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October Events

Hey Guys -

Just wanted to give a heads up to October Events that are coming up - since some are early October & the newsletter might come out later.... =)

10/9 - Jerry Can Run - run a 5k with a 50# water jug - single or team of 3 or 5 people to help raise money for Clean Water
10/9 - Avas Angels (NEW) - CF Denton County putting together an event to raise money for one of their members whose daughter had a stroke at 15mos.  They are raising money for the non profit group Avas Angels who help children with Neuromusclular disorders and help Ava go to an ability camp to help her.  $50 for individuals & $300/team.  There is a competition sign up & recreational sign up.
10/15 - Social Friday @ CFS - it will also be our Pumpkin Carving Party
10/16 - Race for the Cure 5k
10/16 - Firefly Run 5k  - race is at night
10/30 – CarnaEvil HalloWOD– CFS & CFCD are sponsoring with the LuLuLemon crew -  details to come!

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  • CoachYocom 09/29/2010 11:27:09

    we still may be able to get this for us as guys let me know today...



    The deadline for the free CrossFit Journal shirts to wear at the Water is Basic 5K - Jerry Can Relay is end of business Tuesday, Sept 28th. I will be getting them from CrossFit Inc. and need time to get them here for the race.


    Please let me know asap the size, m/f and quantity for your people/teams. Shirts are available for 5K and Relay participants.


    It's really a great deal. You get a CF Journal shirt and Water is Basic dri-fit shirt for the price of the entry fee. We have been fortunate enough to have some generous sponsors this year that have covered all of the cost of the event so all of the entry fees will be going to drill water wells in Sudan!


    The current plan is that video will be shot at the event and a story shown on the news following the event. This looks to be a win/win deal for CrossFit and Water is Basic.


    If you have any questions don't hesitate to call me at 972-567-7111.


    Thanks for all the support,


    Darrell Taylor


  • CoachYocom 09/29/2010 11:24:21

    Who is down on the jerry can? that sounds sick! I will only if I have to do it... ;)

    CFS is sponsoring the firefly, I just signed up as well.

    Oh yea, get your pumpkin faces!  WE will post more details on this one as well!!!!  Here are some I did over the years

    CrossFit Strong and Dallas Central are doing the Carnevil and HalloWOD!  Everyone plan to attend that will be in place of our Sat. is going to be different/sick/fun
  • EricS 09/28/2010 16:19:47

    I signed up for the Jerry Can -- solo.
  • manthony 09/28/2010 11:55:34

    I <3 Pumpkin Carving!!

    Anyone want to team up for Jerry Can???


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