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13.5. Long story short, I got ONE rep.  Hey dont take that away from me, thats one more than I could do a week ago!
So I partner with my friend David again.  The timer starts, and since weve pretty much been at the box the same amount of time, this kid knows Ive struggled with the 45 lb bar. YET alone any additional weight. So as the timer starts, I looked at that bar, and the two tens on it and kinda shook my head.  Shook it no...... Shook it like hellllllll NO…
THEN, I PICKED IT UP!!! Seriously, I like a lil kid literally screamed (ok ok squealed) "I PICKED IT UP!" I seriously hadnt even done a thruster with it yet, I tried.  Couldnt do it the first time but I was PUMPED that I picked it up. ( we have cats, the most I lift is a 15 pound bulk bag of cat food....) so TRUST me I was HAPPY! Pretty sure I got some funny stares but I was HAPPY! 

But the 2nd or 3rd attempt I ACTUALLY DID IT. My ONE rep.. It was awesome! David was like yea! And I was still so happy I picked it up! :-) I was kinda doing a happy dance, but I was saving myself for the rest of the WOD… lol 

So Friday night at the final opens rounds,  someone asked, "did you do this WOD?" And I was like "yea, I got ONE." " But no one can take that ONE away, and next year, I CAN ONLY GET BETTER. " "Cause honey next year if Im still at one rep, Ive got a problem. "  So yea, Im pretty happy!!

Had an amazing week this week, I have felt sooooo much better, I cant remember the last time I felt this good.  Weird how meds can help you out sometimes… Been crazy and even logged a few runs this past week..

Now that the opens are over, Im not sure what crazy milestone ill blab about.  Still enjoying my time here at Strong, and I LOVE that Im constantly meeting new people, and Im not shy in hanging out outside the box!!!! Praise God!!!
Until the next blog/rant/rave...


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