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Testimonial to CrossFit

Several months ago I wrote a blog titled "Definition of Insanity" in which I spoke of training the same way for nearly 25 years and expecting to reach a level of fitness I had when I was in college.  Well, back when I was Kyle and Mikes age, I competed in a power lifting tournament in which I squated 425, deadlifted 465, and benched 285.  Those were respectible numbers for a guy that training like a bodybuilder, but I continued to lift that way for about 15 more years and was never able to break that plateau.  Flash forward 18 years.. I had all but given up leg training because it caused lower back and knee pain, I rarely went over 225 on bench because of chronic shoulder pain.  Last night I squated 365 and deadlifted 500... as I drove home last night feeling pretty good about myself, I wondered what enabled me to deadlift a weight that was 35lbs heavier than what I lifted when I was 25.  Not only did I lift a heavier weight, but I did it without knee wraps and a weight lifting belt.  So what gives, I asked myself.  When I first started CrossFit 6 months ago, I was so hipflexor/quad dominant that when attempting to do an overhead squat with weight I would almost fall on my face.  From a corrective exercise standpoint, my muscle imbalance had created a midline stabilty weakness which prevented me from squating correctly.  I havent done any training outside of CrossFit for 6 months, so all the bearcrawls, overhead lunges, box jumps, etc must have been responsible for my weak link.  So, I guess the purpose of this blog is say that there is definately a method to the madness.

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  • diesel 09/26/2009 11:51:07

    awesome job rich! ;; impressive numbers for sure, i have some serious work to do if i'll ever be able to compete with you big guys on these heavy lifts. ;; gale/ben, any chance we could do this periodically to track progress on consistent basis?

  • manthony 09/25/2009 16:25:32

    Way to go Cherry! I've never really been able to push a ton of weight around, I think it's all mental cause I'm a pretty big guy. I'm working on fixing that.

  • tonyh 09/25/2009 12:39:56

    It's the "Bitter Beer Face" guy from those Keystone commercials!

  • CoachYocom 09/25/2009 12:19:41

    And as another testimonial...CrossFit has done wonders for this one...can you guess who it is?

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  • choqlat 09/25/2009 12:03:51

     ;;- NICE!!

    Cherry, LOL! Gale is wrong for that one. Hee hee

  • tonyh 09/25/2009 11:38:23

    Congrats Rich!!! That's awesome, man.

  • CoachYocom 09/25/2009 11:27:50

    Or get him to quit cherry picking! Good Job Rich! ;; He may lose his name from Big D to cherry. ;; or maybe peaches.


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