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Crossfit Strong Kids Program

--- Pilot Program was a Success ---

The CrossFit Strong Kids Program has been running for three weeks now and the kids have all enjoyed themselves and are getting a good work out at the same time.  We will be continuing the program for the remainder of the summer and would love to have your kids join.  It starts this week!  


--- The Final Summer Kids Program ---

When: July 17th 2012 – August 10th, 2012

Times: 12:00 PM every Tuesday & Friday

Cost: $50 for 1st child / ½ price for each additional child in the same family



---What Happens After Summer ---

After August 10th, we hope to still offer a kids class but that will depend on you!  We know that schedules get very busy and we are trying to find the best possible time slot to offer our kids class.  


Some possible options would be 12pm, 4pm, 4:30pm, 5:30pm or another time slot...  We would love to get some feedback from you as we settle on a specific class time.  Some questions we need answered are:


Which class time would your child be able to attend given school and/or extracurricular activities?


Do you have children that fall into the different age groups? (Preschool 3-5) and (Kids 6-12)?


Would you want the option of working out during the same class hour that your kids are participating in CrossFit Kids?

Would you need childcare for other children who are too young for CrossFit Kids?


We value you as members of CrossFit Strong and want our box to impact your entire family.  Send us an email at and let us know if you are interested.  Also, please tell us how this program can work for your family as we move into the fall by answering our questions.  Spread the word about our program!! All are welcome!  Now, 3-2-1-GO!!


Thanks for your time,

CrossFit Strong Kids Program


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