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Competitors Class

2014 is here, and that means Opens is coming quickly!! A lot of people have expressed an interest in competing over the last several months. Whether it is at a local completion, in masters 2 years from now or at Opens coming up in March, we want to help prepare you to be at your best when the time comes. That is why we have decided to start offering a COMPETITORS CLASS. This class will consist of several parts designed to start fine tuning movements, working on more technical skills and lifts, and even playing with strategy a little bit. There are 4 main parts to it… check it out to see if it is something for you! xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /


1-      Competitor Class- Weekday classes will be mostly technical skill work such as muscle ups, rope climbs, kipping handstand pushups, pistols and other things like that. We will spend some time teaching those movements, correcting individuals and then do a short WOD to finish it up.

2-      Competitors OLY class- Freedom will be taking the lead on this class, and will be working with you on your Clean and Jerk and Snatch. This is a great tool available for everyone that will allow you to have a little more individualized training and skill work designed for your weaknesses.

3-      Saturday morning Competitors Class- This will give us one more chance for more hands on action with everyone along with a fun regionals or games wod for you to try out! We will also occasionally add some strength work on Saturdays.

4-      Weekly emails- you will also receive a weekly email with a few more things to do throughout the week. This will be more strength and skill focused and include some items like sled drags, farmers carries, prowler pushes and ghd sit ups. These things are allowed to be done any time a class is going on.


This program is going to be $25 a month to join. We will have a short list of minimum requirements for anyone who wants to participate that will be based off of our intermediate check off list. We really want this program to be a success….the only way for that to happen is with your participation and feedback. Let us know what you think, what you like, and what you don’t like. If this program sounds like something you would be interested in, but you don’t want to compete, no problem! Come have some fun! Check the schedule for all class times and get ready for a really fun and exciting 2014!!!

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  • BeccaR 01/09/2014 20:26:03

    Yes we will! We have to finalize a few things and then i will post it! :) 
  • JasonD 01/09/2014 16:38:06

    Will you be posting the checklist publicly, Becca?


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