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Not to steal any thunder from the previous mountain biking post, but the weather in TX from February - May is also PERFECT for trail running! If anyone is looking for a running partner for trails around DFW, I usually make it out at least once a week (usually serving as a moving target for mountain bikers at DORBA sites - North Shore, Sansom, Cedar Hill, Arbor Hills, Erwin...also Isle du Bois and LBJ Grasslands if time permits). Your neighborhood sidewalks, tracks, and White Rock are fun and all, but nothing quite compares to hiking-extreme, aka trail running. Let me know!

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  • JasonD 02/03/2014 14:59:24

    Sorry, I didn't see the comment earlier.  To be clear, it's not my program, I just belong to the subcult.  Coach Cat Fisher and Coach Kim Wilson run it.  You should reach out to them for details.
  • ArianneRhea 01/31/2014 18:42:05

    Awesome! Jason, I'd check out endurance tomorrow, but I'll be in Huntsville volunteering at an ultra (ironically enough). I've been meaning to look in to your program, so I will very soon. Matthew, every pace and distance is good for trails! And I'm sure you're being modest. I'll let you know next time I head out. 
  • JasonD 01/31/2014 13:23:56

    While we do do some track work, we have a couple of Tough Mudders/Spartan Racers/Urbanathlon participants in the Endurance class.  Maybe come to the Open House tomorrow morning, check it out, and see if it helps you find the people you're looking for.
  • MatthewWendel 01/31/2014 13:16:37

    I've been chatting with the coaches about finding trails to run / seeing about getting a group together to train for tough mudders / other obstacle races coming this summer and fall.

    I've been neglecting my running, but before I did my last tough mudder last April I was a trail running maniac (only way to get ready for those obstacle races). 

    Seeing as you would probably leave me totally in the dust, I'm at least open to your suggestions of where some trails are so that I can get myself back into decent trail running shape without the embarassment of a more experienced runner like yourself running circles around me lol.  Wouldn't want to hold anyone up!


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