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Paleo / Zone Challenge

CrossFit Strong Paleo/Zone Challenge

Challenge dates:
            &nb sp;   Prep-Week 1 – July 13th - 18th
            &nb sp;   Prep-Week 2 -- July 19th – 25th
It Starts: July 26th through August 29th 
Eat from the following types of foods: Meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, little starch, nuts, seeds, fruits, & healthy oils.  A full list is listed at the bottom with a link to download.
Each team will consist of a 5 member team with a rotating captain each week in charge of tracking team member’s points.
Points will accrue for the following:
*Each Day of Eating Strict
*CrossFit 4 days per week
*Sleeping 8 hours per Night
*% Fat Loss – measured at the beginning and end of the competition. No points during
*% Muscle Gain -- measured at the beginning and end of the competition. No points during
All point totals must be emailed to your team captain by Friday night.  You will rotate your team Capitan each week. The winning team for the week will be posted Saturday and will get a Cheat day on Sunday. The losing team gets 1
cheat meal. The maximum number of workout points for a week is  XXX. If you intend to workout Saturday to get your 4th workout in  go ahead and put it on your
score sheet but you better be there!
If you travel out of town email me for bodyweight workouts which you can do and still receive credit for your
Da Prize
TEAM WINNER WITH THE MOST POINTS (Each member will get 30.00 American Express Cheques)
MOST STUNNING PHYSICAL TRANSFORMATION (Under 30) – 75.00 American Express Cheque
MOST STUNNING PHYSICAL TRANSFORMATION (Over 30) – 75.00 American Express Cheque
MOST OUTSTANDING IMPROVEMENT IN OVERALL STRENGTH AND PERFORMANCE.  – 75.00 American Express Cheque (Ben and Gale Express (TBD)  will be our benchmark and will be completed before July 26th, 2009.)
You must be photographed before July 26th and measured. Be prepared to strip down:) You will be photographed for your BEFORE pictures. Please wear a SPORTS BRA / BATHING SUIT (women) / NO SHIRT (men) and SHORTS / BATHING SUIT. No one will see your photos. Unless you are the big WINNER - and then you will probably want your photos published! You will be photographed in private.
As if total body transformation into absolute awesomeness isnt enough, there will be prizes. Yet to be determined - but they will be good!
Pre-Challenge Week  1
Go Paleo: Eliminate all refined foods from your diet. Base your diet on garden vegetables, especially greens, lean meats, nuts and seeds, little starch, and no sugar. Skip bread, rice, potatoes and other carb-heavy foods. Dont eat anything that originated in a factory. If a cave man wouldnt have had access to it, dont eat it.
Pre-Challenge Week 2
Dialed-In Paleo: Calculate your Zone prescription, and try to get your Paleo diet to conform to Zone proportions as much as possible. Strict weighing and measuring isnt necessary -- just become more aware of portion sizes and the approximate number carb/protein/fat blocks youre consuming. NO DAIRY.
Challenge Month
Paleo+Zone: Go 100% Paleo using correct Zone proportions. Calculate your Zone prescription and weigh and measure everything to make sure youre in the Zone for the entire challenge. This is by far the most difficult diet program to implement. Even the most zealous dieter will find it challenging to stick with this -- so make sure youre serious before you commit!
About Booze
All of these programs completely eliminate alcohol. We understand that this might not be practical or desirable for all of you. If you want to drink, we recommend deciding on a certain number of allowed drinks per week, and writing that down in your comment when you join the challenge and let your coach know. YOU WILL LOSE .25 point for every Drink you decide to have.

Top 5 best drinks:
1. Rum and Diet Coke (1 oz. rum) - 65 calories (1.5)
Tip: Use diet sodas as mixers, such as gin and diet tonic, diet 7Up and Seagrams 7, diet ginger ale and Jack Daniels, and so on.
2. Vodka and Soda (1 oz. vodka) - 65 calories (1.5)
Tip: Try this with flavored vodka, such as raspberry, vanilla, or mandarin.
3. White Wine Spritzer (4 oz. white wine topped with club soda) - 80 calories (2)
4. Bloody Mary (1 oz. vodka, 4 oz. tomato juice, dash of Tabasco and pepper) - 90 calories (2)
5. Light Beer - 100 calories (2)
Dont forget to ask for diet sodas or seltzers for your mixers. An average mixed drink contains at least 300 calories for 8 ozs
About Cooking:
When you make Stone Age recipes with modern foods, remember you want to insure that all of the ingredients are free of (1) grains, (2) legumes including peanuts, beans, peas, soybeans, tofu, soy milk and flour, (3) dairy products, (4) salt, (5) yeast including baked goods, pickled foods, vinegar, fermented foods and fermented beverages (all contain yeast), (6) processed sugars, (7) excessive added fats except for permitted oils. You should try to choose the leanest cuts of domestic meats and trim away any visible fat. Remember, the mainstays of The Paleo Diet are fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and seafood.

