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Nutrition Challenge - Round 2

Check…Another challenge DONE.  This is my 2nd round of the diet.  This time around I found it easier to start as the process was familiar to me.  I made sure I cooked on the Sunday for the week and carried a lunch bag with me everywhere I went.  The only times I found myself looking at forbidden food is when I got a little behind on my eating schedule.  Gale has repeatedly said and sent out emails telling me how important it is to watch what I eat.  I had to do the challenge for myself.  I was getting in my workouts every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, but I was not seeing the results I wanted in certain areas of my body.  Because of this, I was looking forward to the challenge.

My 1st week

I was feeling very sluggish and had to get use to eating so much food.  I found it very comforting to be placed in teams and loved receiving the encouraging emails from my assigned Coach Becca.   The team structure helped me not entertain the thought of cheating.  I was in fear of not just letting myself down, but my team members too.

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My 2nd week:

I had headaches and my face broke out.  The breakouts were a visual of the impurities leaving my body.  I looked forward to looking at what everyone cooked on the recipe site.  However, unlike the first time around, at this point I did not notice much physical change in my body.


My 3rd week:

My energy is wonderful.  I feel great.  I suffer from exercise induced asthma.  At this point, due to the diet, my breathing got better.  By the end of my workouts I felt better able to capture my breath and was not in a position where it took a long time to recover my breathing. I am also noticing the improvement on my workout times


My 4th week:

Everyone stand back!  “I am sexy and I know it!”  My energy level is through the roof, breathing still improving as well as my workout times.   I put my jeans on and am able to skip not 1 but 2 belt holes.  Everyone I work with is giving me feedback on how I look and would love more information about how they too can lose weight and gain visible muscle. 


The challenge is over, but I want to see how much more I can improve my breathing and workout times, so I am going to continue to do the diet 80/20.  Wish me continued success!  


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  • MalcolmM 02/07/2012 18:41:31

    Great Job!
  • LeticiaS 02/07/2012 09:45:12


    I have no doubt you will continue on whole 9.  You are a champion!  We need to see the new sexy you, please visit our 5:30am class. Congratulations.
  • JodiE 02/07/2012 07:38:36

    Proud of you!  You look amazing!


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