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NCAA Bracket

Hooray - its almost time to embark on the greatest 26 days of the year! No I am not talking about the every other Sunday we use as our cheat days when were Paleo, I am talking about Cinderella stories and Scintillating Action, Bubbles being burst and Bracket Busters, Perpetual Prognostication and PTPers, The Annual 12 vs 5 Upset and Duke failing yet again to live up to expectations, and of course, the One Shining Moment montage at the end of it all.  You got it - Im talking NCAA March Madness baby!!! (in my best Dickie V voice)
The NCAA tournament starts tomorrw morning and while this is coming a little late, youve still got plenty of time to fill in your bracket(s) and wait with bated breath for the inevitable upset that trashes all your hard work 6 hours into the first day of the tourney (my gut says the Aggies fall first).  We are going to do a NCAA Pool and need all of your money! The cost will be $5/bracket and you can submit as many brackets as youd like.  Feel free to involve your spouse, siblings, or significant others as well as friends and family - the more the merrier. I dont want to bombard everyone with an e-mail, and I cant figure out how to attach a file to the blog (I am potentially computer illiterate) so if you want in, please send me an e-mail at and I will send you the bracket to fill in (a simple excel spreadsheet) and send back to me.  Payout will most likely be 60% to winner, 30% to 2nd place, and 10% to 3rd (dead last gets their money back).  All brackets will be due back to me via e-mail by tipoff tomorrow morning, 11:20 at the latest. Feel free to leave a question on this blog or send me an e-mail.  Good  luck to everybody and I will leave you with one tip: if you want to have a chance at winning it all, go with Georgetown.  Hoya Saxa!

Basketball Fun

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  • marlam 03/22/2010 09:57:41

    Kyle told me on Saturday… “you can smack talk all you want, as long as your team is still in the tourney” well…my mouth is officially shut and my heart is broken.

    Come on Lady Aggies BTHO Gonzaga!!

  • cat 03/22/2010 09:46:07

    How about those Bears?  Sic' em!
  • CoachAsH 03/19/2010 16:40:08

    hahaha Marla - I actually DID!! LOL.  I'm actually not too bad off thus far...Georgetown & Vandi screwed me & apparantely Tx sucks..i didn't get the memo!  COME ON AGS!!
  • DylanM 03/19/2010 11:48:10

    i dont even know what the ncaa is
  • KyleH 03/18/2010 22:27:47

    Sorry Melissa, I skipped yoga tonight just so I could watch my Hoyas crap the bed against the #9 team in the FREAKING MidAmerican Conference!  The yogi gods are vengeful gods aren't they.  I insulted them by mocking their tantric breathing and putting basketball ahead of my "one-ness" with Mother Earth, and they punish me by giving Chris Mullin's shooting stroke to a 5'6", 160 lb freshman for 40 minutes against my alma mater. 

    Lesson learned.  Never again will I willingly incur their wrath.  See you next week for as much yoga as I can possibly endure.

    (Is it too late to Gig Em?)
  • marlam 03/18/2010 14:28:33

    Did anyone pick Old Dominion over Norte Dame?
  • MistyKeene 03/18/2010 14:19:24

    Jerry - I'll let you be an offical fan of the Oklahoma State Cowboys!! We will adopt you!! You've gotta wear a lot of orange like me and cheer hard!! We are famous for our razor thin losses. :)
  • JerryF 03/17/2010 23:37:17

    I went to a pretty nice art school, but we never amounted to anything in sports.

    I don't think the Pratt Institute of Art & Design Cannoneers are on anybody's bracket.
  • ChrisJ 03/17/2010 21:26:51

    I'm in, I'll send you an e-mail.

    I'm an alum of 2 teams that didn't make it (Tech and URI). One of them was a tourney snub, I'll give you a hint, it wasn't Tech. (Rhody had an RPI of 40 and 12-1 non-conf. record, but hey I'm clearly not bitter).
  • AdrienneG 03/17/2010 18:28:08

    How did I know that there would be Sooner-bashing in this thread and that Ramsey would be doing the bashing? 
  • charlesb 03/17/2010 17:19:44

    If our teams do indeed make it out of the first round we gotta put some burpees on the game MJ. Either that or I get my man-card back!

    Who needs inside info when you've got a flawless system for picks?  Every year I just pick SuPurdue to go all the way and every other decision is based on mascot ferocity. Still haven't won a pool ever but I think that's more a conspiracy than anything else.

    Rams I'm just glad football season is over, as it seems the Big 10 has forgotten how to play that particular game. I'd talk some smack about the Boilers beating the Horns but your boys would have to make it out of the 2nd round for that to happen and that would mean beating #1 seed Kentucky.  I guess that's what happens when you're an 8 seed.  And don't lie, your chess game is sick, I need a few days inbetween games just to recuperate mentally!

    Wait a second, the Wolverines didn't......

    LOL, Tom!!
  • RamseyS 03/17/2010 16:49:21

    Seriously, when DID the Ags get so good in Bball?  Perhaps there's some relationship there with how poor they are in Football?  One sport at a time for them?  And same with the Baylor Bears---they're killer.  No pun intended for anyone that's familiar with the history of that program.  How about my Longhorns eh?  From 17-0 and ranked first in the country to a free fall---we even tank better than anyone else in the country.  Misty---Ive got your Cowboys going till' the third round---very impressive.  The big 12 was STACKED this year, I look forward to everyone in the Big 12 giving the rest of the country an ass whoopin'. 

  • MistyKeene 03/17/2010 16:38:34

    UH OH -- MISTY LEA is about to enter her bracket! Watch out -- basketball is one of my favorites.  I miss the days when I was in college at Oklahoma State and I tutored the basketball team.  I had ALL the inside scoop then for my brackets!  I'll be lucky if I beat out Bottom-of-The-List Ramsey at this point!  J/k love ya Rams!

    When did the Ags get good at basketball????? j/k love ya too Marla!  Woooo let the smack talk begin! 
  • TomW 03/17/2010 16:35:45

    Purdon't may not get out of the first round.......A&M either. 

    Sorry Melissa, Michigan is yeah Go Blue!  They will probably win the whole thing!

  • RamseyS 03/17/2010 15:32:33

    My bracket has been submitted to Commissioner Kyle.  We have a bunch of schools in this tourney so make sure you get your brackets in and represent!  Where will the Aggies land this year?  They look good.  I'm not sure Texas Tech is a four year school but if so, they're probably in the tournament as well.  Sooners can't read---make sure someone tells them we're doing this so they know to participate otherwise they'll be left out.  Michigan?  I'd say something derogatory about them but 1) I think Melissa is already on board to fill out a bracket, and 2) Michigan is in the Big 10.  Not sure there's anything I can say that could be any more disparaging.  Charles is rooting for Purdue???  I got nothing to say to him lest he whoop me more when we play chess. 

    Disagree with anything I've said above?  Fill out a bracket and prove me wrong.  Maybe you'll get to take my money and rub it in.  It's only $5.  Do it.  That is all for now and thank you. 
  • MelissaK 03/17/2010 13:10:11

  • marlam 03/17/2010 13:07:46

    Bring it Boons - You know your on my LIST, not the GOOD LIST!
  • charlesb 03/17/2010 12:56:19

    Looks like the Aggies are on a collision course with my Boilers.  Sorry Marla Jean, there's always next year....
  • RamseyS 03/17/2010 11:53:17

    Are the Hoyas in the big dance this year or the NIT?  And yes, I will continue to smack talk even when my longhorns are eliminated in the first half of thier first game. 
  • marlam 03/17/2010 10:14:38

    Steve and I are in - Ag's ALL THE WAY!


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