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Good Morning! I wanted to write a little note to let everyone know that today will be my last day working at CrossFit Strong. I have truly loved spending the last 3 years, 4 months and 7 days with all of you here, and I will miss everyone more than I could ever express! From regionals in the heat of the Houston sun when Gale poured hydrogen peroxide on my raw hands to the Jimmy Buffet tailgate where Big Mike ended up hearing the angels sing down the hall in his lobster hat to the day that Charlie’s shoe lace got stuck  when he was upside down on the high rings  at the gym when I was supposed to be in charge, I have made some memories here that I will never forget!

 I want to take a second to thank you all for being a part of my life. I have a huge slide show of unforgettable moments in my mind….and a pretty good stack of  real pictures taken by Katherine and Andy and Jake throughout the years to help if I ever start to forget. I will always smile when I look at the pictures of everyone who came out to support us at regional’s the last three years…and I cant forget the picture of Malachi and I at the end of our WOD last year:). Competitions have been a big part of my time here.-whether its ACO, The Fittest Games, Regionals or the Games as spectators, I can always count on Kyle, Malachi and Shelby to be right there next to me ready to workout or watch people better than us workout!  

I’ve spent a lot of time  recently thinking about how amazing my job has been and the hundreds of WODs that were a small part of your life, but made my life what it is. I am beyond blessed to have met every person at this gym. I will always remember JeremyD and Terry waiting around to make sure I was safe locking up the gym all by myself at night and Pashun and Cabrini laughing all the way through the lunch class together and the way Natalie greets me with a huge hug every time I walk in the door. And no matter what comes next, I will always be able to picture Lisa sitting in our apartment quoting Juan Pablo to Michelle, Leah and me over and over... "Its Ok,” and know that its ok! 

 So now that I have taken a trip down memory lane, I feel like it is time to say goodbye and move on to a new adventure in my life. I cant way to see Justin and Kim and the other coaches continue to make Strong the best gym in town! I am not very good at goodbyes…I think they are very awkward and uncomfortable, so maybe this blog is my “easy way out” of that one, but I really wanted to be able to make sure everyone saw this. Whether you have been at Strong for a month or a year or three years, thank you for being part of my life! And thank you Gale and Ashley for letting me be part of your gym for the last several years. I cant wait to see where all of you end up in Opens….go kick some butt!!

See you around, 


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  • JasonD 03/07/2014 10:24:14

    I am stunned.  You're as much a part of what Strong is to me as Gia, or a pull-up bar, decaying shoulders, or the lukewarm showers.  I'll try to respect your discomfort at goodbyes, but it's going to be really hard to not be overly expressive.  I'll keep it uncharacteristcally short.  I'd be proud to have my daughter say that she wants to be like you.  I'm very sorry to see you go.
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