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MONTSE! Athlete of the Month!

Congratulations to Montse Costabella, Unifieds first Member of the Month for 2011. 

Montse was introduced to Crossfit in October of 2010.  Only two months and already she has seen her body change and strengthen by leaps and bounds.  When asked, Montse says she has more endurance and stamina these days. She is also thrilled to be doing things at Crossfit that she may never have tried on her own.

One such new endeavor is her goal to be able to do at least 1 handstand-pushup.  Shes been working on being able to achieve this after her WODs and isnt too far away from doing so.  Montse does come in to the “U” for two-a-days often. She is determined to improve her form with many of the lifts and to have a leaner and more toned body in a couple more months.  She already feels very comfortable with herself but says “theres always room for more improvement along the way”.

Although already a Crossfit addict, there is one exercise that Montse likes least... box jumps! And although she still feels like she’s getting a great workout doing them, she is fearful of falling! But as far as weve seen, that hasnt happened yet.

When asked what she loves about Crossfit and the “U”, she replied, “Okay, I dont want to sound like a suck-up jajaja but EVERYTHING! I love the "U"! Ive always been a fitness enthusiast, so Ive tried almost every gym, but being at the "U" is way different than being at a regular gym. At the gym youre just another member paying monthly dues and fees, who cares if youre not going or getting a daily work out. At the "U" its more like a team or a family based structure. Ben & Noel do an excellent job motivating everyone, teaching proper form & technique, plus working and getting to know members on a one to one basis. That shows us that theyre also committed to helping us achieve our goals- long or short term. Thanks guys!! :D”

Montse has always stayed active and Crossfit is definitely another physical activity to add to her long list of jogging at night, playing soccer and bike riding on Sunday mornings.  She also plays basketball, and has toyed with yoga, swimming and spinning classes. 

Montse comes from a very tight knit family consisting of four sisters and her mom who she is extremely close to.  Montse is the eldest and her youngest sister is only two years old. Her family is the most important to her. 

In addition to the being a full time student, she has been a part-time teller at BBVA Compas Bank for the last two years.  She is an avid reader and tries to squeeze reading time into her daily routine.  But its clear that her favorite hobby is working out. “Even on my rest days Ill go out for a jog with my sisters or to play basketball with some friends.” 

With all that energy, strength and determination, we are certain that we will be seeing Montse dominating Crossfit competitions very soon.

Congratulations, Montse, on being Unifieds Member of the Month! Keep up the hard work!


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