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Football - Strong Pools, Fantasy, and Real Life

We are 5 weeks away from the Cowboys season opener, and a new NFL season presents some fresh opportunities to have fun in the community spirit of Fam-uh-lee.

Short Version
Lets talk about CFS interest in joining or making an NFL betting pool, looking for possible fantasy leagues to join, and playing flag football.

If you want to email me about any of the below topics, feel free to do so at, or message me on Facebook.  I prefer email, but both are fine.

Betting Pool

The concept – initial buy-in at the beginning of the season with real money.  You are issued an amount of fake money, or credits, say $10,000 to start with.  Every week, you can bet on the games that are played.  Against the spread, as well as overs and unders (I will explain that at the very bottom of this blog for those that are unfamiliar with them).  Make one bet a week, none, make 20 bets.  It is up to you.  What matters is who has accumulated the most credits at the end of the Super Bowl.  If you run out of credits, you are out of the pool.

I have been in one for the last three years, where the buy-in is $100.  Last year, there were about 50 people in that league, with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes, if I recall.  I imagine the first place payout was pretty good, but I was out early last year.  The guy that runs this pool always welcomes new people, and will allow people to rebuy up to a certain week if you get knocked out early. 

I would be willing to start a new pool with a reduced amount if there is interest, say a $50 buy-in, with the same rules as the other one I am in.  The cost of the website that I would use (link here) is $5 per person, so that would come off of the top.  Prize tiers would depend on how many people would be willing to play.  On that website, it is referred to as a Share Pool.

Both are NFL only.

Fantasy Football

I cannot offer to run this one, as I have just given up doing this due to time constraints, but it would be fun to have a CFS league or two, if they don’t already exist.  Assuming there’s not one already, I would certainly be willing to help in developing a rule set and in getting logistics together, as well as possibly hosting a draft if need be, but someone else would have to step up to be the commissioner, and possibly a treasurer if need be. 

Co-Ed Flag Football

I did not grow up an athlete.  I didn’t even care about being fit until 2011, so I have no idea how prevalent this is, or even if this is something that is done for fun in this area, done seriously for strict competition, or if there are options for both.  I know we have several people that are former football players, and perhaps they have some insight in coming up with some pick-up games for the box, or if there are any local leagues in which we could have CFS teams play. 

Regardless, we are a community, we are friends, and we have a unique family environment.  What better way to exercise that than to engage in a team sport?  Again, I would leave this up for someone else to organize, but I thought I’d throw that out there for someone to grab and run with.

Final comments

Thanks for reading.  I am fully aware of how long-winded I am, so I appreciate your patience.  :D  If you are unaware of the lunch group that’s out there, please read this.  Anyone is welcome, and we move about the Metroplex.

If you are unclear about spread betting, or over/unders, this part is for you.

A spread is what oddsmakers will say will be the difference in the scores between the two teams.  So, if they think the Cowboys will win by a field goal over the Giants, they’ll say that the Cowboys will be favored by 3, or Cowboys -3, possibly even Giants +3.  So, if you bet on the Cowboys, giving up three points, and the score was 24-20, Cowboys, you would win the bet.  If the Cowboys won, but only by one point, you would lose the bet.

An over/under is betting on the total score of the game.  Using the above example of a 24-20 game, that would put the total score at 44 points.  If the O/U bet for that game was 40, anyone who bet the over would have won, as 44 is over the number 40.  Anyone who bet the under would have lost.

If you have more questions about this, there are two decent articles that I’ll link below, but you can email me as well.

Spread betting

Over Under betting

Football Flag Pool

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  • JeremyD 08/13/2012 16:08:43

    Doesn't look like my previous attempt to respond was accepted.

    Just wanted to toss out a possible alternative to the point-spread system.  I've played a simple version where participants assign a unique number to each game in a given week: 1-16, 1-15 or however many.  The participants also select who they think will win, of course.  The idea is to put the highest numbers on games you feel most confident of the outcome (say 16 on the NE vs. Tenn game in Week 1, with NE selected as the winner) and the lowest numbers on the games you feel least confident about (say, the Week 1 SF vs. GB game).  After all games are played, points are tabulated for each correctly predicted winner.  The person with the most points that week wins.  You also have season totals.
  • MikeB 08/10/2012 10:38:14


    Count me in for the Betting Pool.
  • SarahH 08/06/2012 21:08:47

    I'm in for the betting pool & possibly for ff..... I usually co-commish my other ff league, so I need to make sure I have time. 
  • JoshuaL 08/03/2012 13:56:59

    Im down for FF!


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