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Cheap Paleo Grocery Blog

Hey Guys,

I thought it might be cool to create a blog that everyone can update when they find good deals on paleo friendly foods.  I will start.  I just went to a place called India Bazaar at 8600 N. McArthur (though there is one in Richardson at 1425 E. Belt Line).  Here is what I found.

Raw Almonds $3.99 for 14 oz
Raw Coconut Flakes $3.99 14 oz
Raw Pistachios $7.99 for 14 oz
Coconut Oil-Unrefined $3.99 for 16oz

Also, they have small boxes of coconut water for $.99, but not sure the fluid oz size.  I dont believe they have any meat, but they do have fresh produce.

Hope this helps, and would love to see what everyone else finds!


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  • daniel15 08/09/2014 00:20:50

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  • MarkG 08/22/2012 22:23:34


    I received my order the other day and I've been very pleased with it so far! I don't find the taste gamey. I find cooking the steaks low and slow really helps. I went for the 80/20 ground beef and easily polished a pound away for dinner!! It definitely tastes different - even the fat in grass fed actually has flavor.

    The burgers taste great too. Once they are cooked I like to take them out of the pan and saute some spinach and kale in the beef fat, delicious!
  • MichaelMartin 08/22/2012 10:22:35

    MarkG--I made an order from Slanker in January during the paleo challenge and was very pleased with the quality/shipping/service.

    They are somewhere outside of Paris Texas which is kind of cool.

    One more note for anyone else considering an order:

    One recommendation I can make is to choose cuts carefully.  Compared to items sold and labeled "grass-fed" at Whole Foods or another premium grocer, the beef they sell here is a completely different beast.  It is ultra-lean and this can definitely affect the flavor.  Premium cuts are probably not worth the premium price, because most likely the taste will not be what you are expecting.

    One friend I shared it with called the taste "gamey," which is not a very desirable quality for beef.  Either way, their ground beef is the leanest you will find anywhere, and what it lacks in flavor it makes up for with a favorable omega-3/omega-6 ratio.

    I would definitely order their ground beef again, and someone who ordered the brisket also had a favorable review.

    These two items were the most economically priced meats, and ended up being the same price per pound as products labeled grass-fed in local supermarkets.  The difference is you are buying a product you can be 100% certain is grass-fed AND finished right down the road in Texas.

    Also, of course, be sure you are stocking up on plenty of lean meats in addition.
  • Chris_L 08/20/2012 11:21:05

    This blog is awesome!  Sprouts had Salmon for $5.99/lb yesterday.  I had to prepare for the 30 Day Challenge and Sprouts has always had decent prices.
  • SpencerS 08/20/2012 09:24:28

    That's a darn good price on some chicken.  Thanks CoachAsh!
  • CoachAsH 08/20/2012 09:22:46

    i was at SPROUTS yesterday & their farm raised chicken breasts were on sale for abt $5/lb - i stocked up!!!  not sure how long the special will be going on but i have found that Sprouts has the most reasonable prices for grass fed beef & pasture-raised chickens!
  • JasonD 08/17/2012 20:59:08

    Cool idea, Spencer.  I don't have any deals to offer yet, but I'll keep an eye out.

    There's a farmer's co-op of some kind that makes drops at the box.  Has anyone done business with them?
  • MatthewB 08/17/2012 14:52:57

    Great info! I finally made the plunge and picked up a Vitamix Pro Series and was planning on whipping up some almond butter this weekend.
  • MarkG 08/17/2012 12:33:41

    Great idea! I have been looking around for grass fed beef and just placed an order with I think the prices are pretty reasonable as far as grass fed goes.
  • SpencerS 08/17/2012 09:15:10

    No problem!  If you find any other good deals, please post them here!  I only grabbed the stuff I needed and didn't shop much.  Forgot to mention, but they also have 4lbs of raw almonds for only $12.99, I believe, which is a ridiculous price compared to Whole Foods.
  • MarieD 08/17/2012 09:13:04

    Im goin there today. Thanks for the tip :) 


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