All information can be found here:

I will be uploading grocery lists, block calculators, lean body mass calcs. I just wanted to make sure that everyone started on pre-challenge goals. They are not required but will help!  Send me an email about your teams and/or if you want to be put on a team.  You will be amazed at what happens to your body on this diet. Use the comment sections to post questions. I will create a forum for us all to post receipes and suggestions.

Paleo Diet CrossFit Zone Challenge

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  • CoachYocom 07/20/2009 20:31:34

    Tony thanks for the repost! Let me warn you though. There is a difference between the three diets. 1. Zone. 2. Paleo 3. CrossFit Zone/Nutrition.

    so on that note, make sure you guys refer to the spreadsheet from the paleo challenge page. I will be posting more information about this tomorrow. But as Tony says, after this challenge...your bible is one click away.

  • tonyh 07/20/2009 17:01:54

    Gale posted this Crossfit article (link below) a while back but it's so good it's worth a repost. This will be my bible for zone portions. It's a must read for anyone doing the challenge. But remember that ;;some ;;of the stuff isn't breads,pasta,dairy.



  • sabrinarr 07/20/2009 15:37:35

    I am looking forward to this challenge. I have done strict clean eating diets in the past and it makes such a huge difference in your look and how you feel. But I think it was too strict- after 9 mths, I was over it. ;;Im eager to start this new challenge with a team and then continue from there.

    But I must admit- Im gonna miss my Whole Foods cinnamon scone! Wooo!  ;; ;;Though didn't like what it did to ;;my mid-section- so its an easy good-bye. Not so sure on the whey protein- just started back on this and was in major need. Not a big meat eater, so between that and not being able to eat beans. I have a problem...


  • tonyh 07/20/2009 09:17:15

    I stopped by Newflower Farmers Market (Henderson close to Greenville) ;;after the WOD on Sat. They had great produce and nuts at what seemed like half the price of anywhere else. Not so much on the meats. Website

  • hemi 07/17/2009 09:47:57

    I found this recipe and i'm going to try it tonight!! ;; you guys let me knwo if anyone has luck w/ it!

    I'm going to Chicago for Lollapalooza and this will be the first music festival i wont be drinking ;; maybe THIS time i wont end up dehydrated and bloated for ;;2 weeks to follow....maybe. ;; Is bratwurst paleo?!?!?!? ;;

    If anyone has any tips on how i'm going to get through it let me know....I'll be at Grant Park from 11 am till about midnight and will be at the mercy of the food vendors. ;; I'm def bringing jerky and home made trail mix....

    Also way excited about this trip, i'll get to work out at a couple diff boxes while i'm up there. ;; I'll make sure i take some pics!

  • DavidE 07/16/2009 14:10:13

    I'm in...I've been following the Zone (non-paleo) for about two weeks and cutting the dairy (cheese, whey protein, etc.) will suck. Guess I need to go buy egg protein (oh wait...thats from a factory/refined...gosh). So, no supplements? Just real food? That's wierd in my modern american athlete mentality!

  • CoachYocom 07/16/2009 07:58:01

    Soon as I get the final list or if you want to be on a special team, just send me an email. I want to make sure that experienced and inexperienced people are put together. ;; And keep the teams somewhat fair. ;; All Teams will be Announced on 7/22/09 ;; Add this to your favorites. ;; all Information will posted here.

  • AndrewG 07/15/2009 13:49:41

    Count me in for this ;;challenge...I just started CrossFit Strong and this will be my first challenge! I could stand to lose a few lbs.

