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Hello from Canada (ok just Michigan)

So this blog isn’t going to be as motivating as Cat’s typical blogs (speaking of, it’s been a while Cat – I think we are due for one of your rants, er, blogs J ), or as moving as Katherine’s blog was (which was a great post, Katherine, I just haven’t had a chance to comment on it.  You hit the nail on the head for what so many folks go through and how Crossfit Strong is so much more than just a ‘gym’).   Nope, this blog is just going to be me clearing my head, because, well shoot, I miss you guys. 

Despite what Gale or Mike may have told you, the reason I haven’t been around the past couple weeks is not because either of them beat me in an Indian Leg Wrestling competition for box dominance, nor is it because Gale was worried that Gia was taking a stronger liking to me than him and consequently ostracized me (though I think she does, Gale).  I left yall the week before last for the cooler climes of Northern Michigan finally (I know, I know, it’s not Montana, and it was supposed to be months ago).  And before you start to celebrate how you’re finally free of my perpetual nagging and berating during wods, be careful, I’ll be back before you know it… Because I didn’t get to leave you guys with any parting wisdom (I decided to leave the Friday of the weekend I drove up here) besides the awesome chalk message I am sure inspired all of you, I figured I’d drop a few nuggets of knowledge on you and let you know what its like up here in case you were curious (and I have plenty of time to write). 

First off, I don’t want to hear any of you complaining about the weather down there at all this winter.  I did a wod on Saturday outside my cabin at about 10 am.  I had to wear thermals b/c it was 38 degrees outside.  But don’t worry, the wind chill made it feel like 31 apparently. That was in October….  There is nowhere indoors for me to get a wod in up here, and I sure as sh!t am not going to take time off so that malachi or the new proud papa can get within 10 minutes of my Fran time, so just remember when you show up to the box and it’s a little chilly in there this winter, be thankful you can still feel your fingers well enough to grip a bar…  

Second, I’ve been meaning to write something for about a month now, but didn’t want to sound like I was harping, and could never figure out the best way to do it, so now that I don’t have to see you guys for months, I’m just going to say it: WORK ON YOUR GOALS!!! I was so pumped to see so many goals written on that whiteboard back in August, and then, in all honesty, disappointed to see only a handful of folks actively working on their goals… The reason we wrote them on the board is so that everyone else at the box could hold you accountable for your goal.  I’ll be the first to say I failed there too, I was gung ho on my pullup improvement, but never took the time to encourage anyone else to work on their specific goal.  I don’t know what the future of that whiteboard is, but we need goals in crossfit (just like life) and the best way to make sure you get there, is by creating a little accountability from an outsider.  Set yourself an attainable goal, and tell a couple folks in your normal class (noon, 5:30 pm, etc.) about it.  It doesn’t have to be major, just enough that when they see you hopefully they’ll ask you about it, or it’ll remind you that you need to be working.

Finally, a couple odds and ends: Kettlebells truly do suck.  I really have a tough time knocking out the 30 or so we are doing now, I can’t imagine what the 80’s and 90’s are going to be.  I read it in a comment by either ash or Gale, but want to reiterate, don’t be a hero doing these.  You can hurt yourself if you are not smart.  Break them up if possible and if you start feeling pain anywhere, but especially your lower back, get with one of the coaches to make sure you are swinging correctly.  It’s going to be very easy for your form to go to the wayside once you’re on swing number 63 for the day and if it does, then you are better off not swinging – it’s not worth all the glory that comes with winning this challenge to have to walk like diesel rest of your life.  Also, Gale, can we just make it last one standing?  I can’t see anyone making it to 100…

If anyone wants to enjoy some awesomely cold winter weather this year, fly yourself into Traverse City, and I’ve got a spare bedroom in a cabin on (what will be very soon, supposedly) an iced-over lake.  Not much to do up here besides snowmobiling and ice fishing, but all of yall are more than welcome.

In case you were wondering, the best part of being up here is the forest and lake scenery, it truly is amazing. And the worst part is not the cold, it’s the fact that I de-shirted before working out at the regular gym up here last week and was kindly asked to re-robe myself or I would have to be escorted out… working out in a shirt sucks.

