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How the Opens have made me stronger

Participating this year in opens has changed my Crossfit experience in so many ways, and I just wanted to share that with all of you. I never have been overly competitive with Crossfit. In fact, I have watched several come into the gym and be ahead of me after a couple months. Ive always felt that if Im pushing myself and getting the workout that gives me the results I need, I dont really need to worry about anyone else. Last year I participated in a few open WODs, but I did not score myself. I steered clear of anything with heavy weight or anything I considered too challenging, which was half of the opens. This year, I made the decision to score myself and attempt to try each and every WOD. I wanted to make a commitment to myself to have higher expectations for myself. I pretty much remained stagnate in Crossfit (until now) because of the attitude I described above and noticed that if all these other gals close to my size handle what I consider REALLY heavy, then I need to step things up A LOT.  If they can do it then why cant I?

I started in September 2010 using dumbbells and kettlebells...not a barbell.  In a couple months I moved up to 55lb for most WODs, and saw that when I challenged myself I could actually do 65.  Now here is where the cool stuff comes in...THE OPENS!  Yes, PR after PR in the Opens this year, which is a testament to how much we can all do that we may think we cannot.  Have a look at my experience thus far...

Snatch at 75lb...really?  My 1rm for overhead squats is 55, and I am supposed to a movement where I end up in a similar position at 75 and try to do it 30 times!!  Now, I guess I could have let my ego get the best of me and say I was not going to do the WOD because I would never be able to a 75lb snatch 30 times much less a 100lb snatch...but I tried it.  I knew I might not get that 75lb snatch, but I DID...and TWICE.  This may be a piece of cake for many of you, but this is a major accomplishment for me.  Today was another challenge.  85lb is my 1rm for push jerks, and I am supposed to do as many rounds of 12 reps at just 10lb under my 1rm?  I would have run away before, but since I made a commitment to do every WOD of the opens this year, I found out that I can actually do 51 reps at 75lb.  Would have never known that!!  I set a goal for myself tonight, and I felt it was a perfect goal for me because I knew that the 75lb push press would become a challenge.  I wanted to get just 3 rounds.  Thats it.  I ended up getting 4 rounds and 18 reps.  WOW.  Yes, I heard over and over again that people were scoring 6, 7, and 8...but I felt so proud of my measly 4 and 18 reps.  What made me feel even better was Gales response when I was talking with some folks after the WOD about my score.  I was a bit embarrassed to share it after hearing some of the high scores (even though it was a good score for me), and Gale says in the most excited tone I have heard him speak to me in (except for when he is yelling at me during a WOD), "AWESOME!!! GREAT JOB!"  Now I just find it so amazing that my coach can set aside all those high scores he sees coming out of our Skerd crew and recognize that 4 rounds was AWESOME for me.  Thanks Gale!  You dont get that at a Globo gym.  :o)

I believe that the lack of COMPETE mindset was very limiting to me (yes Jake, I threw that in for you).  Compete does not have to mean you try to beat your neighbor.  For some of you it may, and that is great because we each have our very own way to get to the point where we want to be.  If that is the type of competition you need, then more power to you!  If that is not what you are about (my situation), competing can also mean beating your own PRs and pushing yourself to do things that you do not think you can do.  The opens have given me a whole new outlook and made me realize that I can do more than I thought I could.  Since the opens started, I have seen a difference in my performance at the box because I am not as afraid to try things Ive never done before.  Checked another 3 things off intermediate skills last week and got my first handstand pushup!!!!  I really do not think I would have attempted those things if it wasnt for this new sense of trying new things that I got from doing the opens.  So many PRs have occurred for me since opens, and I believe it has to do with the fact that I opened myself to trying things I didnt think I could ever do.  So glad I decided to fully participate this year!  

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  • ToniE 02/27/2013 21:34:18

    Awesome to read, because I couldn't even get thu the foundations movements (after a few reps) with no weight on the bar… I got downgraded to the heavy PVC… 
  • AmyL 03/18/2012 17:30:21

    Thanks guys!  Being around people like all of you has been very inspirational!  Love my FAM-UH-LEE! 
  • ShelbyB 03/17/2012 23:35:41

    This is so awesome!  Thanks for telling us about your experience.  It makes me think there are so many great victory stories out there just itching to be told.  So cool to see you push yourself to new heights!! keep it up.
  • BeccaR 03/16/2012 16:08:51

    Great job, Amy! I love it when the challenge of Crossfit clicks for people and they push themselves to do things they never thought were possible... Like a handstand push up!! :) so excited for you! 
  • TanyaS 03/16/2012 09:53:56

    Great read!  It is inspiring and you should be really proud of any and all accomplishments regardless of your neighbor.  Keep up the great attitude!

  • KeeganW 03/16/2012 08:42:01

    Great blog Amy.  Think every new crossfitter should have to read this blog after being here 6 months.
  • SarahH 03/12/2012 15:42:24

    inspiring, Amy!  sometimes I let the whole "i just had a baby" thing be a thing that holds me back.  but, like you, i need to find my own compete and bring it.  
  • LindsayM 03/12/2012 11:02:41

    Great stuff AMy....always inspiring.  keep up the great work!!!
  • JasonD 03/09/2012 20:03:15

    This is fantastic, Amy.  Thanks for sharing it.
  • TriciaS 03/09/2012 09:29:20

    Way to go girl! I've had fun judging you!
  • PaShunD 03/09/2012 09:27:39

    I'm so proud of you Amy, you are one amazing womanXXX!
  • JakeT 03/09/2012 09:05:07

    Love it Amy! Always amazing to see people push themselves and amaze themselves with what they can do. Keep it going!
  • marlam 03/09/2012 08:54:31

    Great blog and attitude Amy. I love hearing these stories!
  • MalachiB 03/09/2012 00:07:21

    Great post, Amy!  I'm really proud of you for pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. You're such a great example -- keep it up!


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