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Training at The U

To U Members,
I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts on your training here at the U. As many of you know, I design all of of our WODs (workouts) here at Unified Crossfit with exception to the benchmark WODS also referred to as single name WODS. My philosophy is simple: Design a WOD that will elicit a chain of normal human responses from the athlete that result in a desired and appropriate level of fatigue. Essentially, you should feel physically and possibly mentally worn out after a WOD. If you do NOT feel this way, there are really only two possible conclusions I can draw: One, you didnt go hard enough or two you didnt fully complete the WOD as designed. Crossfit is aimed at improving POWER OUTPUT; as I define it: being able to complete a given task(s) faster than another. You should go hard all the way; for it is at this level you will realize the greatest results that Crossfit has to offer and that I can provide you. If Ben, Danny or I explain a WOD and how to complete it, follow those guideines to perfection if you desire the most efficacious results. Go hard all the time! We are here to make you BETTER in every sense of the word. Half jokingly, i say, "Im not sayin Im better than you, Im just sayin I Crossfit at the U." Well, to be frank, I mean it. What we do here is NOT being done anywhere in Laredo or elsewhere for that matter. Please dont mistake my confidence for arrogance, its a fine line to walk, but I do truly believe in what we are doing here. I never saw progress like I am seeing out of you all now. In summation, I would offer you these guideposts when preparing to WOD out at the U:
1. carefully read/listen so that you understand the WOD
2. Ask the trainers for expanation where you are uncertain as to the directions or movements
3. consider a plan of attack for the WOD, how will you complete it as fast as you can?
4. Put yourself into a positive/focused state
5. Work methodically and hard
6. Believe in yourself!


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