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I thought we should talk about intensity, I know that alot of people talk about how crossfit is intense but i think i need to define what we are talking about. Intenisty equals power and power is the result we are looking for in the CrossFit model, what I mean by that is that Thee CrossFit program is designed to increase your power output across all aspects of fitness. So when you look at the WOD you need to be sure that you can complete the workout while keeping up the intesity, this is where the scaleability of the workouts come in. Lets take the benchmark workout Fran, 21-15-9 95/65 pnd thrusters and pullups, a really high level crossfitter can do this in 3 to 5 min. If you are a beginner you may not me able to safely do pull ups or cant do that many or the weight is to much, so we scale it. What i mean is you need to find the weight and rep range where you can complete the work in or around 3 to 10 min and be able to keep the intesity up, then you can track your progress by looking at your Fran time and the load you moved to see that you should be increasing power. Please ask for help in scaling if you need it or talk to one of the coaches, you will gain so much more by keeping the work out short and intense then having to rest alot to complete the work in a much longer time frame, remember that when you do CrossFit you need to leave your ego at the door and do what is best for you.


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