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Help Me Find This Pup A Home

Below you will find a link to a (blurry) picture of a dog I picked up off the street yesterday.  She was with a buddy, but after about a half hour of trying, and help from about a dozen people, we still couldn’t catch the little guy, so I decided to at least head home with the one I could get.  She appears to be a Schnauzer mix.  About 15-20 pounds.  We took her to SPCA and they found out she was chipped.  Contacted the owner, who said he didnt know she was missing because he just lets her out whenever she wants, and doesnt have a fence.  He then hung up.  The dog was very underweight and had no collar, so clearly he had abandoned her. 

Anyway, the SPCA confirmed she has been spayed, and she is housebroken.  We bathed her, fed her, and gave her water, in addition to heartworm and flee meds.  She will of course need additional shots, which can be done at SPCA for $97 total.  She is very sweet and well-behaved, but at this point, we are not looking to keep her.  We can take her back to SPCA after 3 days and surrender her as our own, but we were hoping to find a person willing to adopt directly.  Definitely not looking to pass along a burdern, just trying to do the right thing and find her a good home.  Thanks!



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  • SpencerS 01/30/2013 09:13:31

    Well guys, we are taking her back to the SPCA at noon to have them put her up for adoption.  She will be well taken care of and they are a no kill shelter.  We wished we would have been able to find her a home directly, but I know the SPCA will help find her one.  For those of you that offered to help, I greatly appreciate it.   This was my first time to rescue a dog and its sure been a learning experience!  Thanks guys!


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