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Friday Night ROMP ---- 2014 Opens Vs Coachs Burpee Extravaganza

We are excited to get started with the 2014 Opens (Feb 27th - March 31st)! It is a great time for us to build our community, hang out, and workout!  It is almost time. Our coachs have involuntarily volunteered to each do a burpee for every member that signs up for the opens up to 65, and then do 2 burpees for everyone after that!  That could get ugly really quick!

Here is what to expect for the 2014 Opens:

Friday Night ROMP ---- We will be doing the Opens Every Friday Night @ 6pm, we will brief and organize our heats starting at 6pm. You can expect music, some food, drinks, and good friends.  Come watch, cheer, and bring your friends and family.  ***Regular 5:30pm class is the Opens WOD.

Saturday Open Gym ---- Our Open Gym is from 9-11. We will allow you to make up the Opens WOD at this time, but we highly suggest that you make Friday night your time to complete the WOD.  ****We will have regular 9:30am and 10:00am classes on Saturday with regular programming.

Sunday Boo-Boo Redo ---- So say that you didnt do so hot on Friday Night, we will have redo option on Sunday. We will post on FB the time, it is usually around 3pm, but stay tuned for times. 

I just cant do those times --- For those that just cant make any of the times above, we will also be holding an opens wod opportunity at 6am Friday Morning.

Dates our box will be closed on Saturday and Sunday -- Feb. 15th & 16th; March 8th & 9th;  March 22 & 23rd.

The Opens are designed so that anyone in the world can do them!!!!!!  Register and join the revolution!

Make sure you list CrossFit Strong as your affiliate and CrossFit Strong as your team.

As I have mentioned in class, the judges course is an excellent resource to help you see what is considered good movement for the opens.


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  • JoaquinMartinez 02/28/2014 09:42:56

    When are the burpees going to be done? Before or after 14.1? 
  • CoachYocom 02/24/2014 11:15:28

    There is no childcare available. Sorry guys.
  • JasonB 02/23/2014 11:16:43

    Will there be child care available on during the Open's WOD on Fridays?
  • KimM 02/03/2014 16:12:45

    I think the deadline to register is Monday March 3rd, which is the last day to enter scores for the first WOD
  • JasonD 02/03/2014 14:39:18

    Do we know the deadline for sign-ups yet?  I can't seem to find it on mainsite.


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