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I just want to let everyone know how extremely welcomed I have felt since I started at Strong. There are so many things I enjoy about the CrossFitting world but I must say my favorite is the community of people. Many people are good athletes and can work hard but I feel that it takes alot to be a motivator and a team player. Without support I dont think I would accomplish all the goals that I have for myself. I am amazed to see all of the support and love from Strongs community and I look forward to it everyday I step in the Box. I love to help people strive to be their best because it is so contagious and it helps build us all to reach our common goal...Acheivement! There is nothing else like knowing you have given your best and someone helped pushed you to get there. I hope that I can live up to the standard of motivation that all of yall have given to me. Thank you guys so much and I look forward to my future with CrossFit Strong.


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  • KatieD 06/07/2012 21:46:27

    I'm looking forward to getting back to the box after my broken shoulder finally heals.  *sigh*  Still working on regaining decent range of motion.  Soon...
  • JoshuaL 05/31/2012 09:47:19

    Great post!  Ask PaShun to sing one love. She does an awesome Bob Marley impression!
  • PaShunD 05/31/2012 09:34:35

    Glad to have you Jessica, thanks for the one love reminder XXX!
  • MalcolmM 05/30/2012 22:04:06

    Thanks for sharing Jessica.  I want to say thank you for the motivation as well.  It helps out a lot!  
  • JasonD 05/30/2012 13:26:24

    Glad to hear the enthusiasm.  Without the community, and the support, I don't think CrossFit ever becomes the special society that it has, and I think it's tough to fully grasp how much it affects what you can do until you've been assimilated.
  • KatherineM 05/30/2012 13:20:18

    Glad you're with us! Keep pushing, train hard, and you'll reach those Regionals!

  • DeveneyW 05/30/2012 12:50:08

    Love this Jess and glad you shared!!!  We are happy to have you join our fam-uh-lee!!  


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