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The Other Fittest People on Earth

I was surprised and thrilled a few months ago when I saw the CrossFit Games on ESPN2.
This weekend NBC is airing their coverage of the Ironman World Championship from 3:30 to 5.

Those of you who know me know that CF is just one of the pieces in my triathlon training program.  Half the times Im there my coach has me sprinting out the door immediately after the WOD for a brick run.  I love the dynamic strength component that CF adds and those runs after feel just like the last 5K of a 70.3 mile triathlon.  CF has been great for me both physically and mentally.  Im going to be stronger in both ways for 2012 which is exactly what I need for my goals.

The Ironman in Kona is known as the toughest one-day endurance event in the world.  Its 140.6 miles of swimming/biking/running through the lava fields of Hawaii.  This is the race that inspired me as a kid and eventually brought me into the endurance world.  The professionals are pushing the absolute limits of what a human can do, the amateurs are beyond inspiring, and I promise that you cant watch the last finisher cross the line 17 hours after the start and not tear up.

Its an amazing event to watch.  Even if youre not curious about the kind of stuff I compete at, if youre a fan of sport youll appreciate the beauty of what they do.

Heres a quick preview Saturdays broadcast:

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  • BuckE 12/08/2011 08:03:03

    Wow @ the Team Hoyt video!!

    Thanks for sharing!
  • JoshuaL 12/07/2011 21:26:41

    Thanks for sharing Aaron
  • DeveneyW 12/07/2011 20:16:47

    As for the 2nd video, WOW.....not a dry eye and some thing we all need to think about during the wods when we just don't think we can run anymore, get another rep or kip another pull up. Loved it!!!
  • DeveneyW 12/07/2011 20:10:48

    Wow Aaron, that gave me chills!  Thanks for sharing and keep it up!!!  
  • AaronP 12/07/2011 16:02:50


    Easily one of the most amazing stories you'll ever hear.
  • KeeganW 12/07/2011 15:49:55

    Only thing I have cried watching except for RUDY.  An ironman is truly an amazing thing. I hope to do one.
  • AndyL 12/07/2011 14:50:45

    If you want to mobilize your tear ducts before Saturday, do a youtube search for Rick Hoyt Ironman.  The room will get a little dusty.

    Thanks for the post Aaron.
  • cat 12/07/2011 08:49:41

    Definitely have a box of Kleenex handy when you sit down to watch this.  The behind-the-scenes spotlight on the various athletes will have you bawling like a baby...and then rededicating yourself to finding a fitness goal.  

    Aaron - we're glad to have you here at the box and hope that your CF training will help you in your sport of tri's.


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