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Brutal Honesty

Our New Endurance Program will be starting up, and as we are finalizing it; we need some feedback from you.  Remember the endurance program is not only for those racing, but it will increase your performance in WODs as well and help prevent injury and show proper running technique. Cat put together this survey to help us.
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******************Warrior Dash*******************************
We have a huge booth out there. We need volunteers to help with the race and hang out at the booth and keep the beer cold.  Go to the spreadsheet and sign up. Also, on the spreadsheet put in the time you are racing so you can do it together. .. The booth is open all day and can be used as a meeting place for everyone.  We need volunteers from 8am to 2:30.
Brutal Honesty. I really enjoyed reading your responses to the survey, although you can still give me feedback. It is here  I just wanted to put a few of my responses for some of the items in our blog:

1. Athlete Checkoff - Everyone Should have gotten their athlete handbook. The big question was more chances to get checked off. Response: You can get checked off during any WOD that has that exercise, so their should be plenty of times for that, just ask a coach watch you during the WOD if you need checked off. Practice before the WOD starts as well. Technique is crucial for all these movements. If you have questions, just ask a coach they will get it answered.  It is not our responsibility to know what you are or arent checked off on. If there is a question, you are not checked off.

2. Music - Seriously! Response: Create your playlist for GrooveShark and request that it get played. Dont get your feelings hurt, if the whole box boycotts your playlist. Send me your username and I will add you to our playlists.  If you wear you IPOD, ensure the volume is not so loud that you cant hear the coaches talking to you.

3. Programming - Structured Stength Work / Programming is wanted. Response: I dont believe in having a structured program that we do strength wod then metcon on certain days or certain amount of times per month. I believe the constantly varied is gone. I do believe in doing strength work post WOD on your own if you need to work on something and your body feels capable.  I put in heavy exercises on some WODs to help build that strength, but history at our box has shown PRs from just following this programming works. I do think strength work is vital, but not in programming for the masses of the box.  If you need help on strength work, then tackle it after the WODs.  Your strength will increase just from being smoked after a WOD. There are plenty of pros and cons each way, but for 98% of our members our programming is the most efficient. I am open to conversation on this as always.

4. Athlete Handbook - Add Nutrition and How CrossFit Came about. Response - Excellent ideas and I will. Although, our nutrition link on the site has so much good information I wanted to keep us going to the same place and keep it updated their.

5. Equipment - Dont be a jerk and not clean up your equipement, I dont want your nasty sweat all over me. Rack the weights in the righ type and lbs. Response: Uh, yea! I agree 100%. If our athletes our complaining about this, we have a problem. Lets fix it.

6. Scores - Ok this is my response, but I am saddened that you are missing the point of CrossFit! Enter your scores. In order to be successful, the program has to be "measureable, observable, and repeatable," Coach Glassman. So, How can I see your improvements without this?

7. Free Gatorade -- Seriously, Cracker! I thought that was funny.
Next Blog -- Mental Aspect of CrossFit, quit telling me you want Cardio in your programming. Have you not noticed after a WOD you should be gasping for air if you are working at high intensity?
Next Two Saturdays -- we wil be hosting the WODs, Intros, and Yoga offisite.  Stay tuned, one of the weekends will be really different.
Parking - No parking in the streets or non-parking lots.  If the lots are full, we can use the HUGE lot to the East of the building. A couple days in the summer, we will block the back parking lot so that we can work outside. doesnt that sound fun?

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  • CoachYocom 04/27/2010 09:44:24

    New Blog will be posted today with my response.
  • CoachYocom 04/24/2010 08:32:09

    I have a lot to say on this: I will follow up on Sunday maybe?  I have to go open the box the for l1.

    You need strength training, but 98% of everyone that has followed the programming has not lost any strength but still pr's.

    For the record, we can't have an open gym. you have to be a part of the class. I will explain in the next comments.
  • EricZ 04/23/2010 23:07:45

    Kyle and Chris,

    One of the biggest reasons it took me so long to join after Jenn joined was exactly what you guys are talking about.  I was always a gym rat... hell... Jenn and I were both Kinesiology Majors.... It was a pride thing.  I thought to myself: "I dont need anyone to tell me how to workout"... 

    I can honestly say after 4 months of CF that this is one of the best workouts I have ever done.  Lets talk about results,  when I started I weighed 225lbs and now am down to roughly 215lbs... 10 lbs in 4 months... pretty good... My endurance (although still needs work) is 10x better than it was... hell I ran a friggin 1/2 Marathon.... and thats another blog

    Strength training... I love strength training... not going ot lie i still miss it... the rush of getting in the gym, throwing up a bunch of weight and getting that euphoric pumped feeling.... BUT I can honestly say that my strength has gotten better since I started CFS.   Granted Havent done a 1RM on alot of lifts in a while but feel better and stronger everyday!

    Okay... that all sounded very meat headish.... that okay with me... dont mind.... haha!

  • KyleH 04/21/2010 16:24:08

    I figured I'd chime in real briefly on the strength point Gale brought up.  Strength is as (if not more) important to what we do in our Crossfit wods as the endurance aspect.  I'm not saying you have to be able to deadlift 500 lbs or clean and jerk 300, but having a sound strength base will allow you more efficiently push press 75 lbs during a FGB or DL some portion of your bodyweight in between 400m runs.  We all come in with very different strength backgrounds, from guys like Big Keith who probably could deadlift a house, to ladies like Marla (sorry to call you out Marla - you are just so slight of build), so we are obviously all starting out with largely varying amounts of strength. And it is easy to say that the programming Gale puts together for us doesn't build strength - the people who are strong at the box simply had it coming in, or they are doing the Crossfit WODs for their "cardio" and still weightlifting like they used to other times during the week.  Trust me, I was in that camp for the first 3 months or so when I started crossfit.  But let me say that  there is plenty enough of heavy weight mixed in to the WODs that building strength over time should not be a problem.  Between October of last year and now, I almost completely cut out my former "weightlifting" routine in favor of more crossfit and my DL, Bench, Press, and Squat have all gone up considerably.  I was very skeptical at first (and my workout buddies just about disowned me) but the proof is in the pudding and I can't deny that I am stronger now than I was 6 months ago.  And the added benefit is that my joints don't hurt like they used to (I had terrible elbow and shoulder pains taht would force me to take weeks at a time off of certain movements). Sometimes you just have to trust that what you think you know, may not necessarily be right.

    Now that being said, I still occasionally like to do a Strength WOD in complement to my Crossfit (maybe some heavy squats, deadlifts, or presses) but that is really no more than maybe once a week, and definitely not the "Chest and tris on Monday, back and bis on Tuesday" routine taht so many people are used to.  If you don't have a strong deadlift - then yes you WILL NEED TO PUT IN EXTRA WORK on your deadlift strength (just make sure your techniue is good first - that is a whole 'nother blog I could post).  Or if squats/FS/OHS wear you out before they should, take a day each week to do some strenghth work outside of Crossfit.  Just remember to listen your body and be sure to get your rest day in there.  Sorry, I said I'd be brief.  My point is, don't fall into the trap of thinking you have to be "working out" and doing crossfit if you want to add strength.  Give the programming a chance for a few months and see if you get the results you are looking for.  The worst that happens is you lose a lot of your strength, but still lean up and get to look like Gale. 
  • CoachYocom 04/20/2010 16:36:52

    Nutrition NewsLetter went out today. If you want it, subscribe:


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