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Tag: Health
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  • How Happy I am to REPORT

    Finally! I can say on here that the tumor (on my pituitary) is benign! Found out two weeks ago, but seriously, it takes me that long to contact family and close circles of friends... kinda... that and it meant i had to type... as far as the fatigue thing goes, still a mystery as my vitamin D levels (previously low) are now within normal range.  So im trying not to miss workouts yet keep sane at the same time, and yes that means i am cranky at times, but i figured out (quickly) i just cant h... Read More
  • Thoughts & ramblings on 13.3 & 13.4

    Happy Easter everyone! Guess ill start out discussing 13.3. Partnered up with David, a fellow foundations new grad, and this kid killed those wall balls… you know how there are some people who make things look easy??? Yeah, he has that ability. So its my turn, and well dang it, it was wayyyyyy more difficult than he made it look like… lets just say when he said "8 more minutes to go," (12 minutes of personal hell) Im pretty sure I said "are you f-ing kidding me?!?!" (But then others came aro... Read More
  • Oh 13.2, I missed you, and other random stuff

    So I missed out on 13.2. I kinda like box jumps, too! Was in Kansas as my baby sister is going to have a baby soon, and it was shower time! Missed my family, we all live all over the place, but we were all there, and spouses too (I have 4 other siblings) And my dad asks me "are you still working out?" I was like oh yeah I started crossfit! And of course he googled it, and my family had more questions, like "what are you training for." (Seriously EVERY time people ask me that as I was headed to t... Read More
  • Chronicles of a newbie

    Second blog in my life, ever.  Not sure why all of a sudden I think I can blog, but eh, here goes.  Just wrapped up week 2 today.  What changes am I noticing you ask? My body is freakin sore! Havent noticed much else in terms of weight or clothes, but hey Ive only had 5 WODS during this time (man Id really like to make it to all three of the foundations classes but my work schedule just doesnt allow it) BUT workout number 1 I was working with 10 lb dumb bells. 1/2 the RX weight. (... Read More
  • Before You Get a Cold

    Ah, cold season is upon us. It starts out, a friend or a family member starts out with a cold, and maybe they didnt wash their hands before you shook their hand. Or even worse, they may have sneezed like 10 feet away from you, and tiny little air droplets found their way into your respiratory system because the wind carried them there. So the next day, your throat starts off being a little sore, the next day the coughing starts, then runny nose, then fever....

    Alright, but you can prevent... Read More
Viewing 1 - 5 out of 8 Blogs.

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