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What I Have Learned After 1 Year of Crossfit

This is my first blog so bear with me. Just a quick little intro about how I came to Crossfit Strong.. I suppose my story is similar to a lot of people that find their way to CFS. Since I had graduated from college ( about 20 yrs ago); I thought Globo-gym was the only way to exercise. I ran during college, probably logging 25 miles a week. My first date with my wife (Cat) was a 6 mile run. After college, running came to a halt, literally. xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

Cat was always encouraging me to “try out CFS, you’ll be good at it”; or “ Gale will look out for you”, or “ do it and if you don’t like it, then at least you tried”. That went on for about 2 years. The first people I ever met with CFS was at one of the socials. First came Witte, then Kyle, Landan, and then Gale. See where I’m headed. Basically, the team that Cat had first gone to competition with. So my intimidation factor was high. I had it in my head that everyone who worked out at CFS had the physical prowess of all those guys and all the girls were probably ball-busters like Cat. There was no way in hell I was stepping in there just to humiliate myself.  I started CFS in August 2010 and thought I would jot down the things I have learned or experienced in the past year.


1.      It Works!

-          When I started CFS, I weighed 250 lbs and a waist of 42”. Now, I weigh 200lbs, and have a waist of 36”. I have been as big as 275 and a 46” waist. I will never go back. It’s more about losing the fat and replacing with muscle now; and less about the number on the scale.

2.      It Only Works If You Do It With Proper Nutrition!

-          Whether it’s Whole 30 or Paleo Zone or some combo of both, you have to take charge of your nutrition if you expect to see results or get better at the sport of Cross-fit. I am in the food business, surrounded by temptations every day. It’s a matter of how bad you want it. How bad do you want to look & feel better? How bad to you want to improve on your overhead squats? How bad do you want to have faster recovery times? All I’m saying is, you can do it….you just have to want it bad enough!

3.      Listen To Your Coaches

-          How many times have you heard, “drop the weight, scale it back, work on your form, cut down the reps”? How many times have you ignored it? There is a fine line between pushing yourself and just being stubborn. Dropping the weight to make sure your form is correct will only make you a better athlete than to go hit the heavy weight with poor form; and then be out with an injury. I did it, and it sucked. I won’t go into the details but I will say that subbing airsquats for anything overhead for 30 days blows.

4.      Going RX is a Privilege, Not An Entitlement

-          Most of my WODs fall in the non-Rx category. I am middle of the pack, or sometimes near the bottom. It doesn’t bother me at all because I train with some amazing athletes. I have people ( and coaches) that I train with who inspire me to go faster, get stronger, and try to catch them during the WOD. And at the end, I gave it my best shot and did so with integrity. I would never want to diminish someone’s RX effort by “forgetting” that I dropped a knee on a few pushups, or could have gotten that last rep, or did everything else RX besides the banded pull-ups.  RX is like the promotion at work that you want….you have to earn it.


5.      I Get Up Really Early To Cross-Fit STRONG

-          I don’t think addicted is the word I would use, more like passionate. CFS has become a lifestyle change that has impacted me on so many levels. I have met people and developed friendships with folks that I look forward to seeing again the next day. It has become something that Cat & I can do together. My health will not be something that worries me as I get older. I mean, you hear stories all the time of people who are in poor health as they age. And in the same story you hear that “ if only they took charge of their health 10 years ago, we would not be here”. I don’t want to spend any of my life in a hospital bed with tubes and machines, because I didn’t take charge of my health now. I think of how many times Gale uses the term, “Strong Family”. He is right. There is a culture at CFS. We are all so connected with each other by coming to the Box to sweat, freeze, cuss, scream, high five, tape up, rip up, eat up, drink up, ice up, and pick up that bar. People who don’t CFS, don’t understand. People who do CFS, well….all they talk about is CFS!