And lastly, I’ve only been gone 2 weeks, but it’s easy for me to say this even after such a short time: appreciate what we’ve got down there at CFS.  Not just the facility, but moreso the people.  It killed me not to make it to the Halloween party, and I really miss getting up there every day and seeing everybody.  And I really mean everybody, even you Marla.  I’ll try to stay on the blogs and comments a little more often from here on, but even if I don’t, remember I’m thinking about you guys (as I’m standing out in below zero temperatures while it’s sleeting down on me and piercing through the 8 layers of clothing and sweet new beard I am sporting), and I cant wait to get back and see you all again. I expect everyone to have made leaps and bounds improvements on their skills and fitness when I finally come back – because if I end up being able to run faster than anyone down there after having to snowshoe my whole time up here, there’ll be hell to pay.

Holler at a player when you see him in the street!


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  • NydiaS 11/09/2010 10:19:46

    Wow, just this morning, I wrote a new goal on the board without having read your blog first. Perfect timing. It’s so great that even though you’re all the way out there, you’re still encouraging us. This is what I love about CrossFit Strong - we’re family! Anyway, thanks for writing this blog. Enjoyed reading it and hearing from you!

  • SharlaG 11/08/2010 14:08:54

    We do miss having you around Kyle!  I need that constant hounding to make sure that squat is correct form ALL the time!!:-)  You are so right about goals....have to admit that I have set mine and have not worked very hard at accomplishing them.  Thanks for the reminder to put them in the forefront of my mind!  Crackin' me up on the "re-robing" at the gym!  Those northerners just don't understand Texas heat...they're always too cold to "de-shirt" (or else they were afraid you would steal all their women)!

    Hang in there and stay warm!

  • PaShunD 11/08/2010 14:08:07

    Kyle I really enjoyed reading your update blog! Power Hour misses you so much and we are really pushing ourselves and each other just as if you were still here, belive that! I think Gale misses you too cause he takes it out on us! Hurry back cause the man is insane. He is trying to make me stop drinking! You have to send pics of the beard! I can't even begin to imagin what a bearded Kyle looks like! lol
  • CoachYocom 11/08/2010 10:52:08

    Kyle we all miss you and mike and I miss dominating your an leg wrestling!  Gia is finally happy and doesn't pee all over people what hate feelings she had toward you are resolved. thanks for being the bigger person and removing yourself for her.

    GOALS!!! 100% you have been hounding me to get on these guys for a long time.  You all should go look at the board and see when you wrote down your goal and if you have done anything to accomplish it!  It was supposed to be 60 days.  Be prepared to get some callouts!

    The CFS family missed you at paintball this weekend...nothing like shooting your friends to make the day get better...right manchild!  I even got to shoot my wife and son!  how awesome is that!

    On the kettlebells...that is why we got the kb's for that you break them up through out the day. i don't expect you to swing day after day unbroken or even in 15 mins. that is entirely too much...listen to your body...I need to get an accurate count of who is still in the kb challenge....

    We may change the last 10 to be every odd day or MWF and using the script on the home page to tell us which one we are on.

    Kyle stay strong out there and keep up the hard work...and I so want to go ice seems like the most boring thing in the world...but I want to say I tried...
  • RamseyS 11/08/2010 09:33:49

    ....Like the desert misses the rain, playa. 
  • MalachiB 11/04/2010 14:18:27

    We miss you, but it is nice to get through a WOD without someone with a ruptured achilles beating you.  You better hope that thing heals and that you get some work in, because there are a few of us breathing down your neck ready to beat some of your times!

  • TomW 11/03/2010 21:54:58

    I fully expect to see pics of a WOD on a frozen lake.  Don't be a sissy, Bill Gapinski does WODs in his flip flops up there!

  • LindsayM 11/03/2010 19:45:48

    Awwwe....miss you Kyle!!!!  I am sure the Halloween party would have been a notch crazier with you their in your "GOT STRANGE"
    You know we love ya, miss ya, hope you come back and visit us soon!  You are welcome to crash anytime you are in town.  Hope work is going well and I LOVED your chalk message- truly awesome!!!  Stay Warm dear.....


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