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a NEW Partnership

Just in case you missed it in the newsletter, we recently partnered with Urban Acres to be a Food Stand.  If you have not heard about Urban Acres, here is a quick summary of who they are & how they got started:xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /

“What started as a few friends traveling the dirt roads of Texas in a Volkswagen Rabbit has become the source of local organic food for thousands of people in the Dallas metroplex.  Urban Acres is a local organic market, and our goal is to provide our community with very best local and organic foods while supporting Texas farm families and artisans.  Our store is located in North Oak Cliff, just across the river from downtown Dallas.

Our farm store allows small farmers and local artisans to have a voice and share their gifts.  We also created a “co-op style” produce system that makes shopping easy and trying new veggies fun.  All of us here at Urban Acres got really tired of not knowing where our food comes from, and we like taking care of the earth by getting food from around the corner and not a million miles away.

So that’s us…Urban Acres.  We love local.  We believe in organic.  And we are passionate about food!”


Their Farm Stands were created so that THEY do the shopping…you just have to pick it up!  The produce that you are buying is what is in season & in abundance.  They will deliver to the box every 2 weeks – our first drop off was this past Saturday (some of you might have noticed) so the next one will be on 4/23.  Here are the options:

-           HALF share - $30 for roughly 15lbs of produce

-          FULL share - $50 for roughly 30lbs of produce (you can also split a full w/someone if you want)

When you sign up, you have $14 bin fee so that you have a bin when you pick up your food.  When you come to pick up, you drop your bin off & pick up a new one – makes the process quick & easy.  Everything is set up on Auto-Draft so there is no hassle! There is also a $50 one time membership fee.  We have a couple of members who are already enrolled – Eric Overton & Matt & Kelly Renfro – so you can ask them about their experience.

Here is the sign up sheet: YjQ3NjgtYTY5Ny00OGZmLThlZGYtMTgxMWQwM2RmZTYy&hl=en&authkey=COCzkoAG

You can either mail in your form in order to receive produce on 4/23 or give it to me & I’ll give it to them when they drop off the produce – which means your first pick up would be 5/7. 

If you have your form filled out by Thursday, I will put them in the mail as a CFS group – but I will need it by the end of day Thursday!

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  • EverettF 04/14/2011 12:50:36

    Hey Ash,  Leslie and I plan on going down to the store on Saturday.  Wanted to check it out and drop off our form.  We'd be happy to drop off any forms for anyone else instead of having you mail them in if you want.
  • KatherineM 04/12/2011 16:21:08

    I have several friends who do this and LOVE it! 


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