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Giving notice

Gale, Ashley, and Coaches


I think we discussed that was moving. Well it is official, we moved to Trophy Club over the holidays. Let me say, that was not fun with a 15 month old!


I am sad to say that I will no longer be able to attend the box on a regular basis. Which sucks because I truly will miss the FAM Uh LEE environment I have grown to love over the past few years. I have stopped by a few boxes and there is nothing out there that I would say comes close to STRONG! I still will continue my search for a new box and will need to drop by and get stuff out of the locker room.


You will need to email me when you plan on doing my birthday WOD (April 22) because would love to be there for it. I think this is Tara’s favorite B-Day WOD, just sayin.


I few highlights of my time at Strong.


Started June 1 2010. 256 lbs and out of shape! And attended 5:30 am class.


Puked after every WOD the first week. (It was hot!)


Marla called me Rooster for the first few months! I guess we look alike? Or we both suck as Crosssfitters? Probably suck as Crossfitters because Gale called me Princess for the few months as well.

Sorry Rooster.


Completed first WOD  non-rx after the first month. I remember thinking I was never going to complete a work out non-rx. Note: I will say that back then the WOD’s were at least 30 to 50 mins long.


Six weeks I completed pulled ups with no bands on WOD’s


About 3 months I started to complete WOD’s RX.


Completed my first Whole 27 challenge and lost 17lbs and gave up soft drinks and sweet & low. ( I will have a soft drink every once in a while but basically eliminated the craving.)


Joined the ENDURANCE program January 1, 2011 – 5k time 30:50 – 22:56 was my last 5K PR – Mile 8:32 – 6:04 my last Mile PR


I started the Strong Endurance program and it truly improved my performance as a crossfitter. I personally had been lacking the endurance to compete with my peers. After a few month of endurance, any WOD with running in it I could attack confidently versus dreadfully as before.


Arbor Hills Saturday Run - Yelled at by Marla and Cat for no RSVP and directed to go get my phone out of truck and RSVP or I would not be able to run with group. (Note: I very rarely did not RSVP)


Took the DART with Coach Cat and Brian to the Hot Chocolate race in Dallas and had an altercation with a drunk guy at 6am. I had to mention because I am usually that guy?  


Took my pregnant wife to the Jimmy Buffet (first year) event the Box was having. Not a good idea.


Helped Jay and Mylien prepare 150lbs of Crawfish on the first FAM Uh LEE day.  I think Will and I were the only ones that knew how eat them?


I complained about being sore to everyone in the box, sorry but I promise you I was sore!


Sprinting at the end of the 2011 Addison Octoberfest because I did not want another endurance member to beat me. Thinking back, it looked a little pathetic.


Enjoyed all the offsite WOD’s and gatherings put on by STRONG.


Thanks to all FAM Uh LEE members that pushed me through all the WODs and runs.


Shout out to the original 5:30 AM crew and coaches I will miss you guys.

Leaving 218lbs.

I will continue to wear my Strong shirts no matter what box I go to. 

Thanks again!

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  • TomW 01/10/2013 11:36:56

    Awesome blog David!  I remember the first time I beat you on a was also the last time.  Phenominal results due to all the hard work you put in.  Your new box is getting a tremendous person!
  • JoshuaL 01/04/2013 15:56:02

    Good luck to you David in whatever you do in the future!
  • KatherineM 01/04/2013 13:21:21

    Rooster, I mean DAVID... definitely made that mistake on a couple 5:30AM occassions, when I started mornings. It has been great suffering with you through those early morning butt-kickings; I'm sad to see you leave, visit often!
  • BrianPurcell 01/04/2013 13:07:25


    I'm happy to hear things went through with the house, but I'm sorry to see you go.  Thanks for the motivation during the 5:30 am wods and the endurance runs.  Great job on accomplishing so many fitness goals.  You will be an asset to whatever box you finally call home. 

    "C'mon man, I'm just looking for a blessing" -- inside joke on the DART incident.
  • BeccaR 01/04/2013 11:39:18

    We will definitley miss you around here!! Thanks for writing that is always amazing to see results like that!! Hope you find a new box really soon!
  • DavidH 01/04/2013 11:29:52

    @ Cat - LOL - I dont know how I forgot about those?! 

    I will be back for some torture in future. Thanks everyone!
  • TarahW 01/04/2013 10:45:02

    I am so sad you are leaving us!  We all understand though.  you most definitely will be missed. 

    You absolutley need to come back for Triplet HELL!!!  You can't make Paul and I suffer alone.  Damn that wod sucks.....  Anywho....  It has been great to get to know you and keep in touch!

  • cat 01/04/2013 05:36:23

    For the record, that was Marla who made you get your phone and RSVP on the spot.   My yelling is usually reserved for much more insignificant things (I do recall a bar drop incident and a time at the track when you were running with a hamstring injury and you were so stubborn that you thought you could out-sprint one of our Enduro youngsters).  

    Outside of those special moments, one of my personal favorites was our last "Fire Hydrant 5k" run and I was gunning for you on that last round and thought I finally had you.  I'd been slowly gaining on you the entire wod...sitting patiently on your heels during that miserable run and saw my opening on that last hill ascent.   But I didn't count on "Tenacious D" having a little reserve in the tank and you came barreling past me on the last straight-away.    Man I was pissed myself!   But at the same time I was super proud of you as a runner, having known where you started and having seen how far you've evolved.  I should have never under-estimated a former Marine.

    And for the record, you are a great athlete...always giving 110%, never quitting, always pushing outside your comfort zone.  Basically you are stubborn as hell and I have tons of respect for your work ethic.   It won't be the same at Endurance without you (who else will text me while I am running)?

    I hope you convey your love for fitness and that solid work ethic to your sweet son.   

    You are already missed!

    P.S.   Save the date for my birthday run too please!  Blue bridge/parking garage!   
  • JasonD 01/03/2013 22:01:35

    I'm gonna miss you David.  You always had me push it into another gear when we ran.  I hope you find a new box that suits you soon.
  • PaulF 01/03/2013 15:31:25

    You'll will be missed David. I'm glad I was around for most of your list....minus the endurance part! I had a feeling that bringing your pregnant wife to Buffet was a good idea for the rest of a designated driver. She was a good sport!

    You did manage to leave off your list our 2011-post 12 days wod pancake meal at Ham & Egg. I was sick all day after that.

    You have a never quit attitude matter how many reps you had left, finishing one pull up at a time, or who was finishing ahead of you.  It was always you against the workout. You were a good team mate at 5:30 and made some of those WODs bearable with your quick wit.

    Take care David.....and we'll talk to you soon 


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