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CrossFit Tour Stop and Concert-FTW

Hola xfit peeps!

So some of you, well actually, after talking to one of the Affilate Support employees today, a BUNCH of Strong members signed up for the Crossfit tour and Josh Turner concert March 24th at Billy Bobs!
She randomly called me asking questions and asked if I could deliver a message to everyone who signed up, so fitting that I was the random Strong member she called right!  Seeing as I am yalls Social Chair! 
I told her I would gladly pass on the information to everyone so I am going to paste the email she wrote me with some information and some added items to the agenda that are free!

PS-Oringinally when you registered there was an option for your packet to be delivered to Strong, that has changed and you now have to pick up your information at early/late registration at the Worthington Hotel, see below!

For those of you that want to go, I dont know if dinner/reserved seating is sold out but I woud bet you can still get concert tickets!  So dust of your cowboy boots and hats and bring it!!

Hi Deveney,

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It was great chatting with you! Here are some exciting updates to the itinerary. Thanks for sharing this info with your members!! 


We have noted that all CrossFit Strong members with reserved seating will be sat together. 


Please "reply all" with any questions.




1-2:00    - Early Registration (credential, t-shirt and ticket pickup) at Worthington Hotel (200 Main St., Fort Worth, TX)    
2-3:30    - Q and A session with Coach Glassman at Worthington Hotel
4-5:30    - Late Registration and Pre-Party at Worthington Hotel and Shuttle to Billy Bobs
6:00-12   - Billy Bobs BBQ and Josh Turner concert (concert starts at 10:30)


9am             &nb sp;-Hangover WOD - Location to be determined
10-noon        -Farewell Brunch at The Norris (304 Houston Street  Fort Worth, TX)


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  • JackieH 03/22/2012 13:50:40

    I might be interested in checking out the WOD at CF Aledo. And then after going back to Fort Worth in time for the early registration.
  • JasonD 03/20/2012 18:39:18

    FYI, Rich Froning and Dan Bailey are doing 12.5 at CrossFit Aledo at 11am on Saturday as part of the Tour.  Anyone else interested in checking it out?
  • TerryM 03/14/2012 07:14:41

    I checked on rates last night for the Worthington and they had gone up to only $279 +Tax so I probably won't be staying there. Here are a few hotels, there distance from the Worthington, there price as of this am for those intereseted to consider.  It should be fun.

    Residence Inn Fort Worth Cultural District

    1 miles W

    139.00 (USD)

    SELECTSpringHill Suites Fort Worth University3 miles SW129.00 (USD)SELECTResidence Inn Fort Worth University3 miles SW139.00 (USD)SELECTCourtyard Fort Worth University Drive3 miles SW139.00 (USD)SELECTCourtyard Fort Worth I-30 West Near NAS JRB6 miles W89.00 (USD)SELECTCourtyard Fort Worth Fossil Creek6 miles N79.00 (USD)SELECT
  • DeveneyW 03/13/2012 15:58:07

    A few of us are going to be getting hotel rooms but not sure where.  I am currently looking at the Worthington and the Marriott! 
    also, i received an updated email from the tour:

    We are so happy you are joining us for the CrossFit Tour stop in Fort Worth, TX!  

    Here is the weekend itinerary ...

    2012 CrossFit Tour: Fort Worth, TX

    Saturday March 24:

    Early Registration (credential, t-shirt, and concert ticket pick-up) at The Worthington Renaissance Hotel (200 Main St., Fort Worth)
    2-3:30 pm:
    Q and A session with Coach Glassman at The Worthington Hotel

    Late Registration and Pre-Party at The Worthington Hotel and shuttle to Billy Bob's Texas

    Billy Bob's BBQ and Josh Turner concert  (2520 Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth)

    Sunday March 25:

    Hangover WOD (Location TBA)

    Farewell Brunch at 
    The Norris (304 Houston Street, Fort Worth)

    See you soon,

    CrossFit Tour Team

  • TerryM 03/12/2012 16:59:46

    Thank you so much for providing the link and looks like fun.  

    I'm going to explore Hotel Options tonight and will communicate them when I find a few alternatives. 

  • AndyL 03/11/2012 19:41:33

    I didn't get reserved seats, on account that I don't know what a Josh Turner is.  Where are people staying that night?
  • ShelbyB 03/11/2012 18:49:11

    Malachi and I have reserved tickets and are planning to stay the night for the hang over wod on sunday.  Jackie- so glad you got a ticket and looking forward to getting to know you! 

    Maybe we can all stay at the same hotel- the worthington is all full so if anyone has a suggestion let me know.
  • JackieH 03/11/2012 18:34:07

    Terry, here is the link. Hopefully it gets you to the right site.

    I signed up to go, too. Thought I'd be social since I really don't know anyone at Strong. I didn't do reserved seating, I think just general admission. Not really sure what the day/night entails, but look forward to it.  Who else is going and didn't do reserved seating? Will anyone be staying the night in Fort Worth for the Hangover WOD?
  • JasonD 03/10/2012 18:21:02

    Andy, are you staying for the concert, or just the CF events and dinner?
  • TerryM 03/10/2012 13:56:15

    I am interested in going as well but am not sure where to sign up for the Cross fit tour.  If anyone can point me in that direction I would great appreciate the help. 

  • AndyL 03/09/2012 08:53:38

    I'm planning on going and doing Billy Bob Burpees with everyone.  Who else is going?
  • JakeT 03/05/2012 20:41:45

    Thanks for being our social chair Dev! May have to have you or Leah pick up our my tickets because I will be coming late from the Rock & Roll Marathon Expo that Saturday. Gonna be fun tho!
  • JasonD 03/05/2012 19:21:30

    Is anyone planning on doing any of the WoDs in Fort Worth on Saturday?


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