  • marlam 07/15/2009 13:00:52

    By the way..I am loving these pre-week challenges...Eat all the bad stuff, so I don't waste it. My jelly beans and gummy bears were good last untill I had a stomach ache.

    I am going to thoroughly enjoy Vegas this weekend but when I return the challenge is on. Can't wait to find out who is on which team!!!

  • phoffman 07/15/2009 11:42:03

    The salad dressing was my bad. ;; I put that on there as a zone-ish sub, because sometimes, you get in a crunch and need to eat SOMETHING and it's ;; a "least bad" option. ;;

    But follow what coach Y says and I'll keep my trap shut for as long as is possible. ;;


  • CoachYocom 07/15/2009 11:20:21

    That is why I through out the comment, strict paleo. I promise I will post what can and can't be eaten. and some good guideance. Remember as well, we are doing a little bit of a hybrid (Call it CrossFit Style) of Zone and Paleo. Just looking at the foods that Zone allows is slightly different than Paleoic.

    so I will have a pretty little spreadsheet, general rules to follow etc. ;; So no one stress...just follow the pre week challenges and start getting that crap out of the fridge.

  • choqlat 07/15/2009 11:12:30

    I hate being the idiot - but team, help me out (I'm new at this)... Throughout the blog postings I've seen people talk about using ingredients I thought was anti-paleo, such as Vinegar and Salt. I'm mostly referring to 1)fast food options, which are heavy, heavy, heavy in sodium and 2) salad dressing, balsamic ;;vinegarette's. ;;

    If the two aforementioned ingredients are no true ;;violation to paleo - ;;my life ;;(over the next month) just got ;;easier. ;;I'm stressting on ;;this challenge (can you tell)... I usually ;;eat whatever I want and just work it out in the gym, though I do ;;appreciate eating healthy most of the time. ;;

    Thanks Team!

  • tonyh 07/15/2009 10:45:04

    Are teams assigned or do we choose?

  • CoachYocom 07/15/2009 10:22:07

    I will be posting on the p:// ;; page, shopping, cooking, and eating tips. ;; Thank for the input phoff...

    We are going strict paleoic/zone for this time. After you are done with this you will be able to start making adjustments to your diet to help. ;; One good idea is good a big meal and then bring left overs to work. ;; Don't forget, the winning team gets a cheat day if they want it and losing team gets a cheat meal. Only to be used on Sunday!

    It will be a tough challenge, but looking forward to the transformations both physical and mental. ;; We are all in this together...I am working on the forum for us as well so that we can put more information and it can be shared.

    Good work guys.

  • charm 07/15/2009 10:21:11

    Eating on the road was ;;easier for me than eating while in town. I spent 4 weeks straight on the road earlier this year and I set up a routine with eating. I ;;know it's not easy. I would go to the local market/grocery store ;;and buy fruit for the week and almonds for my snacks. Lunches and dinners consisted of grilled chicken or steak salads no/or minimal dressing. Stay away from the tasty bread basket that is always served with the meal - I usually tell the wait staff that I don't want it. Also, when going out to eat, you can pretty much request to have the meal prepared a certain way and they will do it for you. When I'm at home, I cook my breakfast, lunch and dinner on Sunday and store the daily portions in containers. So all I have to do is grab it and go. It's so convenient when you are on a tight schedule. It takes a couple of hours each Sunday to prepare my meals for the week.  ;;Hope this helps you guys a little.

  • phoffman 07/15/2009 10:16:29

    Here are my standbys for portable work friendly foods, eating fast food, etc.

    Work: ;; deli meat, apples, oranges, salad with lettuce and tomato (dressing is a trick . . . ;; I ;;use Ken's balsamic vinegar. ;; Not perfect, but sugar is way down the list of ingredients, so it's better than any of the Kraft, etc.). ;; ;; Can of almonds. ;; Beef Jerky. ;;

    Drive through: ;; Side salads, grilled chicken sandwich, throw away the bread. ;; Same with a burger. ;;

    Dinner: ;; Those rotisserie chickens they sell for 5 bucks at the grocery store: $5 bucks of pure paleo delight . . .

    Restaurants: Mexican food ;;is your friend: Fajita salads, dump salsa on the top for dressing, have them put the sour cream on the side or not at all, guac is fine. ;;

    Chipotle and Subway do bowls of food. ;; Skip the rice and beans at chipotle. ;;

    I'm sure there are others out there, but these are what help me limp along at this advanced age.





