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30 Day Challenge Blog

Today will be my final day of the Whole 30/Paleo Challenge.  I remember the first week it felt like this day would never come.  I joined Crossfit Strong October 22, 2011 and was very excited to see the changes my body was going to go through.  3 months in I felt like I was getting a little better at my WODs but wasnt seeing the changes I wanted to with my body.  I  thought eating semi healthy for breakfast and lunch was good and eating whatever for dinner was enough. I had made some changes to my diet but still, I was not satisfied with the results.  For months I had been wanting to lose weight.  Get back to the weight/pant size I was happy with.  You know every woman has that pair of jeans they USED TO be able to get into and are determined to get back into and refuse to get rid of.  So, I told myself the Challenge would be a perfect opportunity to see if my body would change the way they said it would.

The first 2 weeks were rough.  It became very apparent why the world is fighthing the obesity epidemic.  Time, Time, Time.... It takes time to make Paleo friendly meals. Easy way out if to eat all that processed crap, and that crap is EVERYWHERE.  With Paleo you have to prepare about 90% of the things you eat.  Along with the weakness and feeling lethargic the last thing I wanted to do was come home and prepare a meal, but I did.  I figured to make HUGE portions so I can have left overs.  I also started having my fiance BBQ all types of lean meats for me on the weekend so all I really had to prep when I got home was veggies once or maybe even twice a week when I ran out.  Im an extras kinda girl.... lots of ketchup, ranch...etc..  It was hard to find things to fill that void.  Found them.... I squeezed lime on almost everything, and would also put Franks Red Hot Original sauce on everything.  I came to find out that I now love baked sweet potato fries more than regular fries now, and sauteed cabbage is my favorite side!!

I also LOVED LOVED LOVED cheese... I would put cheese on everything, and all my favorite foods contained A LOT of cheese. A few months ago a co-worker told me he gave up cheese for lent, I thought that guy was NUTS.  I had no idea that a couple months later I would be doing the same thing, and all other dairy for 30 days.  I still cannot believe I did it, but I am soooooooooooo glad I did.  My test WOD time improved by 4 whole minutes,  lost 15 lbs total, and went from a size 12 fitting tight to a 10 fitting very loose.  Im back in those jeans and glad that I did not get rid of them. 
Im so glad I found Crossfit Strong.  I now get to work out like the good old college softball/volleyball days...and I have finally learned how to eat the RIGHT foods!!  My plan is to keep this up and reward myself once a week with a good ole Latte from Starbucks and working in a little bit of cheese here and there.  As hard as the first 2 weeks were I can honestly say I like the foods I have been eating and plan to continue to eat the same way 90/10. 

I love the way I feel now and look forward to feeling even better the months to come! Thanks for this experience!

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  • LeticiaS 02/06/2012 16:55:46

    Monica you are a winner! In just three months you have accomplish so much, so proud of you.

  • DeveneyW 02/06/2012 10:19:35

    WOW, WOW, WOW..loved this one Monica and it is sooo true about every girl having those "skinny" jeans or pants they want to get back in!
    Congrats on the lb shed and the wod time improvements!! 
  • KellyL 02/05/2012 22:57:55

    That's wonderful! I share in your excitement about going down in size in pants; what a great feeling! I was also amazed at how much I liked some of the foods we cooked.
  • JasonD 02/04/2012 20:21:55

    Congrats, Monica!  These blogs are making me want to do the next one.


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