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Keegan LifeStyle Challenge

I have to admit, when I started the Whole 30 challenge I did not think it would be that hard because I thought it was very similar to my diet, and that I wouldnt notice a major difference.


I wound up losing 7lbs of fat and getting my body fat % down to a level I hadnt been at since I played college soccer.  Observations and takeaways from the 30 day challenge.

1. You never feel heavy after a meal.
2. You realize how important it is to just drink water. I figured out how many wasted calories I was drinking per day and it came out to 500!
3. I had cravings for sweets and anything crunchy about a week in and they never went away.
4. The key is prepping your meals for the week. I was able to find healthy option when i went out as well.
5. Friends will try and guilt you into cheating just because they feel guilty that they arent eating healthy and you are trying to.
6. It is possible to go out with friends that are drinking without drinking yourself. I would tell the bartender or waitress to get me a water with lime in it in a small glass to appear that I was drinking. I went so far as to tell waiters before sitting down with clients to eat that I will order vodka & water but just bring me water with lime. Half the battle seemed to just have something in your hand to hold. (Note: your dancing is not nearly as good as you remember when you havent had a few drinks in you.)
7. I cut 4:30 minutes off my Dumbell hell 2 workout! 
8. I was able to complete my first muscle up.
9. The lack of caffiene made it easier to be on a regular sleep schedule.
10. I definitely hit a low energy point in week 2 that took a bit of effort to get out of, but once my body got use to it, I felt great.
11. A lot of my friends tried it and liked it but had all these cheats. Like drinking or not cutting out one thing becaues they "had to have it."  They didnt see nearly the results and I recommend doing it as strict as possible.
12.  I had sweets the day we were off the diet and I felt horrible. Actually eating sweets made me lose my appetite for them after being on the diet.

My favorite part:  I went to the grocery store the day after the challenge ended and I told myself just get whatever you want to eat and dont worry about trying to eat paleo.  I wound up leaving the grocery store with a full shopping cart and the only thing non-paleo was some graham crackers just so I could have that crunch.  I was very suprised. It is definitely apart of my standard way of eating now.

Whole30 Paleo Crossfit

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  • NydiaS 02/10/2012 08:52:13

    I was the same way with needing that crunch! It's such a weird feeling because it's not really the sweetness or the saltiness but the crunch that you miss. Anyway, what awesome results! Good job!


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