  • buttercup 07/15/2009 09:53:49

    I'm in!! my concerns are those that have already been posted...convenience - what can i pack for work, what can i eat when i'm out of town, etc. ;; I think the key - like everything else - is to have support from others. ;; So, knowing that there is a group of people struggling & conquoring the same situation - will HELP. ALOT. ;;

  • marlam 07/15/2009 08:56:48

    Hey jgranthram....I hear ya on the convenience factor, that is my biggest concern with this challenge. I eat turkey sandwiches and boiled eggs everyday...they are easy to prepare and portable! I am hoping that we can all band together, research and share ideas to make this work for us. We will all have to remember that we are not alone and are in this together!!


  • jgrantham 07/15/2009 00:10:46

    I'll give it a shot - I need to lose some LBS. ;; I tried
    paleo a few times - but break down when I can't easily prepare a meal for
    myself or buy something at drive thru. ;; If ya'll have any fast food paleo
    suggestions or frozen food ideas that don't suck count me in. ;; Not being
    able to drink will be problematic. ;; 8 hrs a night might be the hardest
    part, but I guess there is always Benadryl and such. ;; I'll stock up on almonds,
    yay. ;;

  • dmnck_rose 07/14/2009 23:16:09

    i am all over this one.....just the challenge i needed before floating the river for my bday in september!

  • charlesb 07/14/2009 22:49:32

    Sounds good to me, this way there will be less fat on my body to deal with in December for that half marathon!!!

  • CoachYocom 07/14/2009 21:45:46

    I have to throw this shout out! MARLA, You rock! Despite everything that tells you not to do something. You still decided to do this challenge. You mentioned how great you eat and it so far above and beyond the way most of us eat! RESPECT! and even more RESPECT for trying to new ideas for your fitness and health and performance. ;; You are making a big change from your std. training for your marathons and RESPECT for trying. (Now just do it all the way) nothing to lose! Promise. Then onto this eating idea and Paleo challenge. You gave good reasons why it may not be for you, but you listened and decided to try! ;; I think it is going to be a great experience for all of us.

    I hope that we all at least get a better education about what we put in our bodies and how it drives performance.

    Diesel, that is a good question. I too will be 30 ;) but I am going to have to throw you into the under thirty group. and do 31 and up!

    There is still not enough of us on this list to try it and I want to see more. Where are my CrossFit Fire Breathers, ;;I have utmost respect for the ones that have already committed. this is no easy will be tough but use it as an education. Follow the pre-week challenges to get ready...I will start updating the page listed below. ASAP

    Current list: Daemon, Nicole, Ashley Y, GY, Ben W, Diesel, Lanie, Leona, Hemi, Char, Tiger, Boons!

    NO BOOZE!!!! NO BOOZE!!!! it is only for 5 weeks...consider this your detox...

  • diesel 07/14/2009 20:08:36

    i'll try it, sounds fun, and hopefully it will help with the other list of challenges ;;we have going on.  ;;the age groups are posted as under 30 and over 30. ;; i will be turning 30 during the challenge, where do i fit in. ;;

  • marlam 07/14/2009 19:50:39

    Please add me to a team, I can do anything for one month.

    Please note: I will lose 2 to 3 points every Saturday night.

  • tonyh 07/14/2009 12:50:25

    What's one more challenge!? I'm in. I won't have any fat loss to offer my team (already at like 6 or 7%) but this will give me a reason to dial in ;;Paleo for athletes to add some muscle.

  • phoffman 07/14/2009 12:30:13

    Thank you Charm for asking the question that needed asking!

  • choqlat 07/14/2009 12:27:31

    Yeah buddy - let's do this!!! ;; Wait, who's taking the pictures....  ;;some of us are shy (and for the record, i'm not the shy one)...

  • charm 07/14/2009 12:14:15

    Cool - I'm in for this challenge. ;;I have heard that Tequila is paleo.....since it comes from the Agave plant - will this be a .25 deduction?

  • hemi 07/14/2009 12:12:56

    lets do this!!!! and of COURSE i have to go to chicago for a long weekend right at the beginning....oh well, eye on the prize folks....eye on the prize :)



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