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Goodbye and Thank you CFS

I have two weeks left at Strong as I am moving up to the Pacific NW with my wife and kids September 21st.  My wife Amy Lee introduced me to CF over 2 1/2 years ago.  I remember thinking this was a fitness cult and something that I would not ever be able to do.  Well the fitness cult part proved true and its something that I still subscribe to. I am really going to miss MY box. I have been to other boxes but this box is where I have always felt at home. 

Thank you Gale and Ashley.  I really appreciate everything you have done for me and all the help and encouragement I have received over the years. You both made me feel right at home from the start and I am really going to miss yall.

Thank you Becca for being an awesome coach. I will miss your smile and how you run a class.  I got most of my PRs when you were around.  Thank you!

I will for sure miss my noon class. Joe, Matt, Adam, Aaron, Clint, Jason, Brad, Kyle, Shelby, Saul, Kelly Link, Kellie Smith, Jeremy D and Pashun (yall went to the late shift).

Best of luck with COMPETE Jake. Keep up the world travels and blog Andy. Good luck in politics Malachi.  Take care Paul and Cat. I have met a very interesting group of people at Strong. We have some pretty cool cats here. I will miss my box. 

Leave the light on for me Gale. 

Take care everyone!

Crossfit Strong

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  • JoshuaL 09/20/2013 13:39:59

    Great last wod!  Take care everyone and God bless!
  • JoshuaL 09/19/2013 15:40:29

    All love to the Cabrini!

  • CabriniS 09/19/2013 11:40:22

    Hmmmmm...Why is my name not on your noon list?

    Josh, you and your family will be missed. 

    Best wishes!
  • MarkG 09/16/2013 20:28:25

    Best wishes for you and the family, Josh! You'll both be missed
  • sarahf 09/15/2013 22:24:06

    All the best!! You'll be missed.
  • SaulMeyer 09/13/2013 20:03:41

    Good luck in the new city!  I'm sure you'll find the right box up there!  We'll miss you at noon. 
  • TomW 09/12/2013 12:03:28

    You guys will definitely be missed! 
  • ClintD 09/11/2013 10:25:50

    Josh, I was so bummed when you told me you were moving. It was great having you in so many classes with me. I always figured if i could just stay within some range of what you did in each WOD, I was doing well. Ofcourse, that didn't always happen. I gave up trying to keep up with Amy a long time ago. Best of luck to both of you. Warmest regards, Clint
  • KellyL 09/10/2013 21:30:04

    We will miss you too, Amy & Josh! Best wishes in the beautiful NW :)
    Thanks, Josh, for pushing me to run hard through all those darn running WODs!
  • KyleH 09/09/2013 11:32:55

    You and Amy will be missed Josh.  I agree with Paul, your Halloween costumes will be tough to ever beat!  
  • PaulF 09/09/2013 08:37:22

    Josh, I hate to see you and Amy go; but that is just part of life. I think the most memorable time I had with you was during a partner wod a couple of years ago over the xmas holidays. I remember between our ailments ( your plantars & my knee) we managed to finish....we may have even beat Tanya on pullups....maybe. It was always good to have another old timer try to beat, or just keep up with the young guns. You guys always supported Strong with your attendance at every event and some creative...( maybe questionable) Halloween costumes. (last years male adult entertainment star! ) We are excited for you and your family's new adventure; and look forward to the next time you visit.
  • AndyL 09/09/2013 08:18:26

    We will miss you guys!


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