyR 01/10/2011 11:06:54

    ... and entertaining.

  • MalachiB 01/10/2011 10:52:20

    Well, this is awkward . . .

  • ShelbyB 01/10/2011 10:42:09

    Oh My Gosh!!!! Gale, as if I wasnt already embarrassed enough that you and Ashley now know what a terrible cook I am, you have to go and broadcast it to the entire box!! A little background for everyone, we very nicely invited the Yocums over for dinner Saturday night and I TRIED to cook a nice, healthy meal for us all consisting of sweet potato fries, broccoli, cauliflower, avocado, and chicken. very "whole 30". and the chicken wasnt just out of the bag, frozen chicken from target like we usually have, no it was $15 worth of free range, antibiotic free, whole foods, whatever chicken. anyway, i tried to cook it on a new george foreman grill that we havent used yet and it would not ever heat up! so while everything else was ready to eat the chicken was still raw. it went from the grill, to a pan in the oven, to a pan on the stove and as the WOD states, two hours later we finally ate. To top it all off, it wasnt even good! it was dry and kind of tough and dont think I didnt notice you go back for more salsa Gale to douse all over your chicken so you wouldnt have to taste it. Oh I noticed for sure! I was so embarrassed and was hoping to just not make eye contact with you or Ashley today and then you have to go and name the stinkin WOD after my disaster!!!! I may just have to stay home all week now:)

  • PaulF 01/10/2011 10:08:20

    2 hrs on the chicken depends on the chicken.

  • CoachYocom 01/10/2011 09:42:50

    cant really say why it take 2 hrs to cook a chicken...but the wod is great minus the pushup and front squats...if only boneless wings and whatburger trips could be done for time!

    mike, is this buffet weekend all over again?

    Cody great work this morning.

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