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Real quick guys:  Schedule of events for the weekend.  Cat will be doing her events on saturday at 9 am and 1 pm, unsure of Sunday - Cat a little help?  Team will be going at 11:21 Saturday, 4:25 Saturday, and 10:25 Sunday morning.  Theyve got a great setup out here guys, should be a blast, hope you can make it out.  OK, time to go rest up. Although Brooke and I are sharing a hotel room, but she promises to keep her hand off the merchandise... its driving her crazy I can tell.

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  • jgrantham 05/29/2010 13:13:12

    Got stuck with stuff at work this weekend, can't make it out i_i.  Everyone kick ass at regionals!
  • adam 05/29/2010 10:37:31

    Good luck guys Im sure all of you will destroy it. Im sad I cant make it but Ill check for updates while enjoying a fun saturday at the library. 
  • marlam 05/29/2010 08:38:00

    GOOOOOOD MORNING CROSSFIT STRONG (in my best Robin Williams voice)!!!!!

    Today is the day you guys have been preparing for, trust your training and believe. Remember - STRONG HEART, STRONG MIND AND STRONG BODY.

    I am headed over to Ft. Worth, if anyone needs help or directions, call me (972) 467-2391.

  • cat 05/29/2010 06:59:20

    Cat's schedule
    Sat @ 9 a.m. and 1:25 p.m.
    Sun @ 8:35 a.m. and 1:40 p.m.

    Morning thoughts (yes, woke up at the same freakin 4:30 a.m. that I always do and yes, I'm on my 4th cup of coffee).....

    1) Motherly instinct thoughts:   wear sunglasses and a hat and wear plenty of sunscreen, stay hydrated, drink responsibly, wear comfortable shoes - there is no stadium seating so you will be on your feet all day.

    2) Sisterly instinct thoughts:   I am so proud of our entire crossfit family - from the athletes who are participating today, but all the coaches who give us so much of their time, energy and talent to ensure that our box is the best in town, and to each athlete for his/her support, friendship and daily inspiration.   

    3)  Personal motivation thoughts 3 hours prior to WOD 1:  Kick some ass, never quit, don't give up, you can do it, this is the best time of your life, you ain't gettin any younger, whatcha waitin for, it's now or never, it's you against the workout, channel your energy, fight through it, dig deep, dig deeper, fuck fear, this is all you, you've worked your ass off to get to this point, it's just a WOD, I'll be back at my desk job on Tuesday, I am loved, I love CF Strong, damn I look pretty good in this lulu stuff.

    Love you guys!   Let's rock this shit!  


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