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I suppose my reason for completing the whole 30 challenge may be a little different that others. At the end of December, I had my knee scoped to clean up some inflammation & other stuff. Normal wear & tear on an active 41 year old body. My fear after surgery was that I would gain some of the weight back that I have worked so hard to lose, since joining CFS in the summer of 2010. I was also thinking that even though I was back at the Box, my WODs wouldnt be as intense as before, since the first 10 days I was stuck on that bike in the corner. My reason for whole 30 was to not gain fat or inches back while I was recovering and rehabilitating my knee back to a functional level.

What do you hear Gale and the other Coaches say?... CrossFit is Scalable. Even with my knee on the mend; the coaches found creative ways for me to stay involved with my 5:30am crew. So I was finding that I could get the intensity I needed. Plus, that bike in the corner is no joke. Give it a whirl one day!

So here is what I discovered about whole 30. I found that my immune system is at an all time high. I dont feel susceptible to getting sick when Im around sick people. My performance and stamina increased during WODs. I had to keep in mind that I had to be smart about not overworking my knee. Subbing a row for a run, using the 1 pood instead of the 1.5 pood, scaling the weight back. But it made me work harder and I could feel my body responding. Recovery times, general health, and improvements in my knee are a few of the things I attribute to the clean diet of W30. I shaved 6 minutes off my previous SALT WOD. That was all the proof I needed.

As far as the meals go, I never felt starved or bored with my food selections. Granted, I may have a little advantage here; but I re-discovered some tricks of the trade that kept me excited about cooking at home even though I had been cooking all day at work. One thing that was a huge food impact was soup. I would cook off collard greens blanch broccoli, and brussel sprouts. Then I would save the cooking liquid from those vegetables and that would be my soup stock. Then you just add whatever you feel from your W30 list, adjust seasonings, and make a soup. I also enjoyed posting on the W30 group on Facebook. Cat & I discovered some great meals that used W30 substitutions and found that we liked them better.

You can realy learn alot about yourself if you do this challenge. If nothing else, you will learn that you have a great group of STRONG people to share recipes with, and help keep you on track. It all goes back to how bad you want it. How bad do you want to live healthy, how bad do you want to look good, how bad do you want to be better at the sport of CrossFit? Any cravings I had vanished when I could see and feel the physical transformations. Especially, when I had to buy another pair of jeans last week.

My results are this. When I started W30, I was a 36" waist and 200 lbs. As of today, Iam a 34" waist and 188. So the question is....what do you do now?... Cat & I plan to continue on. We like the 90/10 rule of 90% of the time eat clean and the other 10% you can have your cheat. Our goal is to see which one of us can get "alligator abs" first!

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  • LeticiaS 02/06/2012 16:32:47

    Congratulations Paul!  I think pretty soon we are going to see your alligator abs.  

  • DeveneyW 02/06/2012 10:22:31

    Paul-you continue to impress me!  I remember always wondering, who is this man that keeps Momma Cat happy and well fed!  So glad you "drank the koolaid" and joined our family!  You are an inspiration to me and I am sure many others.  Keep up the good work and remember, anytime you need a food tester, you just call me and I'll be there!! 


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