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Goals Goals - Dont Be Overwhelmed

Being new to CrossFit can be so Overwhelming even for those that have been doing it for while. I think this is a good time to talk about goals and why you are here. As I talk to you and ask you about your goals, the general consensus is to get in shape, lose some weight, or shed some unwanted love.

Those are all great, but the big question is how do you get there. Starting CrossFit can be overwhelming, you have just been rocked by being told you have been squatting wrong, introduced to 20 new movements in the first month, told your diet needs to change ASAP.  It is a lot to process, and we completely understand. Sometimes, we approach our goals a little bit backwards and get discouraged when we dont reach them. Most of the time, we wont reach our goals if we dont have a good plan of attack or if we try to "run before you walk". Similar to foundation class where we teach you that the fundamental movements are the building blocks of other movements and the more complex movements will suffer if the foundation is not there, you goals should be set the same way.

This is nothing new, but more a reminder on how to set you goals and be successful with your time here. Our goals should be measureable, but also achievable. For example, Your overall goal is to get in shape but how do you measure that. We need to be more definitive and determine what is affecting me from reaching those goals. I think the 3 big stumbling blocks of reach ANY goal at Strong are these:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Perfecting the Movements
  3. Understanding what is the root cause of the problem, then set small achievable goals

Nutrition - We all know that I will talk about this all day and is probably the hardest adjustment many of us need to make. Nutrition plays a big role as a stumbling block in achieving any goal you have set here. It can be a faster fran, lose weight, get off medications. If your goal is to lose weight, you can work out all the time; but without good nutrition it will be short lived for most of us.

Perfecting the movements - This also affects all of our goals. Faster Fran, Lose Weight, better overall fitness. Very similar to what I tell you in class, dont spend a year of doing an Air Squat without fixing the mechanics of the air squat. How does perfecting the movement affect me not reaching my goals?  Imagine this, you squat is capable of hips past the knees; no loss of lumbar curve (back rounding); but you consistently decide that you want to go 1/2 way down because getting past ninety triggers some muscles that you are not used to using and it is uncomfortable. To keep it simple, CF is about work capacity. A squat past ninety takes more energy than a 1/4 squat. To really simplify it, that is less energy and less calories burned.  If your goal is to lean up, we obviously want to do more work while we are here.  If your goal is to increase your squat clean by 15lbs without the proper mechanics of a squat we will be limited by our squat and obviously technique(mechanics) of the clean itself is crucial and requires practice. Finally, Intensity is our shortcut to results. So that is one of the reasons we scale either movements weights or reps. Keep up the intensity with good mechanics and those goals will be achieved a whole faster.

Set Small Achievable Goals - We dont set achievable goals and get discouraged. Start out small, and make sure it is something that you can measure. For example, I would give you a template for one of the pretty common broad goals that I hear. Lose weight.

  1. Look at your nutrition - Give up Grains, Sugars, Dairy for 1 month. Or start out with 1 month goal to weed out all of the above. Week 1 is sugar, week 2 Sugars, week3 Dairy, week 4 is all of the above.
  2. Perfect the movements - Ensure that you can do the movements in CF. Take one of the fundamentals and work on it for a month. Start with the squat. Get with a coach to determine what you can do to get yourself in a better position. Make sure you are looking at full range of motion in the WODs or that the scaling is something that is appropriate to help you reach your goal of fixing the squat. In other words, if you are work on depth of the squat and Wall Balls are RX; dont do wall balls with a partial squat. Get a ball as a reference point or we can give you dumbbells to help as a counter balance to put you in a good position but hit it with intensity.
  3. Understanding the problem - sometimes this is easier said than done, and that is why you have knowledgeable coaches here.  Let us help you assess your goals and come up with an action plan. If it is a movement, 9 times out of 10 it is mobility. If it nutrition and you done the baby steps, let us help analyze your food log. Is it that you are not getting faster in your times? There could be several reasons, but without COMMUNICATION with the coaches or myself; we cannot help.

The overall idea of this blog is to keep your from getting overwhelmed and making sure you reach your goals. I will be honest, if you dont fix your nutrition first you are heading down a dead end street. We will be holding a nutrition class on Dec. 17th at 8:30AM.

CrossFit Goals

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  • TanyaS 12/15/2011 21:38:07

    Whole 30 is beyond scary, but it works.  WOOT!  I will do it again once I can actually walk or run.  I hope the year 2012 is more kind to me than 2011.  I am pretty sure I can't mentally or physically handle another year like this year.  Onwards and upwards!!!!  oh, and meet you at the top!!

  • AmyL 12/09/2011 21:19:56

    Whole 30/Paleo can be very intimidating to some.  I really like your suggestion though: Week 1 is sugar, week 2 carbss, week3 Dairy, week 4 is all of the above.  That seems very reasonable and doable.  Thanks for constantly pushing us! 


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