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It is all Worth it!

I really enjoy hearing about people getting a PR on their Snatch or Jerk or 1st Muscle Up.  I know how they feel as those little accomplishments keep you coming back for more!  BUT there is something more than thoses PRs and it was one of the pillars that Strong is built.  It is the fact that you are living a healthy lifelstyle and all health indicators point to it. In CrossFit we talk about a sickness / wellness / fitness graph. The idea that at any point in your life we can measure anything about you (Blood pressure, Max DeadLift, cholesterol, lean body mass) and you will be plotted somewhere on this graph with fitness being the ideal place.  We are all working to get these indicators to fitness. (

When I hear about one of our athletes going from a sickness level to a fitness level, it gives me the energy and motivation to continue what we are doing.  

Take a look at this email, the coaches received this week:



Last Tuesday I got my blood work done. Today I visited my cardiologist to follow up with my heart and stuff...

My cholesterol is 160 mg/dL!!!. It had never been less than 200. Nine months ago it was 240.  

I started to do crossfit with my husband (as you know) and we both have been listening to you and your coaching team with recommendations of what to do. INCLUDING NUTRITION. AND, IT IS WORKING!!!!!

My blood pressure is 120/60. Are you kidding me?????

This is extremely motivating and exciting. I could not stop jumping of happiness.

My cardiologist, Dr. Bruce Bowers (a crossfit person as well, and I didnt know) took my cholesterol medicine away and lower my blood pressure medicine to 10mg. Well recheck on progress or maintenance in 6 months.

I am more than ever loyal to this change in life style.

Looking forward continuing at crossfit and better nutrition. All worth it.


Do you have a similar story?  Post it here and possibly give someone else the encouragement or hope that their goals are reachable. If you are still having trouble reaching a goal talk to me!

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  • CoachAsH 07/08/2013 18:17:52

    this is a GREAT story!!! what a true testament on how important a LIFESTYLE change can be & not just a "diet"  
  • KatherineM 07/08/2013 10:28:51

    That's awesome Ryan!
  • RyanS 07/02/2013 13:54:43

    I started Crossfit on October 1, 2011 as a "last resort" before my doctor started me on meds for Type 2 diabetes. This was on the heels of years "wasted" doing six days a week of cardio related exercise (swimming, biking, running, etc.) and many frustrating conversations with my doctor, who claimed that I wasn't doing enough exercise.

    After surviving four months of what felt like pure torture at the time, I went back to the doctor and much to his shock, all my indicators were in great shape and the decision was made to shelve the diabetes meds.

    I used to tell others that "Crossfit saved my life" and that may be true but I think the more appropriate phrase is "Crossfit changed my life". I for one am truly grateful to Gale and Ash especially, for all they do to make Strong such a special place. It truly does change lives!


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