How do you end the blog?.......I guess I’ll just say, “The End”


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  • KeeganW 08/24/2011 14:21:04

    This is an amazing blog. 
  • ShelbyB 08/21/2011 20:51:33

    Paul you're awesome! Thanks for reminding us all that its about improving ourselves inside and out. Congrats!
  • DanikaB 08/16/2011 20:36:00

    Paul, reading this give me a good kick in the a$$ to get back in there even though i'm not at my best right now -- i won't get back there if i don't get back in there!  :)  You were the first person i met at the 5:30am class, and I'm always inspired by your work ethic.  See you Thursday, it is definitely about that time!    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary, many more to come!
  • DavidH 08/16/2011 15:41:11

    Paul, when I tell people about CFS I always use you as an example. Your all out effort is always an inspiration. Your progress is impressive! Great Blog.
  • marlam 08/16/2011 14:16:21

    Great blog Paul, you are an inspiration to many!
  • SarahH 08/16/2011 09:07:55

    great blog, Paul!  i think several of us felt the way you did coming in, and it's always nice to lookback at where we were and just how far we have been able to come.  it's incredibly empowering to be able to have daily victories.  thanks for posting this :)
  • TomW 08/16/2011 06:58:53

    Those are some amazing results after year 1 with CFS, and I know year 2 will be another notch in your ladder of success.  You are a true inspiration Paul.  Double unders, schmubble unders.  I know Mama Cat is soooo happy you took that leap of faith, as are we all!
  • SharlaG 08/15/2011 20:27:10

    Well said my friend!  You definitely keep me going each morning and I'm so glad you decided to give in   You push me every morning to do my very best!  So thankful you're a part of CFS!!!
  • LindsayM 08/15/2011 19:09:53

    Paul, you are awesome and I am so impressed & inspired by your story.  You are always pushing and have a GREAT attitude! I am so glad you joined! Keep up the great work!!!

  • BeccaR 08/15/2011 16:50:52

    Paul....this story and people like YOU make my job the best in the whole wide world....I love that I have had the opportunity to be one of your coaches!!!! you are amazing....keep it up!! :)
  • TarahW 08/15/2011 13:30:44

    Awesome Awesome Blog!  You inspire everyone you work out with.  You give it 150% every time you walk into the box...  Thank you for all of your support every morning! 
  • NatalieP 08/15/2011 11:33:16

    Loved the Blog Paul!!! You are one of the many faces that makes me get my lazy butt out of bed a few times a week!  Walking in  to the STRONG box and watching other athlete's compete for their family, friends, community and what they believe in is what makes being a part of this box so amazing! 
  • JakeS 08/15/2011 10:29:30

    Great blog post Paul!  Reading your story motivates/inspires me to work harder on diet and WODs a like.
  • allenwhite 08/15/2011 10:26:23

    Thanks for sharing Paul. Its funny to hear about your hesitation because I doubt anyone could imagine the box without you. I can't wait to see your progress over the next year as your raise your goals.

    As far as the end, that might be my favorite part of crossfit. You never reach "The End". There is always more weight to lose, muscle to gain, WODs to conquer,  skills to learn and skills to master. It doesn't matter if you just showed up for the free intro or you are one of our amazing athletes that took 5th at Regionals.
  • AndyL 08/15/2011 09:56:01

    Paul, it's been a pleasure shrinking with you over the past year.  You inspire and motivate everyone around you, and contribute so much to the box.  Thanks for your hard work, and can't wait to see what the next year brings!
  • cat 08/15/2011 09:43:03

    PF - I think you're pretty awesome - and I'm not just saying that so you'll continue to make up the bed every morning after my sling is off and I can't claim title to the "one arm" excuse anymore.  I'm super proud that you made the effort on day 1 a year ago, but that you still continue to push yourself outside the comfort zone.  Congrats on getting your first rope climb this weekend....and looking forward to the day when you get those double-unders!  

  • CoachYocom 08/15/2011 09:35:21

    Great Great Story! I am glad that we finally got you here, every day
    you come with the same intensity like it is the last workout. Well at
    least until tomorrow. 

    To add to his pont, Coaches preach and preach that range of motion
    and form is vital to developing yourself as an athlete down the road.  I
    wish more and more took that to heart. You may get really good at that
    3/4 squat over the next year, but will only have to start over again
    when you have to go past ninety. do the range of motion now develop the correct muscles now and it will only help in the long run.

    funny thing about Paul is that as I write these comments, the only
    picture I ever have of him during the wod's is a look of pure
    determination and giving it everything he has. Everytime. Everytime. 
    That is a good impression to leave!

    what impression are you leaving our your friends and family around you?
  • TanyaS 08/15/2011 09:03:26

    So glad to have you in the Family!! and happy you made the leap of faith to try it!!   great recap of your experience.
  • NydiaS 08/15/2011 08:53:31

    Great blog Paul! I especially like the part of how going RX is a privilege. I'd never thought of it that way but I like it. Thanks for sharing your story. It's definitely inspiring! So glad you're a part of the 530am crew!


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