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Thank You!

I am honestly humbled to be a part of this box and this team.  For all that has been said about the competitors (and I could go on and on about Gale, Kyle, Witte, Cat, Leah, Stef, Becca, Kim, and Neal), Im not sure enough has been said about everyone else and their contribution to this weekend.  Whether it was coming down to watch and yell, watching and yelling from home, or pushing us during the Opens and the weeks leading up to the competition, every single person at this box was a member of and competitor for the CFS Team -- we couldnt have done ANYTHING without you.  I want to give a special shout out to spouses and significant others for putting up with us, namely Shelby and Ashley.  And, finally, a special shout out to Jake and Compete Every Day for capturing it all!  Truly blessed.

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  • JohnD 06/24/2011 09:23:07

    That video is great!  Congratulations to all.
  • CoachYocom 06/23/2011 11:56:38

    I agree 100% Malachi. Everyone gave it their all. I love the fact that so many drove so far to support us. I have heard several say they were inspired to work harder to get there next year. That is music to my ears. We truly have a box of great athletes. Someone sent me an email and asked about any lesson learned or change in programming.  There were some! But overall I am confirmed that our programming is spot on (with some minor adjustments). If external circumstances were and could be controled, their is no doubt that we would have several going to the games this year.  I really have to attest that to the individuals giving it their all and their hearts as opposed to cfs programming.  But for those that are new with us, trust the programming and where it can take you.


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